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Travels With Girls

In making my Synetech videos, I've become friends with many models and gone for travels with them, to seek out attractive places to video them naked. This text describes our trips and provides links to the videos we've made, all of which are available through this website.

These travels have done a lot of good for my spirits and my health, and for the young women too. It is my hope that these pages will encourage others to travel with girls.

Charles MacFarland


In making my Synetech videos, I've become friends with many models and gone for travels with them, to seek out attractive places to video them naked. This text describes our trips and provides links to the videos we've made, all of which are available through this website.

These travels have done a lot of good for my spirits and my health, and for the young women too. It is my hope that these pages will encourage others to travel with girls.

Charles MacFarland





This is the story of how, when I was just over 50, I started to make trips with beautiful girls. My travels, which have lasted anywhere from a few weeks to nearly a year, have continued off and on for the last 20 years. My travels with girls have been an important and valuable part of my life.

Many men over 50 do not get much contact with beautiful girls. They may have daughters or nieces, of course, but they rarely get the undivided attention that a trip together can bring.

I think this is unfortunate. I think the company of a variety of women is important to older men, and may even be important for their good health as well as their happiness.

In tribal days, when humanity wandered around in groups, living by hunting and gathering, there were always a few young women around, to flirt with and attract the men of the tribe. No matter what a man's age, as the tribe made its travels, there were always a few girls for all the men.

It has been a long time since we lived in tribes, but the tribal period went on for thousands of years, and it is still the basis for our biological heritage. More of this later (Chapter 21 and 33).

I think the world would be a happier place if men could enjoy the company of beautiful girls as I have. A happier place for everyone. That's why I would like to tell the story of my travels. It's a way of expressing my thanks to the girls and to the world, and of hoping others may enjoy beautiful travels of their own.



Chapter 1.


I suppose my travels with girls really started when I went into the Peace Corps in Malaysia in 1969, and fell in love with an Australian girl there.

My Dad sent me a Poloroid camera, in hopes that I would send him some photos of where I lived and so on. I did, but I also took naked photos of Kate. Poloroid was ideal for that, because we could do it in secret, and not have to take the photos to anyone for developing. We were both volunteers, and didn't want anyone else to know about the photos.

Kate ran off with some foreign guy, and after that I never had much to do with the romance and marriage game. My heart just wasn't in it.

I still liked girls though. I went back to the U. S. to study English in graduate school. I kept on doing nudes whenever I could find models. That wasn't hard. It was the 70's, and free-spirited university girls were easy to find.

The same was not true of university jobs in English, however. The Viet Nam war had driven lots of guys into graduate school. Competition was fierce. It began to look like I was not headed for a professorial job at Harvard or Cornell. Something like East Nowhere State Technical College at Dipstick seemed more likely.

I decided to go someplace interesting. I went to Australia. Memories of Kate may have had something to do with this. But Australia had a lot of charm simply because it was so big and so far away. In those days a lot of Americans dreamed about going to Australia, but hardly anyone actually went there.

I landed a job at a girls' high school at Armidale, a charming inland town halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. There were lots of interesting people there because it was a university town, the University of New England. In fact it was the university where Kate had studied.

I taught for 3 years in Armidale and then 8 more in Sydney and Melbourne. I still did nudes when I could. In those halcyon days, I was even able to use my students as models, though never nude of course. Photography became my passion.

Then came an event that changed my life. A couple in Queensland named Les & Jan Hotchkins started a nudist magazine, Australian Sun & Health, in 1982. In the first issue, they asked for volunteers to write articles and take photos for them.

I wrote them a letter -- this was back in the days when people still wrote letters -- and they invited me to meet them at the annual nudist convention at New Year's. We hit it off, and I started writing articles for them.

I loved visiting nudist resorts. Everyone being nude seemed very simple and natural to me. A better world. Of course, the resorts were on private grounds hidden away in the countryside somewhere, so it wasn't quite like nakedness was taking over the world. But it was a start.

I even did a few covers for Australian Sun & Health, simply by going up to girls at nude beaches and asking them. You could still find beautiful girls at nude beaches in those days.

I quite enjoyed approaching the girls, though I admit it took me awhile to get my nerve up. I loved the idea of a girl going swimming and walking around naked on a public beach, in full view of anyone who came along. It was my first real experience of girls going naked in public.

(Well, my second actually. While still a teacher, I once persuaded a girl I knew to walk around naked in a public park for photos. We took care that no one was around, but still there was a chance that people might see her. I remember the thrill.)

I learned something in those days, and I still think it's true. Most young women would like to be nude models. The only reasons they don't are

1. they feel they are not attractive enough, or

2. they are afraid people will think badly of them.

Pretty girls know they are lovely, and they are eager to show off their beauty. Girls love the sense of admiration and power beauty gives them.

Girls love to be looked at, just as guys love to look at them. If a man encourages them, girls love to pose, and often love to be very sexy in their posing. It's natural. It takes a lot of oppression to stop them, usually in the form of convincing them they are immoral or promiscuous.

If people treated them better, girls would be a lot less hesitant and difficult about sexuality, and I think the world would be a better place. I don't think the Pope agrees with me though.


Chapter 2.


Strangely enough, it was the husband of the headmistress at my first school who provided the next step in my progress toward travels with girls.

Les & Jan Hotchkins had inspired me with the idea of making a video about nudism in Australia. In 1987 they made a video of their own called "The Bare Facts of Oz," and it made a lot of money.

I thought I could do something similar, but the question was, what camera to buy? Les & Jan had used a professional video team with one of those huge professional cameras that cost $50,000 or so.   I wanted to do it myself, for less money.

This was in the days when the only consumer video cameras available were VHS, not sharp enough for a quality product. But in 1989 the husband of my former headmistress offered to sell me an old Bolex 16 mm movie camera which he hadn't used for years.

This was great. I had a lot of experience with film, so I was familiar with exposures and focusing and so on. The Bolex didn't need electricity because it ran on a wind-up motor. That was perfect, because I was going to be shooting in remote places.

My first shoot, in fact, was at a camping festival. I went to ConFest, an annual counter-cultural gathering that took place every year around New Year's on various sites in the Murray River valley.

ConFest stands for conference and festival. People come with tents or combi-vans and camp for a week or two. There are workshops in meditation, yoga, playing the didgeridoo, theatre games, tai chi, environmental issues, and so on.

People enjoy activities like body painting, mud bathing, and swimming in the river. There are impromptu saunas too, called sweat lodges.   People bake awhile in the nude inside and then emerge rosy and sweating to run and splash into the cool river.

In fact, since New Year's is the middle of summer in Australia, people can do just about everything naked. It's the closest our society comes to general freedom of nudity.

While I was a teacher, I had been going to ConFest each New Year's from 1983 on. It was a great relief from the tensions and pressures of academia.   Once I had the Bolex, I knew I could get lots of good footage at ConFest.

And so it happened that I did my first shot on 31 December 1989, the last day of the 80's, a glorious decade for nudity. It was a shot of the market, and a boy walked into the shot and did a wonderful double-take when he saw the camera. You can still see the shot in my second video, Goddess of the Earth.

I soon found there were gatherings in America too. This was lucky, because during 1989 - 1992 I had to return to America to look after my mother, who had Alzheimer's. I was able to leave her for a few days at a time with a carer, so I was free to explore American gatherings.

Starwood is the best of these. It takes place every year for a week in July at a camping site called Brushwood at the western end of New York state. It's a wonderful festival, and in those days lots of people went naked there.

Doing a video about gatherings around the world seemed like a great idea to me. I soon ran into a problem however. You could shoot film anywhere you liked at Starwood, but you had to get permission of everyone in the shot.

This got complicated if you wanted to do footage of a workshop in yoga, say, or a meditation session, or people dancing around a campfire. Not only did it take a lot of time to get everyone's permission, but then as soon as you had set up, someone else would arrive and you'd have to ask again. It wasn't really very practical.

Then I met Jane. She was young and beautiful and loved to go naked all day at gatherings. She told me she loved the way men looked at her, since the gathering was a safe area and she knew no one would hassle her.

She had just fallen in love with a guy who did acrobatics, and was learning to be his partner. He carried her around on his shoulders, swung her around by a hand and a foot, and did all sorts of things to flex her beautiful body.

I got the idea of shooting film of those two in a quiet corner of the site, where no one would walk into the shot. They loved the idea. It looked great, with their tanned bodies above the rich green grass of Brushwood.

Soon I found others. Donna loved doing naked tai chi for my camera, and Raven did a daylight dance around a fire while her boy friend drummed. Lynda made up a whole ritual with her magic wand festooned with coloured ribbons like a Maypole.

A really beautiful girl named Gabrielle got body painted and did a willowy dance around the main fire dancing area. She also showered the paint off and did a sensual massage with her boyfriend in the midst of an open green field.

The result was Beauty of the Nude, my first video. It took me awhile, because I had to learn how to edit and then transfer the film to video. I also had to learn how to add sound, because the Bolex was not a sound camera.

The editing was a great experience, because with film you actually cut and splice the film together, so I could learn by doing. (This was long before the days when you could edit on a computer, of course.)

For sound, I made voice-overs myself, and also discovered some of the many companies that sell royalty-free video music. I also discovered wild sound, that is, things like crowd noise or running water that you can record anytime and fit to video.

The best thing about it, of course, was meeting and filming attractive young people who were happy to perform naked right out in the open air of gatherings.

I started a company named Synetech, and brought out Beauty of the Nude. I invented the company name by taking "Syne" from cinema, with a change in spelling, and "tech" from "technology."

Beauty of the Nude was 30 minutes long, and I sold it on VHS tape. I put an ad in Australian Sun & Health to sell it. I was also lucky, for Bern Loibl, the editor of Naturally, an American nudist magazine, bought 50 copies and sold it through his magazine.

To my pleasant surprise, Beauty of the Nude started to make money. I was also happy because I thought the video would help bring the worlds of nudist resorts and the counter-culture closer together.

Best of all, it seemed I could get paid for watching pretty girls go naked.




Chapter 3.

Goddess of the Earth and Summer's Garden.

At ConFest the next year there was a mud-bathing area by the river, with a sign "Body Love Mud Art." I met a girl there named Tony. She was slender, delicate, and beautiful, and she looked great shaded all over with mud.

I asked her if she could shower off and cover herself with mud again for my camera, and she happily assented. She smoothed a thin coating all over her body with her hands, and then walked through the market area while the mud dried from a deep brown to a delicate pale.

She was short of money, so I paid her forty dollars for her time and efforts. She was the first girl I paid for filming. This seemed appropriate to me. After all, I was making money with my videos. Why not share the wealth?

A girl named Kate at the same ConFest agreed to float naked down the river on an air mattress for my camera. There was a beautiful sense of peace and serenity as she drifted along. Kate had a great figure, and like most girls at gatherings, she was happy to perform for free.

Then at Starwood I met Kendall, a really lovely girl with beautiful pale skin and natural blond hair. We found a field full of flowers, and she ran around and danced for my camera. I gave her some brightly coloured cloths which she swirled around in the breeze.

I realized that these three could symbolize Earth, Water, and Air, three of the four elements. The fourth element is Fire. A friend of mine, Mitch Poulouin, is an expert body painter, so I asked him to do a body painting of flames on Janna, a girl we met at another gathering called the Free Spirit Gathering, in the Baltimore area. Janna danced in a swirling ecstasy, and we got some great footage of her.

That completed the symbol set for Goddess of the Earth. I filled out the video with further footage of gatherings, including the marketplace shot I mentioned in the last chapter.

My third video was Summer's Garden. This started with Amber Moon, one of my loveliest and sexiest models ever, walking and enjoying the woods at Starwood. She carried a blanket which she swirled around over her body and then spread out on the grass to sit on. She meditated, breathing deeply and letting her head drop back and her eyes close in passion.

Summer's Garden was a pivotal video for me. It began in gatherings, but gatherings were limiting because they only took place on a few weeks of the year. I needed to find a place to film at other times.

Then I had a lucky break. A friend of mine named Lochlan suggested I visit Byron Bay, a coastal town in Australia just south of Brisbane. It's a lovely small town, with long curving beaches sweeping out along a peninsula of high hills leading up to a lighthouse. Best of all, it was a centre of the counter-culture.

My mother was getting along fine with her carers, who visited her at home for several hours every day, so I was able to return to Australia for four weeks to visit Byron Bay.

Once again I was able to follow my alternative life. Locky ran an ad for me in the free-spirited local weekly paper called The Echo. About a dozen girls answered the ad, and we filmed six of these in the two weeks of my first visit to Byron.  

The best of these models was Roshelle. She took us to a place in the hills which she called Cascade Falls, a beautiful series of small falls in the rainforest. She played the spirit of the place, emerging from naked sleep on a bare rock, doing some yoga asanas, meditating, floating on an air mattress, posing in front of the waterfalls, and striding through the rainforest.

I used this shoot as the last sequence of Summer's Garden. When Synetech eventually got a website,


the home page photo was Roshelle lying in front of Cascade Falls.

Roshelle was easily the most beautiful girl I ever filmed up to then. Often when I pick up women's magazines and see ads with a sexy brunette with sleepy sexy eyes, I think of Roshelle. She looks like every man's dream, and every woman's too.

Roshelle used to cause erotic chaos wherever she went. It must have been hard for her sometimes. Perhaps that's why she had a rather sad, gaunt expression in her eyes. It made her look even more sexy.

But she was happy modeling naked, and she was very good. She was perfectly relaxed in front of the camera, and she had a natural grace which was astonishing. She climbed over the rocks at Cascade Falls, and climbed down onto the floating air mattress, without a falter or stumble.

Cascade Falls was only about 20 miles into the hills from Byron Bay, but in a sense this was the first of my travels with naked girls. And Roshelle was the first to travel with me, in my real long-range travels with girls.


Chapter 4.


In 1994 I read an article about French naturist resorts in Australian Sun & Health. It was written by Doug Ball, a keen naturist from New Zealand.

I got an idea that would change my life. I wrote to him and asked if he could help me find resorts that would be available as the subjects of videos. The idea appeal to him a lot, and quickly he found four resorts who were willing to have videos made.

So in 1995 we made a trip together with his wife Peggy to the beautiful nation of France, and to beautiful French naturist resorts.

The result was the Naturist France Deluxe series of videos. La Sabliere was the resort I liked best, in a deep valley of the River Ceze. I made a video about it, and in 1996 I made two more. I also made videos in 1995 about a deluxe resort called Laborde and a rather boring resort called Belezy. In 1996 I also did one about a splendid little resort in the Pyranees called Domaine Le Clols.

When I made the first video about La Sabliere, I got the idea of trying it out by sending brochures offering it to our mailing list of previous Synetech customers. I sent out 99 brochures for luck, and sold 49 videos, which I think is a pretty good result for a mailout. Then I sent out 99 brochures for Laborde, the second video, when it was ready, and this time I sold 51.

It began to look like I was on to a good thing.

By now I had abandoned the Bolex film camera and changed over to a video camera. I was very lucky, because the time was just right for a changeover to video.

In the 1980's amateur videomakers were hampered by which system to use. There were only two choices: ordinary cameras which shot on VHS, and professional cameras which cost around $50,000. The first wasn't sharp enough, and the second was too expensive.

Then Sony brought out a new video system called Hi-8 which produced professional results at a reasonable price. The Hi-8 tapes were about the size of audio tapes, and you could record 90 minutes on one for a cost of about $20. Much better than 16 mm film, which cost about $45 for 3 minutes.

I found to my delight that the French resorts were full of interesting activities in summer. At La Sabliere, for example, there were workshops in pottery, ceramics, silk painting, and even bookbinding. There were lots of sports, such as tennis, archery, volleyball, and badminton. There were two huge swimming pools, and there were exercise classes in the pools, as well as swimming and diving of course.

In the River Ceze at La Sabliere there was canoeing, kayaking, dam building, and even gold panning. You could climb on the rocks by the river and jump or dive back in. There were caves high up on one side of the valley, and a medieval castle on the other.

Best of all, there were animateurs who supervised the activities. These were generally students who worked for room and board and a free holiday, with a small salary, and a chance to improve their French if they were from other countries, as many were.

This meant there were lots of attractive young people to be in the videos. I even got some of them to do extra shots, like two girls who performed underwater acrobatics in the pool, and others who strolled around the grounds while I did scenic video.

I did lots of shots of the guests too, especially in the workshops and activities. Everyone was very cooperative and helpful. It was a halcyon time for me, and all the videos were very popular.

Doug Ball was a great help in our trip in 1995. He was very fit and loved exercise, so on our first day at La Sabliere, he went on a hiking trip to the Three Arches, a rock feature up the far side of the valley. He carried the camera and did lots of video of the hikers, including a woman named Leen and her two kids, a beautiful girl of about 13 named Melody, and her younger brother Jeremy.

Like most kids, these two were keen on being in video, so I did interviews with them and shots of them playing in the pool, which had windows at the side so I could get underwater shots.

Those days were relatively free of the present mania about child pornography, so I did lots of footage of kids, who are the best subjects at resorts generally. The parents just want to lie in the sun for their holidays, but the kids bounce around all over the place.

We were at Laborde for the 14th of July, Bastille Day, the French national holiday, and they had a carnival with lots of games, mostly for the kids, which made great video. They had plenty of activities as well. The French resorts in general were the best places for holidays I've ever seen.

I travelled to the resorts in July and August, which is their busiest time, and lived in Byron Bay the rest of the year. Sadly, my mother had passed away in 1994.

I kept on making videos in Byron Bay about people whose free and easy lifestyle allowed them to do many activities in the nude.

One girl named Azura, for example, used to shower and then rub her body every morning with a selection of aromatherapy oils. That made a great video, as did another family who used to enjoy massage and then a hot tub together.

I also visited a couple of naturist resorts in Australia. Shoots like these made up Naked Lifestyles 1 and Naked LIfestyles 2.

Roshelle featured in several shoots of these Byron Bay videos. She played a girl who arrived home tired to find solace in a shower (with lots of sexy lather) and a pill which gave her visions. This can be seen in Naked Celebrations. In Magical Nudes, she performed a ritual with a crystal, and in Naked Paradise, she wandered with a handsome young man on a Byron Bay beach.

We even did a series of shots of her tied up. Once I had her stand in front of a tree with her legs astride and her arms stretched up. I did a shot tilting up her body from her feet to her hands, then tied her wrists to the tree with thick red yarn and did a second shot. In the third shot she was tied to the tree with strong brown rope, both her ankles and her wrists.

The three shots made a lovely series. Roshelle looked lovely and helpless and sad, with the ropes making strange harsh contrast with her pale naked skin.

I used this footage much later, in one of the Free & Wild videos. More about these later.

Roshelle was reserved and inclined to be somber, but when you won her trust, she was actually warm and friendly. We got into the habit of meeting every couple of weeks for lunch and to talk about life.

As I planned my third trip to France for 1997, I thought about one problem with shooting at resorts, which was constantly having to find someone to video every time I got an idea.

In a flash of inspiration, I got the idea of asking Roshelle to go with me.

Roshelle was my ideal choice, but would she go? She was such a magical beauty that she made me nervous and shy, like a schoolboy.

It's a big step up from having lunch occasionally to a trip to Europe together.

I loved her company, and the trust she showed in me, and that helped me ask her. That, and my friend Peter who pointed out prosaically,

"She likes you, Charles. She goes to lunch with you, right? Why not ask her?"

But Roshelle was the most beautiful girl I'd ever videoed. When I was taking nude Poloroid photos of Kate in Malaysia, Roshelle was just being born.

I was kind of a nerd in high school, often left out of dates. I was always did well on tests in school, but I wasn't so good at other sorts of exams. Would I pass with Roshelle?

Yet Synetech had done a lot for my confidence. Running my own business was a thrill. Videoing naked girls, and telling them what to do, had done a lot for my confidence too. The business was also providing plenty of money.

I gathered my courage, and asked Roshell to travel to France with me, and model naked in far-foreign scenes.

And she said yes. To my pleased surprise, yes. To my new-found confidence, yes. To my delight, yes.

I remember a blur of preparations. I was to go to the US first, to my small cottage in Connecticut, which I had inherited from my mother and father. She would stay with me there awhile. Then we would go to France. Ticket, passport, travel insurance, plans. A blur of consciousness, wondering if it would all really happen.

Finally the time came. Late on the appointed evening, I emerged from my cottage and drove to Hartford airport, wondering if she would really arrive. Waiting at the arrival area, waiting for her to appear. Wait. Wonder. Worry. Then the real wonder.

Suddenly, there she was.




Chapter 5.


The magic began. It was a long flight, 24 hours, so naturally she was tired. It was evening, and as we drove to the cottage it got dark. I talked to her about Connecticut and the towns we were driving through, but after awhile I realized Roshelle was asleep.

I found that very touching. She was completely relaxed with me, and trusted me. It was like when I used to tie her up, way out in some secluded forest for video. Trust is very appealing in a beautiful girl, even sexy in a way.

Painting the cottage was my project for the summer, and next day Roshelle set in to help. Garbed in one of my old painting shirts, which of course was miles too big for her, with her hair in a bun and a smudge of point on her cheek, she worked hard. She still looked great, like the sloe-eyed girl in an ad, only now it was an ad for home renovations.

We went to Salem the witch city, and visited the House of the Seven Gables and several witch houses, witnesses to a scary time. Roshelle posed with a witch mannequin outside a shop, and I bought a huge stuffed high hat with rabbit ears, and wore it all over town. We were a tourists' delight.

A lady was doing a survey for the tourist board, and she asked Roshelle to fill out a form about how well she liked Salem etc. At the end there was a personal details section, and in the space for her profession Roshelle wrote "nude model."

Roshelle gave the lady the form, and glanced back a couple of times to see if she would read it over and react. The lady did read it over, but she didn't even blink. After all, this was north of Boston.

Too soon our stay at my cottage was over. The flight to France lasted all night, so we arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport fagged and lagged. A rental car was ready for us, and we headed out into the Paris traffic, me driving, Roshelle reading a book of maps, the zonked leading the zonked.

Now let me digress on the subject of Charles de Gaulle airport. The French carelessly and with no foresight at all put it on the north side of Paris. Airports are for tourists, right? Tourists want to go to the south of France, right? Hellooooo . . . ! Bon joooouuur . . . !

So there we were, stuck on the north side of Paris, the city that's famous the world over for crazy traffic, trying to find our way south.

We drove straight into the whirlwind. We plunged and bucked through the traffic, mostly lost and always nervous. As a special treat for July, the French were mending all the roads.

The French, as everyone knows, are an elegant and creative people, and they carry this over to their highway signs. They do not put humdrum ordinary words like "north," "south," "east," and "west" on their signs. Instead, they put things like "direction Angiers," which is great if you know where Angiers is, but of course you don't.

To a Frenchman, France is the whole world, and in their defence I admit that to tourists, France is the whole world too, for France gets more tourists than any country in the world except the U. S., which is five times larger. A Frenchman would only look down his nose at anyone who didn't know where Angiers is, and who can blame him?

We certainly were too scared to blame anyone. We spent a good deal of time pursuing a town called Lille, which turned out to be somewhere near Belgium, not in Burgandy as I thought.

We were immersed in traffic on a circular road which the French laughingly call "Le Peripherique," as if it were any help to anybody getting around Paris. Le Peripherique is nothing but a huge circular traffic jam. With true Gallic pride, the French point out that it is the world's largest circular traffic jam.

After a few dizzy hours, we flipped out onto a side road, and there was a sign for a place I recognized. Versailles.

"What's Versailles?"

"It's the biggest palace in the world, I think. Want to see it?"

So we did. I got a few shots of Roshelle in the grand courtyard of the palace, and we wandered around relaxed and happy at last. I had already done a few shots of Roshelle at the airport, and even luckily got a shot of Concorde. It made a pleasant intro for the video, which is called Roshelle in France.

Now that I knew where we were, we headed for Chartes.

Chartes is a miracle. The cathedral is beautiful, and unlike most Medieval cathedrals, everything is intact -- the statues, the decorations, even the stained glass windows. Time has been gentle with Chartes, and we could feel the magic.

We found a hotel, and then had a great meal in a street cafe in a Medieval street. In our hotel room we were surprised, when we opened the shutters, to see a great view of the Cathedral standing proud and lovely on its high hill.

I'll remember that evening always. Roshelle and I chatted, and gradually she drifted off to sleep in the bed. I sat by the window, looking up at the cathedral, which was floodlighted in lights of many colours. There was even a full moon rising.

I did video shots of the whole scene, panning from the clear cold moon across to the beautiful glowing cathedral. I sat looking at it a long time in the quiet night. Beautiful Roshelle was sleeping in the bed, and I sat gazing at one view and then the other.

I felt that I had crossed a threshhold. Looking at Roshelle, I felt that I, the long-time nerd, had reached a new goal, a breakthrough into a new world. I felt I had achieved something, solved an ancient dilemma, broken down an old barricade.


Chapter 6.

La Sabliere.

In the morning we went to a street cafe in the town plaza, sipped coffee, ate croissants, and did more video.

I thought it was good to get lots of typical French experiences for Roshelle In France. We went inside Chartes Cathedral and did video. It was an amazing experience, as vivid inside as out, and Roshelle took lots of photos.

Then we headed south, and found a ruined castle, and Roshelle posed in front of that.

We went to Chambord, one of the chateux of the Loire, and had a picnic on the grass, savouring French bread, camembert, chocolate, and ham. More wonderful video.

We even did shots of Roshelle in the smallest tub I ever saw, in a hotel room in the small town of Mendes. The tub was so short she couldn't even lie down in it, unless she stuck her legs up into the air. She squirmed around and managed to wash herself, and even lathered her hair. That made great video.

La Sabliere is one of the finest French naturist resorts, occupying 1500 acres of a steep valley of the River Ceze. The terrain is wooded and natural, and the Ceze is a lovely clear river, ideal for swimming, canoeing, fishing, and even gold panning. You can camp or live in mobile homes or cabins on the site, and there are many activities to make for a perfect holiday.

The site was so pleasant that it was easy to forget we were there to work, but Roshelle was very practical. She had me make a list of various shots of her that I might need, and we planned carefully when and where we would shoot them.

Roshelle made friends with many people at La Sabliere, and soon we were shooting all sorts of good video, and having fun doing it too. We met a handsome young man named Daniel, an animateur who specialized in yoga and massage. His workshops provided some fine video shoots.

We were lucky. I met Leen, a lovely Flemish girl whom I had met and videoed at La Sabliere in 1995.   We went for a walk with her and her younger brother and muscular boyfriend up the far side of the valley to the limestone caves. There were wonderful views at the top, and I got many good shots of the young people climbing.

The man in the caravan next to us was named Alda, and he and his family went on a walk with us to the medieval castle. He had a son and daughter around 8 or 10, and the daughter had a beautiful friend of her own age along. I got shots of the family hiking, and the kids climbing the walls, and everyone posing in the castle rooms.

I wondered what it was like to live in such a place in those far-off dreadful days. It was a genuine castle, a Cathar stronghold from the terrible time of the Albigensian persecution in the 13th century.

It was horrible to think of how those religious stalwarts were hunted down and martyred by conventional Catholics, and strange to think how much the world had changed. The religious passions and zealotry that they cared so much about were now almost completely gone.

They were as obsolete and unvalued as the medieval pottery which we found in broken bits scattered all around the grounds. Gone like the animals whose fossils we found in the limestone blocks too, relics of a time far longer ago than those frantic religious passions.

We were all completely naked now, in their castle. They would have thought that was horrible. We thought their religious mania was horrible. And what would they have thought of my video camera, now placidly recording their castle and us nude?



Chapter 7


Roshelle was fond of stories, and she'd had some wild times in her life that provided several.

The weather at La Sabliere was warm and magnificent, and she enjoyed lying in the sunshine after lunch. Sometimes I would do photos of her; sometimes she would tell me stories.

She was raised in Melbourne, and at the age of 20 she'd found a job in a city nightclub. The owner liked her so well he put her in charge of the place.

After a year or two the pace got too strenuous, so she fled to Byron Bay for a quieter, more wholesome life. But she still liked to visit her friends back in Melbourne:

Well, here's how the story goes. I went to Melbourne last year for my five-year reunion, and I caught up with some girl friends I used to go out with ten years ago. One of them in particular, Sue was her name, we met up in the morning and she decided she would take me to her favourite hang-out, which was a strip bar in Kings Street. So at about eleven o'clock in the morning we're sitting in a strip bar drinking wine and Sue paid this lady about 20 dollars to do a lap dance on top of me, so she's lap dancing away, and I'm thinking to myself, God, this girl looks familiar, and she's looking at me, and she's thinking, you look familiar, and I think, ohh, I gave her her first job in the nightclub. And I say, gee, you've come a long way, and she said yeah yeah yeah and good to see you and everything. Sue decides she wants me to meet her boyfriend who's an undercover drug squad cop so she wants to take me to their headquarters at about two o'clock in the afternoon. We're pretty pissed so we rock up to the kind of incognito drug station and there just happens to be a raid going on as soon as we walk into the door and all these guys are grabbing their guns and they're charging out the door and we're swinging around and I meet the boy friend really quickly and I'm thinking, oh well this is all really exciting.   So then we organized with him to meet him at the Continental in Granville Street for dinner later on in that evening, so Sue and I go on our merry way, pretty tiddly, and about seven in the evening I've organized for an old girl friend Andrea too, who Sue and I used to hang out with, and Josh, who's a photographer friend of mine, and anyway Josh is doing a photo shoot in the nightclub section upstairs of the Continental Restaurant. So he came down to have a meal with us, and there's Josh sitting down opposite me, and there's Andrea on the left, and Sue sitting down between those two and then the drug undercover squad cop guy on the right. So we're all sitting there having this meal and getting a bit tiddly and Andrea leans across the table and says, "Oh Roshelle I've always been in love with you, in fact, I'd really like to make love to you" and I just sort of, you know, choked on my food because Andrea used to be kind of a straight-laced little number and I thought, "My God, no wonder I've left Melbourne and gone to Byron Bay" and as I'm sitting there, Sue goes "I'll join in, I'd like to do some of that," rah rah rah, and Josh goes, "I'll take the photos" and then the undercover drug cop turns around and says "And I'll supply the drugs." I thought, "I gotta get out of here," and there's this hand crawling up and down my leg, which is Andrea, doing the honky-tonkies under the table, and I'm thinking, "Shit, I've gotta go to the loo, I've gotta go to the loo, and ring Michael on the mobile and get the hell out of here." So then I trot off to the toilet, and they're all eager beaver to get on with the show and enjoy the evening and have their orgy drug whatever, drug session, so then I get into the toilet and I'm on the toilet and I'm chatting away with MIchael on the phone, "Michael, I've gotta get out of here, I've gotta get out of here, I've lost my mobile, I can't find my mobile," and Michael goes, "You idiot, you're on your mobile, you're talking to me." So I pull myself back together and trot back out to the table and wait patiently for Michael to come pick me up and say good-bye to my friends that I so gratefully had left five years ago, thank God, and that was my little story, my little reunion.   Ah-h-h. And here I am sitting in the south of France, enjoying myself, and they're all back in Melbourne, taking their drugs and hanging out in strip bars. (Laughs) How's that for a story?

All too soon our two weeks at La Sabliere were over. We headed up to Paris for a few days, and Roshelle and I saw as much of the city as we could.

My favourite spot is the Luxembourg Gardens, so we spent an afternoon there. I remember I left Roshelle briefly, sunning herself, because I wanted to do photos of a statue in a shady corner of the park. I was only gone ten minutes, but when I returned Roshelle was nearly frantic.

It seems a gallant but over-persistant Frenchman had been pursuing her with compliments and invitations. She couldn't get rid of him.

"Don't ever leave me alone again, Charles. These Frenchies are over the top!"

Naturally I was glad to accede to her request. It was a lesson to me, however, in what the life of a really beautiful woman must be like.

I got lots of lessons about beautiful girls in those days. Another came from Deya and her roommates.

Deya was a free spirit who answered another ad I ran for models. She was a striking girl of Spanish descent. I did several shoots with her and her housemates Esperanza and Rose.

Once they all got covered with thick black mud at the ti-tree lake, and then scored patterns in the mud with fingernails. They ran around and danced wildly like forest spirits. This became a segment in Body Love Mud Art.

Another time we went to the beach, and they splashed and rolled in the waves, and then Rose, the swiftest and most beautiful of the three, ran along the beach. She looked lovely and free. This became a segment in an exercise video called Sensual Health 2.

One day Deya and I were at the ti-tree lake alone, and we got to talking about video shoots. She wanted to do something different, she said. Something dramatic and exciting. She looked up, and saw Mt Warning in the distance.

"Why not climb Mt Warning in the nude?" she said.

Mt. Warning is the core of a huge extinct volcano which created the landscape all around Byron Bay. The lava flows had resulted in many huge cliffs and deep valleys behind the town. The centre of the volcano was a peak, Mt. Warning, which formed as the lava slowly cooled under the ash after the volcano stopped erupting. Over millions of years since then, the ash had eroded and washed away, leaving this steep peak.

In a sense, Mt. Warning had created the hippie nature of the area. Those hidden valleys had lots of spaces for hippies to live, in shacks surrounded by rain forest. You could grow your own crops and live cheaply in the delightful warm climate of the area.

The steep slopes of Mt Warning have never been logged, preserved as a national park of huge rainforest trees. There is a track to the top, a climb of about three hours.

Climbing Mt Warning seemed a wonderful idea, and scary. Would anybody object? Would we get into trouble? Is anybody really bothered about people going naked in public anymore?

We decided to find out.

So there I was, in the cool morning of 3 December 1996, waiting in my van outside the girls' house in Byron Bay, waiting for them to emerge and start our great adventure. I had no idea what would happen.

The trail up Mt Warning begins in a parking lot at about 3000 ft. The peak is about 4300 ft, and the trail winds up around the mountain for about three miles.

I had Deya drive with the other two girls in my trusty van, Matilda Mitsubishi, into the parking lot. She got out and opened the van door and let Rose and Esperanza out. The three girls took off all their clothes and tossed them in the van, and locked it up and gave me the keys.

The girls strolled completely naked across the lot and up the trail. Almost immediately they met two young couples. What would happen now? I wondered, nervously keeping my eye on the viewfinder as the camera recorded.

The two couples were delighted. They all chatted happily.

"We thought we would really spin some people out!" Deya remarked, as the couples admired them.

It was a good beginning for our naked adventure.

I carefully videoed the girls as they climbed. I would walk ahead a ways, and then they would walk or run or dance their way up the trail to me, chatting or singing. Rose, a really beautiful naturally blond girl with a great figure, was especially good at dancing and singing. She was lovely to watch.

They met a young backpacker with a harmonica, who was on his way down after camping overnight on the peak. He played a tune for them while they danced.

We met lots of people as we went along, and they often chatted with the girls. I worried a bit that the camera might be a distraction, but nobody seemed to mind.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the camera!" I thought, and to my agreeable surprise they did.

Nobody was bothered by the nakedness of the girls. I did overhear one lady murmer to her companion, "Do you realize those poor girls are going to walk all the way to the top of the mountain with no shoes?"   That was the only concern that we encountered in the whole trip.

Many huge rainforest trees stand along the trail, and I asked the girls to see if they could encircle one with their outstretched arms together. They could just about make it. It made a great video shot.

One tree had heavy vines along the side of it, and Deya, ever the most adventurous, climbed up it. At another, I had Rose walk up to a tree and then face the camera and stretch her lovely body as high as she could in front of it. Another great shot.

Esperanza sang a song about Dionysus and his "evil evil ways" in the forest. She pretended to be a butterfly and fluttered up the trail toward me.

Near the top the trail becomes so steep that there is a chain to help pull yourself up. I got good high angle and low angle shots as the girls struggled up it.

At the top, the girls continued to be natural and relaxed as they chatted with three young men they met at the lookout. I did a lot of shots of them, and the views. Your could see all the way to Byron Bay.

A wind came up, and the girls stood and basked in it, for it was a hot day. One woman commented that the girls were dressed appropriately for the weather.

As the wind got stronger, the girls fluttered and waved their arms in it, and danced on the lookout platform. When I edited the videdo, I found a piece of triumphant music, and cut the girls' gestures to it. It made a great ending.

It was a triumphant day. We had discovered that people really don't mind nakedness in public. The laws against it were purposeless and absurd.

I put this shoot at the start of a new video called, appropriately enough, Naked Celebrations.

Esperanza walked naked all the way down the mountain too. She would have nothing to do with clothes.

A few days after, one of the young men from the top of the mountain found Rose in the streets of Byron. He was English, and he had been planning to end his visit to the Byron Bay area the day after he climbed Mt Warning. But when he met naked Rose on the mountain, he stayed on, and roamed the streets hoping to meet her. They fell in love, and were together for a long time.

I was quite nervous at the start of this climb, but I learned that the laws against public nudity are obsolete. Humanity grew up in the twentieth century, and these nineteenth century laws are silly and worthless.

I also learned that girls feel trapped by nineteenth century ideas about being demure, passive, and hidden. Girls today want to break out of such restrictions. They want to be free, uninhibited, and exhibitionistic. They know they are beautiful, and they want the freedom to show it. Well, anyway, some girls do.

In fact, the three had a fourth house mate, Jasmine, who missed the walk because she was away in Sydney, and felt quite left out. She wanted to go out and be naked in public too. Something even more exhibitionistic than Mt. Warning.

That's how we came to make Naked Sydney.

Naked Sydney was lots of fun. Rose went along too, which was very pleasing. The two girls went naked in city lanes and parks and beaches. They rented a tandem bicycle and went riding on a park road, a wild ride that produced some really great video. They even took me for a row on a river in Sydney's huge Royal National Park.

I sat in the boat on the beautiful natural river, being rowed along by two beautiful naked girls and making video of them, and couldn't help but think, this was a good way to make a living.

Naked Sydney also taught me the value of good luck in making video. While I was in Sydney, somebody organized a Nude Naked Nightsurfing contest on Bondi Beach, a frolic to celebrated the Sydney Festival. Two really stunning girls, as well as a dozen hot guys, showed up for the contest, and I got lots of great footage to end my video.

Often, when you're making video, things go haywire, but sometimes a beautiful chance drops right into your lap. Just keep trying; never give up.

Certainly the two nude beach rallies at Byron Bay were an example of great luck for me. Some police constable cracked down on random naked bathing, which was very common in Byron Bay at that time. The result was two rallies in protest at the fines, one on April 20, 1997, and the other on Australia Day, January 26, 1998.

You can see these rallies at the end of Naked Celebrations and Nude Beaches of Australia, respectively. I've always been proud of these shoots too. They showed me how nakedness goes along with being free and happy.

They were also at the beginning of my frolics with Kai. Kai gave me the longest of my travels with girls. And these travels too, like the ones with Roshelle, gave me many new lessons to learn.


Chapter 8

I called them lessons anyway. They were actually drug sessions.

Kai was a thoroughgoing rebel, having escaped to Byron Bay from a domineering father and a conventional family. She led a colourful life that was far different from anything I had experienced.

She lived in a one-room shack with a big porch and a small loft for sleeping in the hills behind Byron. It had an outside bathtub with a shower, and a pit toilet in a rickety A-frame structure that was small and hard to get into and always made me a bit nervous.

To get to her place, you had to wind your way up precipitous Wilson's Creek valley until you could park and then cross the creek (really a river) on a suspension bridge, of all things. The bridge was two hundred feet long and only three feet wide and it rocked madly unless you paced carefully.

Then you had to walk for ten minutes through dense vegetation, and if it was raining (as it generally was) you were leaping puddles most of the way. Just getting there, as they say, was half the fun.

Kai answered my ad for models near the end of 1996 (just about the time of the climb up Mt. Warning), along with her friend Elvira. Kai was beautiful, and Elvira's friends called her Olive Oil.

Elvira taught me the value of being broad-minded about models. I liked her a good deal. She probably wasn't going to sell any videos, but before long she brought along her two sisters, Sandy and Delik. Sandy was attractive and voluptuous, and Delik was beautiful and only fourteen.

Elvira was a good artist, and she body-painted her sisters in a long and wonderful session that you can see in Body Love Mud Art. It was a wild party, just one of many with Kai.

Kai's days were filled with a standard routine. First she would make a cup of tea, and then she would roll a joint. Rolling was a long process involving mixing the stuff with tobacco and then creating a cigarette out of two papers and bits of cardboard. Then she would listen to a bit of music and smoke it down and then it would be time for another cup of tea. All this was punctuated with visits from friends, and that was a life.

It was fun to visit her, because Kai was intelligent and interesting, and especially because she was a wide window into a life that I had only glimpsed in snatches til then.

We went to a Rainbow Serpent Festival, a camping and music festival in the hills, along with her current boy friend. Although she was unconventional in most respects, Kai was surprisingly conventional in her desire for romance. She tended to prefer burnt-out hippie types who were tall, thin, and handsome, and looked a bit like they had been left out hanging on the cross too long. She didn't get much happiness from them.

Somebody was selling marijuana brownies, and since I got left alone, I tried one, It was so good I tried another and another. I was lying in my van, and after awhile I noticed I was bumping up against the ceiling. I was floating, and I was glad I wasn't outside, because who knows how high I might have drifted before I noticed.

Other than that I remember the fantastic lights at the festival, and how people were still dancing as the sun came up. There were many sexy girls in skimpy clothing, and I did a lot of video until somebody chased me away.

Kai introduced me to MDMA, or ecstacy, a delightful substance which has been unfairly lumped in and banned along with dangerous drugs like cocaine and crystal meth. Nobody with any sense fools around with snow and ice, but many smart professionals relax with parties, dancing, and ecstacy.

Ecstacy is a delightful drug. It makes you feel exultant and happy, like Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, like anything is possible and the world is full of joy.

The only thing wrong with ecstacy is that you can't take it very often. It rapidly loses its potency. I've heard of people trying to stay high on ecstacy, taking one pill at the beginning of the month and needing ten pills to get the same high at the end of the month. And not really getting it either.

So no one could become addicted to ecstacy. It just wouldn't work.

In addition, ecstasy is very good at helping people get in touch with their true feelings. Psychiatrists and psychologists used to use ecstasy in their therapy. Hundreds of them showed up to defend the drug at hearings in the 1980's, but the Reagan government banned it anyway.

The people who oppose the use of ecstasy are just mean. It amazes me how many people in the world dedicate their whole lives to preventing other people's happiness.

I never really understood the concept of heaven until I took ecstacy. Heaven just seemed kind of boring, wandering around with nothing to do. But if they feel like that, it must be a joy forever.

The other great thing about ecstasy is you feel good the next day. Some of the rapture lingers. You feel a bit tired, which is natural after a day of strong enjoyment, but also calm and fulfilled.

Some people might wonder, I suppose, if the drug has any long-term effects. Could it gradually erode your mind or do any other damage? Well, I guess we'll never know, will we, as long as the funkillers ban the drug and prevent any responsible research.

Kai and I had a party at the house of a friend named Marc. It was a marvellous house way back in the hills, with many small rooms decorated with hanging shawls, laser lights, glowing crystals, and icons.

Kai got into the party spirit right away, discarding her clothes for body decorations like ribbons and glitter. She danced on a table high above us, even hanging from the rafters. The glitter sparkled on her skin as she did a ceremonial dance with two knives not quite cutting her naked body.

She said she was amazed at the way men were turned on just by the sight of a naked woman's body, but she was happy that she could please men so completely and so well.

Marc got into the spirit of the evening, wrapping golden elastic cords around Kai's body so she gradually became a jaguar fiercely restrained with a golden leash. Kai was fond of exotic sensations, so Floyd whipped her smartly with the golden cords while she snarled in tingling satisfaction.

Meanwhile I was frantically following the action with the camera, and blithering like a moon-child with the effects of the drug. Ecstasy, like many drugs, makes some people babble continually and unconsciously during the first use. I was definitely a member of that club. The video was great, but the soundtrack needed to be almost totally reconstituted.

Kai enjoyed running a piece of furry cloth, which she called her sporran, all over her body. She also enjoyed the sensation of spinning in a swival chair, as I shot close-ups of her body and the swirling glitter on her skin.

She stroked herself in the warm shower, which she said was a good way to bring yourself up again. I was over the moon.

That went so well that we soon had another party. I rented Azura's house for the party. She was the model who did aromatherapy for Naked Lifestyles 1. She owned a classy A-frame building back in the hills called Mudita.

Another model named Uti came along.

Uti is everyone's dream of a blond Norwegian goddess. She glows like the sun. Uti is tall and trim-waisted, with wonderful curves.

Uti looks like a well-trained athlete, which she is, for she earns her living as a personal trainer. Having Uti train you must be quite an experience.

A friend suggested she model for me. She burst into my world, and I could see right away she was the one for my naked party. I had been looking for a star, and I found a supernova.

Handsome blond Lance came along too. We had wine and music and everything to make a party go. We put candles around everywhere. Kai even made some hanging candles in plastic bowls supported by chains.

Uti made a spectacular start to the party by taking off all her clothes for the camera. This was the first time I saw her naked, and I was dazzled. Then she bounced on the red exercise ball with a red boa wraped around her. I got down on the floor and shot from a low angle. She nearly bounced on my head!   But it made great video.

She danced naked among the candles to wild music. She loved to bounce up and down, and she danced wildly around one of the hanging candles, shaking her breasts toward the candle til they blew it out. Then she danced toward the camera, pushing her breasts out, showing them proudly.

Kai started stretching and arching her body, and Lance explored her with a furry hand puppet called Diblet. Then she discovered the tingling delight of drops of cold water from the shower, while I videoed her with light from a single candle.

Uti wrapped the gold glitter ribbon around her and did a dance with the sharp silver knives. The knives were exciting, for she ran the blades across her body, their blades indenting her skin. The blades even cut the ribbon at one point so it fell away from her body, somehow making her seem even more naked than before.

Both girls were great dancers. Kai loved dancing naked with long furry leggings, whipping a golden cord around her body.

Lance and Uti hugged and danced on either side of Kai, making a human sandwich of her. Uti caressed Lance's body with a candle, moving it here and there across his shining skin.

Lance took two candles and passed them over her body while the camera followed their golden light. The close-ups of curves of Uti's body made great video. You could see that Uti loved it too, being completey naked and exposed, and examined closely by the video eye.

Finally Kai and Lance lay down side by side, and Uti lay across them and rolled back and forth, rolling our party to a blissful end.

The footage was so good that I felt it deserved starting a new series of videos, which I called Free & Wild. Uti suggested the name. These party shoots are in Free & Wild 1: Party Naked.


CHAPTER 9 - 10


Chapter 9.  

Travels With Kai.

Kai and I set off for my second travels with girls in May, 1998. She paid for her ticket by modeling for me, and I paid the traveling expenses in exchange for her modeling in whatever nudist locations we could find.

Our itinerary was to fly to San Francisco, tour around the west, then on to my cottage in Connecticut, and from there to France, and then to come back the same way.

The first place we went was Haight-Ashbury, and found the hippie lifestyle was still very active there, at least in the shops. We found many crazy costumes and Kai tried them on in the changing rooms while I watched.

We bought a couple of the best of them, including a tiger dress and some wild boots. Kai did a fashion show for my video in our hotel room.

Traveling with Kai was a novel experience, very different from Rochelle, who was happy with whatever we did. Kai was strong-minded and very fixed in her pleasures and what she wanted.

This was brought home to me in Santa Cruz, the first place we drove in our rental car from San Francisco.

But while I'm thinking about it, wouldn't California be a different place if it didn't have all those saints' names and Spanish names? I don't mind San Francisco so much, since St Francis was in many ways the first hippie, but wouldn't Monterey be different if we called it "King's Mountain?"

Santa Cruz means "Holy Cross" and Las Vegas means "the grassy plains," which sounds fairly creepy, considering the sort of terrain around it. And wouldn't Los Angeles be a different place if we called it "The Angels?"

In Santa Cruz we found a lovely open air dining area right on the beach, so we sat down for a cup of tea, which to Kai was a morning's necessity.

Unfortunately in this restaurant, as with many in America, tea was a boutique drink. They presented us with a box containing fifty exotic teas, none of which was just plain tea.

We considered these for awhile, and then asked the waiter,

"Ah, well, it happens we've just been to the supermarket, so would it be OK if we got a tea bag out of the car and used it?

He was very nice about it, but then came the problem of milk. They only had half and half in those little long-life containers, which Kai pointed out were loaded with preservatives and other chemicals, and anyway she didn't like cream in her tea.

"Ah, well, at the supermarket we actually also bought a pint of milk, would it be OK if we went and got that out of the car too?"

In the end they were very nice about it, they gave us the hot water and the use of the cup for free. I ordered a sandwich in gratitude, enjoying the fine day and the view and the company, but wondering what I had gotten myself into.

I'd already had a taste of Kai's preferences the nights when we were in San Francisco. Kai loves music, so we went to several jazz bars, so Kai could maybe pick up a jazz musician.

It was fun getting a Kai's-eye view of men. She was very perceptive about what the men were like. Generally she could pick out her type very well, though I remember once she made a mistake.

She picked out a guy who was the leader of a jazz group, and tried to chat him up during the break, but got a rather cold-hearted rebuff. The guy was just too conceited and full of himself.

As it happened, the club only had people at three of its tables, and the people at one of the tables got up after awhile and left, and then the other. So we got up and left too, leaving the leader and his group playing to an empty restaurant. Quelle revenge!

Kai had better luck with Jim, who was just the type of guy she loved, tall and thin and haggard looking. Kai went off for a day with him, while I toured San Francisco.

Jim was nearly forty, and he had recently been offered a standard job. He was thinking of giving up on his jazz career, which had been going nowhere for awhile. Kai told him he should be true to his art and keep going. They kept emailing back and forth during our trip.

Romance was important to Kai. Not me, I'd had several experiences since Kate, but mostly they made me more cynical. It was fun to watch Kai struggling. Perhaps that was mean of me, but I felt I was a lot better off with travels with girls.

What about sex, you may be asking? Well, I did have sex with some of the girls I traveled with. It didn't seem a goal worth struggling for, however.

There's a lot of negative energy about sex, and it seems to make some women crazy. I think that's because society is so critical of girls who copulate randomly. So girls generally start demanding some form of "commitment" if you have sex with them.

Actually, I think girls want to be promiscuous. They can have one orgasm after another, which seems to show they are designed for a multiple succession of lovers.

Girls love to perform. Far more girls want to be actors than men, or dancers, and many are happy to perform for groups of men as strippers. Or nude models, for that matter.

I was content with that. I loved traveling too, and by taking a nude model and making videos, the trip would pay for itself -- and indeed make a handsome profit. I preferred enthusiastic video to a chaos of sex and romance.

Sex is temporary. Video lasts longer.

Kai and I went to Yosemite, a national park so wonderful I won't even try to describe it. One of the earliest mountain men, who traveled all over the West before almost any white men had ever been there, said that the greatest day of his life was the first day he visited Yosemite Valley. He had that inscribed on his tombstone.

Kai went on a few hikes with me, but her heart wasn't really in it. She hadn't had any grass since Jim. She soon fixed that.

We went north to Chico, because it was supposed to be another centre for alternative lifestyle people. We went out trawling for guys once again in a nightclub with a pool hall. One great thing about travels with Kai was, you got to meet people.

She met a guy named Mischa. I don't think she really fancied him, but he had grass to sell. We went back to his place, which kind of resembled Marc's, but the guy didn't have any ecstacy. So no naked party.

Mischa took us to his favourite pizza place, which brought out Kai's curious whims again. She had taken up raw foods, maybe a fall-out from her spree with Jim. She wanted raw vegetables and nuts.

"Sorry, we don't have those."

"But you put nuts on the pizzas, don't you? And carrots? So bring me a pizza with nuts and carrots, without the pizza."

She got her way. She had many quirks and quiddities, like smoking. She smoked tobacco as well as marijuana frequently, but it had to be organic tobacco. No chemicals for her! It made traveling with Kai interesting as well as fun.


Chapter 10.

The Wilderness.

We went on to Connecticut, to my cottage. It was built by my grandfather in 1934, and I used to go there with my mother and sisters as a boy. Being surrounded by state forests, it hasn't changed much over the years. So usually my visits there are like going back into a past of happy memories. Not this time though. This time it was new happy memories.

Kai loved to perform, so we had parties where she would dress up naked, as she had at Floyd's, and I would make video of her, using whatever lighting tricks and props we could employ. We got some LSD, I forget where, and the parties were fun.

Soon we went to Starwood, the huge festival and gathering where my videos got started with Beauty of the Nude. Kai loved it. She got body painted by an expert on the site, and danced to the drumming of an expert named Thunder, a big fat guy with dredlocks and a huge attitude.

Kai had one of the best weeks of her life at Starwood. She met Raven, a wandering girlcatcher who prowled Starwood every year. Raven was hardly her type, but he had a lot of charm, and Kai made him part of her happy week.

Raven, in fact, gave us one of the best parties I've ever been to. He turned 40 shortly after Starwood, and rented a hot tub for a toga party. He hoped to reignite the wildness of Starwood in his home in suburbia.

Kai arrived and found the water bed in Raven's bedroom. She too wanted to make the party go, so she took off all her clothes and rolled around on the water bed.

Raven had an interesting crowd: a lot of friends around 40 like him, and another lot of 20-somethings that worked for him. He was director of the sales department in his area for a major mobile phone company. Mobile phones were new in those days, and he was selling lots and making a fortune.

The young people were all very excited about their mobile phones, ringing all their friends to ask where was a great party? It didn't seem to occur to them to try to make the party around them go. Raven had forgotten how dry and stale young people had become, compared to his youth in the 60's. The party stalled badly.

In the 60's we struggled to end an unjust war in Viet Nam. We worked for equal rights for minorities and gays. We focused on conservation, with the first Earth Day in 1970. We tried to discover the spiritual aspects of drugs. We revolutionized sex, or thought we did.

Kids in the 90's had tattoos and piercings. Each generation does its own thing.

Kai came out periodically to put on her beloved techno music, but the young people changed it for something frantic as soon as her back was turned.

I had fun watching Kai, and watching Raven gamely trying to lure people into his rented hot tub. Once a young man who hadn't yet seen Kai came into the bedroom to see her naked on the water bed, and he walked out looking as if he had seen God or something. That was one of the highlights of the evening.

Kai and I went to Europe. We visited England, France, and Holland, and did videos in all these places. You can see the results in Naked Travels 1, 2, and 3.

Unfortunately, it got harder and harder to get Kai to participate. She got cold feet. I took her to the Luxemburg Gardens in Paris, where the year before Roshelle had an amorous French man coming hard on her. I'd planned doing a shoot of Kai going naked in public around the fountain, and Kai had agreed when we were in Byron Bay, but now she refused.

Could I blame her? Considering what happened to Roshelle, maybe not. But it's disappointing to bring a model halfway around the world and then get no video.

Kai finally caught the lover she wanted, a Dutch man named Dan who was tall and thin and just what she wanted. It turned out to be transitory, but I'm sure it was delightful while it lasted.

Video lasts longer than sex. Often it lasts longer than romance too.




Chapter 11.

The Greek Islands.

My time with Kai was beginning to wind down. That happens when a model falls in romance.

My time with Uti, I'm glad to say, was just beginning. We headed for the Greek islands.

I'd seen the Greek islands in a movie called Summer Lovers, which I loved. It featured Darryl Hannah naked, and Uti was rather like Darryl Hannah, though more curvy.

The movie convinced me that if I could make a video about the islands, it would be interesting. If Uti was in it, it would be enchanting.

We headed off in late May, just as the tourist season was beginning. This is a good time, in case you are ever thinking about going. During winter the islands are cold and windy, and almost deserted. In May, summer starts to awaken, the hotels open their doors, the restaurants start to think about customers.

If you go in May, the islands are not crowded, there's a festive air, and everyone is glad to see you. As summer wears on, the heat and tourist crowds make everyone jaded. In May, the whole world is new.

We went to Santorini, the island everyone thinks of when thinking of Greek islands. Once it was a huge volcanic island, but around 1400 BC the volcano blew up, in what must have been the most colossal explosion in all of human histroy. The explosion devastated the thriving Minoan civilization on nearby Crete, and may have been the origen of the legend of Atlantis, the land that disappeared into the sea.

What was left of Santorini was a crescent-shaped island with sheer cliffs left by the explosion on the inner side facing the sea. The main town is now Thira, perched on the cliffs at the middle of the inner side of the crescent. Lots of hotels perch on the cliffs too, for the view of the inner bay, where a new volcanic island rises in the centre.

I vividly remember the morning we arrived. The flight from Sydney took all day and night, and then we struggled to catch our short flight to the island. A taxi brought us to the top of a long flight of stone steps heading down to our hotel.

Suddenly the whole crescent of the island spread out before us on each side. Everything was gigantic, the huge circle of the sea, the sheer cliffs dropping to the water far below. The air was clear and crisp, the sky a vast blue marvel.

It was quiet. It was wonderful how quiet it was, in the clear early morning. Uti stretched out her arms, and said for the video how quiet it was. She turned around, taking in all the broad wonderful world.

We had breakfast on a table overlooking the stupendous view. It was the beginning of my third wonderful travel with girls, and as good as the magical first two.

Uti has style. She loves dressing sexily, often with nothing on but a short dress and minimal underwear. Once when I was videoing her walking down a street, she pulled her dress up for a moment and revealed a mostly bare bum.

"Did you get it?" she asked. I certainly did.

We went to Vlichada Beach, a nude beach on the north end of Santorini. We got there on a motorcycle, the best way to travel, since the islands are not very large. I didn't have a motorcycle license, and the man we rented it from seemed dubious at first, but I told him I'd lived through the 60's, and he let me have one.

Vlichada Beach was vast and long. It had black sand and cliffs of soft white pumice behind, weathered into fabulous shapes. There was even an arch of pumice for Uti to walk under, reaching up naked and grasping the arch high over her head and stretching.

She met a handsome young man named Narva and persuaded him to be in the video. They skipped stones together and climbed on the cliffs. Narva hammered a piece of the arch with his fist, to show how friable it was, and knocked off a huge chunk which came away in a cloud of dust. The dust swept down and over me and enveloped the camera. It made a great shot as the dust gradually cleared to reveal his sheepish look.

Uti lay in the waves near the shore, and I videoed her body as it washed back and forth in the gentle surges. The she lay out a towel on the hot black sand, and I videoed her again.

The Greek islands have many hiking trails, and one day we walked out to Oia on the north tip of the island. Uti strode on ahead, and sometimes I would see her, perched on a ridge, or waiting on a rock.

Once she came to a whitewashed chapel, gleaming in the sun. She leaned against it, enjoying the warm sun, and I thought she might take her clothes off so I could video her from afar. But she wasn't quite ready to do naked in public.

She did take an active part in the videos. I could always count on her to do something new and interesting.

We went to Red Beach, named for the bright red lava which forms it, both the sands and the cliffs behind. We walked to the far end, where Uti began to stake it out as a nude beach.

She had a pink two-piece, and she swam out and lolled on a rock in various poses and contortions. Plenty of people admired her from shore, and I videoed happily. Then she swam back and discarded her top, and climbed on the powdery red cliffs. More good shots.

She discarded her thong bottom, and started posing naked. She pointed down the beach, and there were two girls who were following her example. They were even caressing each other, a lovely sight.

Uti took up a translucent blue scarf, which she had brought along for the purpose, and did a slow supple dance. The sun was behind her and the scarf glowed with the light. It was wonderful.

Uti got more and more bold. We went to Paros, and one night she bought a present for her sister, and the old man running the shop gave her a scarf of sheer white cotton cloth.

Back at the hotel Uti got naked and then started wrapping the scarf around her. We lit candles, and her body gleamed through the gauzy white covering. She was inspired. She stepped out on the balcony and started a slow dance for the pedestrians below, unwrapping and wrapping herself in a slow dazzling exhibition.

Inside the hotel room, she lay on the bed and caressed herself while I kept the camera running hot. This segment eventually found its way into Free & Wild 4: Girl Touch.

Paros had Monasteri Beach, a nudist beach on a rocky peninsula. We did shots on the beach, and then Uti strolled off naked across the peninsula. There were plenty of clothed people scattered around.

Uti enjoyed the freedom. She sat on a rock bombarded by spray, and lay in the waterworn grooves of pink and grey rocks for photos. We did some of our best photos there. Then she walked away, climbing toward the peak of a hill nearby, naked and free and far from her clothes.

There's something about a pretty girl walking naked, with no clothes around and no chance of putting on any clothes, that seems very sensual and appealing. Anyone who wanted to could look at Uti naked in the bright sunlight, and she loved it. It was a wonderful feeling for her and the people scattered around.

One of our last shoots was on the island of Syros. We found Armeos Beach, a delicate small cove between strong arms of rocky coast. We went there in the daytime, and five Greek boys came down the trail to the beach, daring themselves. They hooted and tried to tease each other to take off their clothes.

With Uti standing there naked, they finally got up the courage to strip in the water and throw their togs up on shore. Perhaps it was one of the greatest afternoons of their lives. I have no doubt they all still remember it.

In the evening we went back to the beach, and were rewarded with a splendid sunset sinking into the water, with a fisherman's boat trailing across in silhouette. Uti playfully made a splash toward my camera, and the drops of water were lighted by the sun behind them as if they were fireworks. I asked her to splash again and again.

Then she went dolphin swimming out into the bay, rising out into the water and diving back down, the light growing steadily more roseate. It was wonderful footage, and I used it to end Surrender to the Sun 2.

I loved it. In front of my lens was one of the most lovely girls I'd ever seen, the golden goddess of everyone's dreams, and around me some of the world's finest islands. A good way to make a living, I thought.

Why would anyone want to make their living any other way?


CHAPTER 12 - 13


Chapter 12.

New Video.

My tiny video camera was my secret.  I’d found a business no one else had found.  I’d realized that, with modern video equipment, one can make professional-quality videos without a huge crew. Indeed, you could do it by yourself alone. 

I was a bit like Bill Gates, who’d jumped into a different business, personal computers, a little bit ahead of everyone else.  I wasn’t making as much money as Bill Gates, but I wondered if he was having as much fun.

My video camera, the size of a large grapefruit, could do all the work of a camera the size of a suitcase ten years before, and could do it better.  Since editing gear had advanced just as rapidly, I could make good videos for a few thousand dollars, rather than fifty or a hundred thousand.

Nobody seemed to know that.  Hollywood didn’t know it. They went on in their turbulent world, making movies which cost millions of dollars, and often losing money in the process.  The people in TV didn’t know it either. They went on in their own stressful world chasing ratings with big dollars and often not catching them.

Standing there on a rocky peninsula in the warm Mediterranean sunshine, videoing Uti as she climbed high up and far away on the rocks naked, I didn’t envy them.

Uti's stroll across the Monasteri peninsula emphasized another thing.   People don't really mind people going naked in public.   The laws against going naked in public are obsolete.

I had been coming to this conclusion for a long time.

I had been fascinated with naked in public since I was a young man. I can even remember a poster from the 60's showing two naked girls sitting at a bar amidst a row of clothed men. The girls were sitting down and facing away, so you didn't see much of them. But on me the poster made a huge impression.

I did naked in public photos back in the 80's. There was that girl friend going naked in the public park. We waited til the coast was clear, and she was only naked for a minute, but there was always the chance that someone might come along and see her. I found that very exciting.

Jill loved going naked in public. She was another model I met at ConFest, unfortunately in the days before my filming began.

Jill was a natural blond with a Nordic background and an epic figure. She loved going naked whenever she could. She was more beautiful the more clothes she took off.

Once when we went to the beach I told her she didn't need her clothes. She could leave them in the car and just wrap herself in a towel for walking through the parking lot. When we got to the beach I told her she didn't even need the towel. She happily handed it to me and walked along the beach in the sun.

We found a nice place to stretch our towels and lie down, and I did a few photos of her. She liked doing yoga exercises. People walked by occasionally.

Further up the beach there was a good crowd. I suggested she might like to walk up to the end of the beach and back. I watched her and took photos with my telephoto lens as she walked leisurely along.

She looked very happy in the photos.

Kylie was another girl who was quite open about going naked. I met her at ConFest in 1992, and did lots of video of her there. She had just turned 18.

She was a free-spirited girl, full of adventure, looking for all the great opportunities that life has to offer -- the way many wonderful girls are when they reach 18.

She spent almost the whole time at ConFest going around naked, and she modeled for my video camera a lot, especially dancing, which she loved. Like Jill, she helped me realize how happy girls are to go naked and model naked. All they need is a little encouragement.

I drove her up to Byron Bay after ConFest, and we stopped at many locations to shoot video, on the great plains, at a wide beach, and in a waterfall pool. In a sense this was the first of my travels with girls, but I was too young really to appreciate it, being not yet 50.

Kylie was breathtakingly topless at all the beaches of Byron Bay, and when she washed off the salt in the outdoor showers, she took off her bikini bottom too.

She wanted to go naked in the streets of Byron, and maybe I should have encouraged her, or at least to go naked at some parties in the hills.   But once again, it was too soon for me to realize the possibilities of this new form of naturism.

Another girl named Sundari gave me further help. One day she mentioned that she used to enjoy getting on her horse naked and riding down the road from her house to the beach and then along the beach for miles. Or she would go running naked.

I thought this was a very exciting thing to do, and asked her if we could recreate her naked running. She loved the idea. I did a series of shots of her running naked in various places over several weeks: beaches, rainforests, roads, and open fields.   I cut it all into one glorious run, and put it into Naked Lifestyles 1 at the end.

We met a few people. Sundari mentioned that she used to meet fishermen and swimmers in her beach rides, and nobody minded.   More and more, I realized that the laws against going naked in public were obsolete. It was just another form of oppression.

There may still be some people somewhere who are offended by public nudity, but they are rare. More likely, they're not really offended, but they think they ought to be, because of some religious platform or other. They say they are offended, to show how devout they are.


Chapter 13.

A New Form Of Naturism.

Naked in public fascinated me. It seemed to me the logical next step for the naturist cause.

It's easy to forget that naked groups were once illegal, back in the 1930's and 1940's, and that nudists had to struggle for the right to go naked in their private clubs. In the 1950's and 1960's, they struggled for the right to go naked on a few isolated "nude beaches."

That was a worthy struggle, and all honour to the nudists of those days. But it seemed to me the nudists had stopped there. The result was that nudism was still a hole-and-corner operation, hidden away from the public.   The public still equated nakedness with sex, and nudism with mild lunacy.

A good proof of this was that the public still used the phrase "nudist colonies," which nudists themselves had not used for years, prefering "nudist resorts" or "nudist clubs."

Many nudists didn't even like the word "nudism" anymore, preferring to call themselves "naturists."

It seemed to me it was time for nudism to come out of the closet. Naked in public would prove that.

It seemed to me that nobody really cared about naked people anymore. The laws against going naked in public were obsolete. Indeed they were a form of oppression, like the laws against homosexuality, which were falling everywhere, and the drug laws, which were starting to be challenged.

The walk up Mt Warning in 1996 with three pretty naked girls had been a big success. The next step, it seemed to me, was to do it with naked men.

In late 1997, a couple of months after my trip with Roshelle in France, I arranged with Kai to do another naked walk up Mt. Warning. Kai recruited a friend named Adrian, and Rose went again with her boy friend Stream.

The walk went smoothly once again. When we came to a leaning tree, Kai lay down on it and Rose gave her a massage. That looked great.

We also did a sensual exercise. Rose led the other three as they kept their eyes closed and focused on the sounds of the forest and the touch of their naked feet on the trail. That looked great too.

Having men along didn't seem to affect the responses we got from clothed people on the trail very much. The only difference we noted that was a group of English women tourists were eager to photograph the guys on the trail. Interestingly, no one had asked to photograph the three girls on the previous naked walk.

Otherwise, naked guys got the same reactions as naked girls. People were amused, curious, delighted -- but never offended.

When we got to the top, we had only a few glimpses of the view before clouds came over and we were fogged in. Rose lay down and went to sleep for half an hour, a touching show of confidence in her nakedness, just like Roshelle in the hotel room that night at Chartres. I did lots of shots of her as she slept.

The naked in public walk up Mt. Warning was a complete success, both times. I was ready for something even more daring and worthwhile.

In 1998, on my trip to Europe with Kai, we did some more elaborate naked in public shoots, with a man named Robbert Broekstra in Holland.

Robbert Broekstra was a very creative and energetic nudist in Holland who believed nudism should go public. He started a group called The Friends of Nature to promote this belief.

The Friends of Nature liked to go out hiking or riding bikes in the country and have a naked picnic. They did all sorts of things. They went for long drives in rented pony carts, and cruised in speedboats along a river. They took over a bowling alley one day, and rented a miniature racing car track another.

Robbert found beautiful girls who were happy to go along as models for photo sessions. He reserved a whole railway car of an antique stream train for a long trip on a Sunday afternoon. The models posed on the engine and one even got out and held the red warning flag for cars at a crossing.

You can see this excursion in a video called Summer In Holland. It also shows a naked trip right in the heart of Amsterdam on a tourist canal boat they rented. They got out at one point and walked along the river side. You can even see a policeman in the video watching them and blowing them a kiss.

I was impressed by Summer In Holland and wrote to Robbert to ask if I could shoot a Synetech video about some of his excursions. That was how I met Henriette.

Henriette was a real free spirit, and was happy to go naked in public wherever we wanted. On our first excursion with the Friends of Nature, we headed off on a bicycle trip, but it rained in the morning. We holed up in a pub called The Gilded Lion.

Henriette got the idea of doing a naked shoot right there. She asked everyone and they loved it. People who walked into the pub got a surprise to see a lovely blond naked girl serving drinks, but nobody objected.

Robbert got off his clothes too, and everyone else in the Friends of Nature group, including a ten-year-old girl named Marina. The naked people sat around for about an hour, having a light lunch and chatting. Then we went on our bicycle ride, and had a naked picnic. The results are in Naked Travels 1, which also includes the walk up Mt Warning with Kai, Adrian, Rose, and Stream.

On another day we did a naked canoe trip with about 20 - 30 people. We found a level grassy area where everyone could play soccer in the nude, and feed the swans and picnic. Marina played games and went on the swings. This excursion is in Naked Travels 2.

Henriette even wanted to go roller-blading in the nude in an Amsterdam park, but unfortunately the rainy days continued and we couldn't. We did manage a good shoot on a canal boat that a friend of mine was living on.

Henriette kept in touch with me by email, a new thing in those days, over the following winter. She was interested in modeling, in traveling, and in going naked wherever she could.

It was very flattering for me. A beautiful 23 year old girl who wanted to travel with me and spend most of the time naked. I was getting addicted to this, and all these girls seemed eager to push me along in my habit.


CHAPTER 14 - 15


Chapter 14.  


By now I was beginning to understand the principles of travels with girls.

1. You need to have a pretext for travels with girls.

2. You need to have enough money to pay for their travels.

3. You need to be clear in your own mind that you are not after romance or sex.

Point 1. The pretext is important. Beautiful girls tend to be very hesitant and cautious. They like to have a good reason for traveling with a man.

If the man is much older, they need to have a plausible explanation in their own minds, so they won't feel like a sex servant.

In my case the pretext for travels was simple. I needed a model, someone whom I could video at the resorts, and in other good locations like beaches, when there was no one else handy.

Point 2. You need to have enough money to pay for the girls, simply because, being young, they probably won't have enough money to travel at their own expense. In my case the girls modeled for me in exchange for their expenses.

After all I was making money from the videos. No reason why I shouldn't share the wealth with the girls.

Point 3.   The most important. If you use video as a way to come on to girls, you will put them right off.

Many men do try to get models simply because they want sex, or even romance, but this seldom works. Women are very perceptive about this sort of thing, and are generally annoyed and put off by attempts to accost them this way.

Men like this are a nuisance to me, and to everyone else.   They make women suspicious and doubtful. If someone (like me) is genuinely trying to make good video, these men are a serious hinderance. They make life more difficult, and less enjoyable, for everybody.

If you follow these principles, travels with girls are now possible. It's important to realize that times have changed.

Recently I saw a 1954 movie called To Paris With Love. Alec Guiness (then 40) played a Scottish lord who struck up a friendship with a girl in Paris played by Odile Soissons (then 24). The friendship ran into trouble immediately because of the boy friend and the father of the girl.

The boy friend assumed the Scottish lord was after the girl to marry her, and hated it. The father assumed the Scottish lord was after the girl but not to marry her, and hated it. The only thing they both agreed on was that the couple must be having sex.

That was what the 1950's (and the years before) were like.   Everyone thought the relationship had to be based on sex and (possibly) marriage. It didn't occur to anybody, not even the lord and the girl themselves, that they could have a great friendship and a lot of fun together.

Or watch Lost In Translation, in which Bill Murray's character strikes up a friendship with a girl played by Scarlett Johansson. He feels too old to have sex and romance with her, and doesn't understand any other way to continue their acquaintance. A pity, because the two have much to offer each other. The friendship dies because he doesn't understand that it doesn't have to.

To my way of thinking, the greatest change since the 1950's has been the acceptance of variety in people. People have learned that there is more than one right way to do things. "Different strokes for different folks."

Before the 1960's, the only legitimate way for a man to relate to a woman was if they were heading toward marriage. Friendship was out.

The only legitimate way to have sex was a man with a woman. Gays were out. The only legitimate way to live was to get married, get a steady job, get kids, get a house with a mortgage, and so on and on. Get, get, get. Alternative lifestyles were out.

I think such ideas have changed.

I like to think that men and women can now relate on some other basis than monogamy. I like to think that old people can be friends with young people. I like to think that my travels with girls have shown these things are true.

In July 1999 Henriette traveled to the U. S., and we went to Starwood together. She loved it. She walked around naked all day, shopping in the market stalls and waiting in line for food at the cafes. She was not the only one going naked at Starwood, but she was striking.

Henriette was tall, as Dutch people often are, and she had a great figure. Her naturally blond hair was cut short, and she had a great smile. She loved to show off her body, and she felt great when people admired her.

She loved the all-night drumming and dancing sessions too. There were lots of people dancing naked around the bonfire to the music of the naked drummer.

Henriette wanted to go further too, into bondage. As it happened, there was a lot of bondage that year at Starwood. Several bondage gear merchants had set up their tents, and one of them, David Lee, agreed to do a video segment in "How To Tie Up Your Girl Friend."

David tied Henriette's arms behind her back so she could scarcely move them, then had her lie down and tied her legs wide open so she couldn't move them either. I asked Henriette how she felt, and she breathed, "Sexy." This video can be seen in Free & Wild 7: Peace and Freedom.

Henriette loved being tied up, and we did lots of video of her in motel rooms and in my cottage in Connecticut. She loved traveling too, and was a great companion.

Motel rooms are great for bondage. In one room I tied her spread-eagled to the bed, and in another there was a metal rack high up on the wall for hanging things, and I tied her arms to it, so she was stretched upward on tip toes. Her arms started to ache after awhile, but she didn't want me to untie her.   She loved it.

In another motel room she got carried away by the delights of the hot shower, and started caressing herself for my video camera. I led her back to the bed, and she caressed herself to orgasm. Twice.

That demonstrated another curious thing about beautiful girls. They really want sex. They don't want to appear to be wanting sex, so they will reject any obvious moves on the part of the sex-minded man. But sometimes they will get carried along on their own enthusiasm.

I remember a model named Mona, who was also Dutch by descent. She was also a natural blond and had a great sensual figure.

We did a yoga shoot at the beach one afternoon. She did yoga in a small forest, and wove around the trees and climbed their trunks in a slow sexy dance. Then she ran to the beach and went swimming and rolled in the shallow waves. I did lots of shots of her playing in the water and rubbing sand on her body by the shore.

She came back to my small apartment and took a hot shower to get the salt off, soaping her body with lots of lather. She obviously loved the camera watching her.

We made a circle of candles on the floor, for it was night by now, and I suggested she meditate in the circle and rub oil on her body. The oil gleamed in the candle light, and I was impressed by how lovely it made her.

Gradually it became a game of finding more sexy things that she could do for the camera. I did shots of her massaging her face, and then gradually letting her hands wander down over her breasts. Then I had her rub oil on her stomach and up over her breasts to her face. These shots looked nice, so we did them again.

The candle light was lovely. I am very impressed by modern video cameras, which can make a usable image by the light of only a few candles. I'd already seen this in our naked party with Kai, Uti, and Lance, which is in Free & Wild 1: Party Naked.

I put a few more candles in the bedroom and set out some incense sticks too. I asked Mona to lie on the bed and continue the oil, starting with her face and working down over her breasts to her stomach. Then I had her raise her legs and run her hands over them too, to put on a light coating of oil. It got more and more sexy as she caressed her legs, raising them up into the air.

Mona got more and more relaxed, and went into a kind of meditative trance. She kept caressing herself all over her lovely naked body. It was a kind of mystical evening. I'm not sure how far she went, but she didn't want to stop.

Looking back on it now, I realize this was the first time I discovered how the way to get girls to be sexy is to go slowly, gradually encouraging them to do more and more sexy things. Mona gradually became more and more flushed, first at the beach, then the shower, then the candles and oil.

It made a great segment in Free & Wild 3: Sensory Wonder.


Chapter 15.  

The Perils of Sexy Living.

It never rains but it pours. Since I like rain, that seems like a good thing.

While I was at Starwood in 1999 with Henriette, I met Bella. She was a charming kittenish young beauty of about 19. She was very fond of sex.

Bella went around naked a lot at Starwood, and when she heard they were having a witches' ritual on the body of a naked woman, she volunteered. The ritual was mostly fun, for the Starwood people do not take themselves terribly seriously. Bella certainly had fun.

In the ritual each person made a chant or an offering, then poured out oil and wine on the altar and kissed it. Bella enjoyed that, her fair white skin making contrast to the clear yellow of the oil and the red of the wine.

It never rains but it pours. One afternoon we had a huge storm at Starwood. This is not unusual; the area is some kind of storm vortex.

The rain caught Bella and me as we were heading for my tent, and we made a run for it. Bella got soaked, and since she was naked, we had to roll her around on a towel and rub her dry. Then we listened to the storm, and Bella wanted to put on some wild music too, but I told her the music of the storm was enough. She agreed, shivering and feeling the music through her body.

Another afternoon I did video of Bella and Henriette together in a tent. They started kissing each other. I encouraged them, and I think Bella was willing, but Henriette was still a little shy of kissing a girl, even one as cute and eager as Bella. That changed later, as you'll see.

After Starwood, Henriette and I drove back to my cottage, stopping in motels as often as I could. Too soon she had to go back to Holland, but then Bella came to my cottage.

We did lots of video. She got up early one morning and played in the dewy field behind the cottage, and even rolled wetly across all the flowers. Also we tried a sort of ritual in which she played with a candle flame and tried to waft it across her body. You can see the results in Free & Wild 2: Spirit In Motion.

Having had some fun, and a lot of success, making videos of resorts in France, I hoped this year (1999) to try to make a video about a resort in the U. S. Bern Loibl, always helpful, suggested I try Paradise Lakes in Florida.

Paradise Lakes was willing, and I decided to take along Bella as a companion and occasional model, little realizing what I was letting myself in for.

As I've said before, I was eager to merge the two worlds of the hippie gatherings and the nudist resorts. In fact they don't merge very well. You would think nudists would be fairly progressive in their attitudes, but in fact many are quite conservative.

Part of this conservativeness stems from the fear many naturists have of being "outed." Many don't want their fellow employees at work, their neighbours, or even their families to know they are nudists.

It's interesting to compare the gays with the nudists in this respect. Over the last fifty years, gays have been very successful in changing the way the world sees them.

If nudists had been as successful as the gays in promoting their cause, it would not only be legal now to go nude anywhere you liked, it would also be a crime for anyone to say anything against it. What a world!

Anyway, naive and eager, I set off for Florida with Bella to make a video about Paradise Lakes.

We both flew down and met at the airport. Bella was wearing a sort of t-shirt with the bottom cut off to expose her midruff. It was cut off so short that you could see the bottoms of her breasts, if she reached up. I thought it was pretty sexy. I loved it.

At Paradise Lakes, however, Bella's flair for showing off got her into trouble.

She said she had had an accident in her father's Lincoln Continental a couple of weeks before we set off. She was pretty much OK, but her back had been stressed and she had to do flexing exercises a couple of times each day.

These involved lying on the carpet and twisting to one side and then the other. I have to admit it looked pretty sexy. She did it on the floor of the common room, because that was the only place that had a carpet.

She got reported to the resort managers for writhing in what looked like (to some of the nudists) sexual ecstasy on the floor.

The resort had a large hot tub, and that was another lure for Bella. She loved it. She liked to climb into the lap of any single men who were in it, in order to cuddle and get to know them better.

This also got her reported, and the sad thing is that the managers blamed her. Bella was new to the resort; she had no way of knowing their rules were different from Starwood's. The men she cuddled had been members for years. They could have told her that such behaviour was flexing the rules. For some reason, they didn't.

Bella was the woman, so she got blamed.   She soon found herself banned from the nude area of the resort, though not from the caravan we were renting at a high price, which was outside the nude area.

Actually, that was a break for me. I had a lot more fun in the caravan with Bella than in the resort. The shooting in the resort went very slowly.

It was hard to shoot video because Americans are very puritanical and nudists are very hesitant about being in any kind of publicity. Even the lady who ran the real estate agency at the resort (you could buy and sell accomodation there) had to keep her business a secret from her regular real estate agency.

To shoot video, I had to find people who were willing, then go find one of the managers, because I wasn't allowed to shoot unless one of the managers was beside me. Often by the time I tracked down one of the managers and brought him or her back, the willing subjects had wandered away somewhere. It was very frustrating.

It was also easy to see why nudism hadn't advanced at all over the last thirty years, unlike the gays.

Bella and I went to the ocean, and she played naked in the waves. We went to Epcot for a day, and enjoyed the movies and games and international villages.

We set off for Disneyland, and it was stormy that day. We listened on the car radio, and it was a hurricane, Hurricane Floyd.

"Wow, I've never been in a hurricane," Bella enthused.

"And you don't want to be," I answered. "Hurricanes are no joke."

So we turned around, and Bella complimented me. She said the thing she liked about me was I let my heart guide me.

I remember we stopped for lunch, and they had stuffed animals for sale, and I bought her a Florida panther cub. It was really cute, and she loved it. She asked me what we should call it.

"How about Floyd?"

On the drive back to Paradise Lakes, I put on some music that I really liked, a spiritual tape called Inspiration. I felt wonderful. Driving along, beautiful Bella at my side, the music, the storm all around . . . I had one of those hours of pure bliss that come to us once in awhile.

I called it an epiphany. It was happiness, and I knew it was happiness. No matter how many times I travel with girls, I'll always remember that hour.

It was like the time with Roshelle at Chartes.

After the weather settled down, we went to Ybor City, which was once the Cuban part of Tampa, with many exotic old buildings. Ybor City was closed to traffic on Friday and Saturday evenings, and it was great to wander around the exotic shops. We even met a man in a monster suit who let us make video of him and a couple of girls he was pretending to devour.

You can see all this in Surrender To The Sun, Part 2. Iput it together with the footage of Uti from some of the Greek islands.

Bella and I also went to the Riverboat Club. This was a great little place, very laid back and informal. There was a gathering like Starwood going on, by the Phoenix Club. Bella had a great time wandering around naked there. Nobody minded her stretching and writhing.

The Riverboat Club really did have a riverboat, but it was sitting on a small lake. There wasn't any river. I think they used the riverboat for accomodation.

Anyway there had great parties at the Riverboat Club, and we were lucky enough to be there for one. We danced on a small stage, and I did video of a lovely young mother and her seven-year-old son. You can see the party in Surrender to the Sun, Part 2.

There was a sexy lady there too, who enjoyed writhing on one of the pool tables while men stood around the table and watched. Bella lay on the table with her and they kissed and caressed each other a little bit. The lady's husband was really keen for Bella and me to visit them at their home.

I did video of another young mother with her tiny child in the swimming pool, and lots of video of Bella showering and dancing. Bella loved it, and everybody at the Riverboat Club loved Bella.

Which goes to show, if a kittenish young beauty wants to be sexy and do sexy things, she just has to find the right place to do it.


CHAPTER 16 - 17


Chapter 16.

The West Exposed.

Henriette came over to the U. S. again that year. Paradise Lakes gave me a second chance, so I got Henriette to fly to Florida and I met her at the airport.

This time the video went really well. Henriette is keen on sports, so she got into a volleyball game and was really popular. The men let me video the event, and tennis matches with her as well.

A young man volunteered to throw the frisbee with her, and play pool too. We easily got shots of Henriette in the restaurant and other facilities.

Two attractive young couples were happy to be videoed in the clothing shop (yes, nudists shop for clothing) and the hot tub where Bella had come to grief. It all went very well, so I used the footage as the opening section of Surrender To The Sun, Part 1.

The rest of Surrender To The Sun, Part 1, is about Uti on Santorini, the most popular of the Greek Islands. So everything came out fine in the end.

Indeed that's the way most of my video endeavours have turned out. Though conservative, nudists are generally very helpful. You have to be careful of how you present them, but if you get on the right side of them, they are very good about participating.

It makes me wonder why so few competent videos have been make about nudism. As far as I can see, my own are just about the only videos in the market. This seems curious, since they sell very well.

I admit, as I said above, that nudists are not very good at promoting themselves. But considering how attractive the subject is, you would think more video guys would make the effort.

Well, there is one more thing to be careful about, and that is pretty girls. Pretty girls are a dilemma for nudists.

Pretty girls sell magazines, and most of the nudist magazines, such as they are, feature pretty girls on the cover. Pretty girls also sell videos, so I had to feature them in my videos -- hence this story of Travels With Girls.

Some critics maintain that nudist resorts are basically places men go to in order to see pretty naked girls, dragging their wives along willy-nilly, if they can.

Nudists are naturally not very keen about this assertion. They talk at length about the health and social benefits of nudism. They never tire of saying how being naked out in the free air is good for you, people can relate in true equality by not having clothes to label them, etc.

For me the delicate balance was to feature naked girls without seeming to focus too much on them. It has been a careful and exhilarating challenge.

Besides making the video of Paradise Lakes, Henriette and I went to Epcot, Okeefenoke Swamp, and Cape Canaveral too. We went to Playalinda Beach, and Henriette went for a naked swim. It was the first time she ever swam in an ocean -- the North Sea didn't count, she said.

Then I got one of my bright ideas.   I invited her to come to Australia to live with me the next year. She could come to the U. S. and we would go out and travel around in the West for a few weeks. We could see the Grand Canyon and all the sights. Then she could come out and live with me in Australia for six months and learn how to edit my videos.

I even bought a huge new house in Byron Bay for us to live in. I only had a small apartment before that, which was very nice, because it was very near the beach, but it wasn't big enough for the two of us.

The trip through the West with Henriette was one of the high points of all my travels with girls.

We landed in San Francisco. We did the usual tourist gigs, such as riding the cable car and strolling along fisherman's wharf. Then we rented a car and headed south.

I wanted to show Henriette the wonderful highway that runs along California's coast. It is perched high over numerous beaches and bays, and looks down on offshore rock formations and seagulls flying far below.

We turned off and threaded our way down to one of the beaches, and strolled along the sand, sandles in one hand. It was too wild and chilly to swim, but the waves were dramatic to watch.

We found a cliff restaurant for lunch, with a view to a small bay far below. I had another of my epiphanies there, thinking how great it was to have a good meal with a spectacular view of waves and rocks, and a beautiful blond Dutch girl beside me.

It is something special to be happy, even more special to be aware you are happy.

What we talked about, though, was video. Henriette was on her way to Australia to be my editor, after all.

"How would you shoot this experience?" I asked.

"Well, I'd start with a close-up of the flowers."

"What flowers?"

"Here, on the table." She went on to say she would pan down to the rocks, with one of the most spectacular wave crashes, if possible.

"Good if you can do it," I said.

"Well, you would shoot it, of course. I'm only the editor."

OK, I would try. I told her tracing, too. Tracing is my name for following something moving in a shot.

"Like if you are shooting a mountain scene, and someone on a bicycle rides into the shot, you follow him with the camera, and panning with him looks natural."

"Or her."

"Well, yeah. Preferably her."

"You're so predictable."

"It's part of my charm," I admitted.

Henriette was fond of the difficult shot. We visited the spectacular redwood grove at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, and she wanted me to do a shot looking straight up and turning. It was a dizzying effect. These were trees over 200 feet high, remember. It certainly made me dizzy.

"Video guys are not supposed to fall over," she observed.

"Or girls," I commented.

"I said, I'm only the editor."

So we went along the highway, enjoying the many vistas. It was great to be traveling south, so our lane was on the ocean side. We could see brilliantly even when driving, and there were lots of places to stop.

There was only one dark thread in our happiness. Henriette was having trouble walking. She said she had been diagnosed with early onset rheumatism. She was facing life in a wheel chair by the time she was 30.

We stopped at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, which has one of the very few waterfalls in the world which falls directly into the sea. You have to walk about 1000 feet along a boardwalk to see it, however. Henriette said she couldn't make it.

I walked along, and did video shots to show her. The falls are about 50 feet high, and fall into a lovely bay with a sandy beach. As I recall, you can't get to the beach, however, as the cliffs are too steep.

It was a beautiful sight, and I paused for 15 or 20 minutes to enjoy it, as I like to do. I've never had much sympathy for the "snap a photo and back to the bus" sort of tourism. But I missed Henriette.

I hoped we could do something about her health in Byron Bay.


Chapter 17.

Deeper Into The West.

We arrived in Los Angeles to visit a friend of mine named Jason. Jason was young, rich, handsome, and a real character. If there was a nefarious way of doing things, he would find it.

He made his money giving massages and treatments to celebrities, for 200, 300, 400 dollars an hour. He knew his way around the studios.

We went to Universal Studios, for example, and he talked our way in past the guard by telling him we were film guys doing some colour tests. Henriette was our model for the tests. Well, she could have been; she was pretty enough.

It helped that the car Jason drove was a four-wheel-drive Lexus worth $180,000.

Once inside the studios, we snuck through a crack in the fence and entered the Universal Studios theme park. We toured the exhibits and rode the King Kong ride, a high speed thrill ride. I still have the souvenir photo of Henriette looking thrilled and me looking breathless.

That night Jason and Henriette went out partying while I recovered. He took her to a deluxe hotel where they snuck into a disused ballroom and he played the grand piano for her for an hour. They got a free meal too; I forget how.

From then on, whenever Henriette and I thought of a clever way to do something, or to get something for nothing, we called it "doing a Jason." I wish I had a dime for all the schemes he thought up. It wouldn't make me rich, but it would make this book a lot longer.

From dizzy California we drove across the Hoover Dam to Las Vegas. Henriette loved it. To me it seemed garish and gauche, but as she said, the video opportunities were endless.

I did like the Belasco Fountain, which played streams of water high in the air in step with operatic music. It was fascinating, too, to see the throngs of people in the casinos diligently working the games and machines of chance.

It seemed strange to see people working at something which merely transferred money around, without creating wealth in any way. If they had worked so diligently at creating a useful product or valuable service, we would all soon be much better off. That didn't seem to occur to them.

I decided I would dedicate $100 to games of chance, and gave Henriette a like sum. I'm afraid I was no James Bond. "Am I having fun yet?" kept re-popping into my mind, as my $100 steadily evaporated.

Henriette was much better at these games than I was. By midnight I was lathered clean and ready for my stall, but Henriette was still going strong.

In fact, she didn't make it back to our hotel room til 3 am. She got three lucrative offers as she walked back. I felt rather insignificant compared to her. I was glad that at least I was the video maker and she was only the editor.

We went to Meteor Crater in Arizona. Henriette was very impressed with the blast crater. She wanted to run around naked in the bottom of the crater, but you aren't allowed to go down there.

We did better in the Valley of Fire in Nevada. Henriette walked around naked on the fiery rock formations which less than a century before had been the hide out of an Apache named Mouse.

Mouse refused to obey the white man's demands that he live on a reservation. That made him a "renegade" in the lingo of the times. He was a kindred spirit for us.

Henriette posed on the sinuous eroded rock formations in the fiery red light of late afternoon. She fit her body into small rounded holes in the rock, and climbed high up on striated faces. You can see the video footage in the second disc of the two-disc set Naked Fun.

We were working our way up to the Grand Canyon, and we finally made it on 29 October. Well, that is, we made it to a motel near the Grand Canyon. When we woke up, the world was a huge flurry of snow, which continued all day and trapped us in our room. There was no driving in such a storm.

The snow seemed very early to me until I remembered that the rim of the Grand Canyon is at 7000 feet. I wondered if we would ever see the Canyon at all. Even if we made it to the edge, we might see nothing but clouds.

We were stuck with not much to do, but Henriette saved the day with a dice game called Yahtzee which she had brought all this way with her.   We played lots of games and she beat me steadily as we both played happily.

After awhile we were able to go outside. Henriette ran around in the falling snow and I took lots of photos of her.

Not naked however. The Dutch are used to bad weather, she said, but there are limits.

Next day the snow had stopped and the roads were clear, so we made it to the Grand Canyon. As I feared, there was nothing to see but clouds.

It seemed such a pity for Henriette to come all this way and see nothing. She didn't complain at all, and I admired her for it.

So I persuaded her to walk along the Canyon rim for a couple of hundred yards -- her limit -- and I launched into a magical air dance. I guess the other tourists would have thought I was crazy. They say the gods love crazy people. It worked.

The clouds lifted and cleared, and there was the Grand Canyon. I won't try to describe it. You have to go see it.

I think this is where the trip started to get really magical.

The snow continued. We went to Mesa Verde, and that morning we woke up to more snow flurries and snow on the roads.

It really made me nervous, because the drive up onto Mesa Verde is full of nervous edges and sharp turns. I wondered if we would make it OK, but we started out anyway.

We made it as far as the trail head, and the sun came out. It started to dissipate my worries.

We took the path to the Anasazi ruins with an Indian guide named Clive Palmer.   He told us about the sacred rituals in the kivas. He pointed out the similarities to religions around the world. For example, the kiva was designed so that devotees were wafted in sacred smoke as they climbed down into it, a close parallel with the incense censers used in many other religions.

We spent quite a while walking around the ruins, which were in such good preservation that it seemed their owners were just out of touch, not 900 years away.

While we were there it started to snow, huge flakes drifting in the breeze around us that made us feel we were in a sacred world.

I often think of that day, when I wake up worried by something. Look how things can turn out, I tell myself.

Indeed, it seemed as if the magic would continue a long time. I looked forward to our stay in my big new house.

Henriette was lovely, and it would be a pleasure to have her around. I knew, with Byron Bay's delightful summer climate, she would spend most of her time around the house naked. She would model naked for me too, in the many beautiful natural locations I knew around Byron.

What could go wrong?


CHAPTER 18 - 19


Chapter 18.

Crazy Salad.

William Yeats wrote in one of his poems:

It's certain all fine women eat
A crazy salad with their meat
Whereby the Horn of Plenty is undone.

He was a wise man.

Between our Starwood trip in 1999 and our trip out West in 2000, Henriette fell in love with a very pleasant man named Ab. He came out to visit Henriette and me in Australia after we got there. I liked him a lot.

Ab met Henriette because she rented a house belonging to his mother. He was 42, and he had three kids from a marriage which had gone furiously sour. Henriette was 24. This beautiful blond dropped, as it were, right out of the sky into his lap.

His wife was 42 as well, with a figure well worked over by three pregnancies. You can imagine how she felt about Henriette.

Ab worshipped Henriette. He was broad-minded and even willing to let her go on her travels. All he wanted was for her to be happy.

Then the rheumatism started. Henriette discovered that she could scarcely walk. She could only make about 200 yards before she got exhausted and too sore to go on.

She loved the redwoods, and the Anazasi ruins, and the Grand Canyon, but she could only see things that didn't require much walking.

Fortunately, when we got to Australia, Kai recommended a healer woman named Stella. Stella diagnosed Henriette and put her on a diet of tomatoes and toast. I was skeptical. How could a meagre diet fix a serious condition that defied modern medicine?

It worked. The diet soon fixed Henriette up. No more rheumatism.

I guess that was really my first warning, if I could have seen it as a warning.

Henriette really loved my new house, which had an enormous central room just perfect for parties and video shoots. She loved the warm weather.

We arrived in Australia in November, just when the weather in Holland is getting really cold, and the weather is Australia is starting summer. So she had fine days, plenty of editing to do, which she enjoyed, and the chance to go naked all day if she wanted.

Then her stomach started giving her trouble.

I went off one weekend to a nude beach carnival about 700 km away, and shot footage for Henriette to edit. It was a great weekend, and you can see the result in Freedom Weekends, one of the titles which Henriette edited for me. Freedom Weekends also contains footage of a beach carnival and a nudist resort called Sunseekers, both of which I visited in a trip to Western Australia.

When I arrived back, tired from a long day of driving, I found her in bed with stomach cramps. It was past midnight, but I bundled her into the car and we drove to the local hospital. They didn't know what to make of her, so we had to head off again to a larger hospital in a further town. They took her in, and I got back home around dawn.

They never did find out what was wrong, but Henriette felt better the next day and I brought her home.

I learned about this time that Henriette was raised in a very devout and strict Christian sect in Holland. They were so severe that they only had two ministers. No one else was holy enough in their eyes to qualify. One minister served the Amsterdam church and the other served the twenty small churches of the sect in small towns.

Henriette's mother was one of the stalwarts of this sect. She was very domineering. Henriette answered Robbert Broekstra's ad for nude models in a gesture of defiance. But defiance did not bring inner peace.

She started attending church with a passionate Byron Bay Christian group that had a three-hour service in the morning and another in the afternoon every Sunday, with a potluck in between. So she was away all day Sundays.

I went to a morning service once.

The minister came in and looked at us all solemnly for a few moments. Then he said,

"I was going to give the usual service, but I feel there is so much pain in this room. I want all of you who are in pain and misery to come forward to receive the blessing and healing of Christ Jesus."

Everyone gradually came forward, except Henriette and me. It might have been unanimous, I realized, if I hadn't been there.

The minister then put his hand on the forehead of each victim, slowly and in turn. After leaving his hand on their forehead for 15 - 30 seconds, he would give them a push. They fell backward into the arms of an assistant who would lower them to the ground.

Finally they were all lying there, with their feet to the minister and their heads outwards like spokes in a wheel.

Henriette and I stood at our seats watching. I felt uneasy to think there were so many unhappy people in Byron Bay -- which everybody says is one of the nicest places to live in Australia, which is one of the nicest countries in the world. People who were desperate enough to be attracted by this sort of ritual.

And Henriette was maybe one of them.

Yet we had lots of great times. Another model named Sue came along, and we went to the beach several times. The girls would go nude and run around and roll in the shallows with the waves breaking over their bodies.

Sue was more openly sexy than Henriette. She kneeled on the sand and poured oil slowly down her body and rubbed herself all over. I used that as the start of the shoot of both of them at the beach. You can see the results in Free & Wild 4: Girl Touch.

We did a wild party with a couple of other models and one guy that were friends of Sue's. She lay on a cloth on the floor and served as a living banquet. We put bits of food on her body and the models picked them off with their mouths.

Sue got really excited by the guy and I later learned she slept with him that night. The four of them danced wildly and did body painting on each other. You can see the party in Free & Wild 5: Girls Together.

Sue also modeled at the beach for Naked Yoga, as did the two girls at the party. The most exciting model for Naked Yoga, however, was Mona, the sensual girl in Free & Wild 3: Sensory Wonder.

I met her when I arranged a naked party with four models, two girls and two guys, at the home of some friends of mine. The two guys failed to show up, but the two girls brought along their friend Mona.

Mona is the girl I've already described in Chapter 14, doing the sexy shoot by candlelight. She was a true Dutch beauty like Henriette, tall and blond and shapely. She was great at yoga, and led the other two girls in a naked yoga session at the party. She was an amazing dancer too, and led the girls in a dance session and then danced alone. I shot more than half an hour of tape of her dancing alone. I just didn't want to stop.

Mona was truly sexy too. She talked about a girl who had put her whole life on the internet (this was 2000, and the internet was fairly new at the time), with a camera constantly viewing the girl "washing her hair, shaving her legs . . . everything!"   The girl was making a fortune.

Mona also talked about how she went naked a lot, especially at the beach. She obviously wanted to be on the internet too.

The three girls performed with hula hoops, went in the swimming pool, and posed for photos. It was a great party, and you can see the results in Party Night And Day. The day party in this video is a naked beach carnival at Samurai Beach near Newcastle, with hundreds of happy naked people.

The shoots with Mona were just part of a series of incidents that led me to believe that some girls are just as promiscuous, as eager for random sex, as men are. For some reason, women have accepted moral strictures about themselves, such as the ideas that being sexy or appearing to want lots of sex are somehow bad. But deep inside, women feel just as men feel: the more sex, the better.

Of course Mona was pretty sexy to start with. She was very beautiful, and was glad to show herself off as much as possible, given encouragement.


Chapter 19.

Henriette was equally happy to show herself off, and spent most of the day naked at home, learning how to edit videos on a special computer I bought for her.

In 2000 video editing programs were still in their infancy, and one company, Casablanca, made a computer that was specifically for editing. I bought one, along with a special enormous hard drive memory that was extra big and cost me an extra $1000. It held 17 gigabytes. Things have changed.

Mona brought along a friend called Rose, another expert in dance, and they modeled together with Henriette in my big new home. The gardeners had torn down a lot of lantana bushes (a noxious weed) and made a huge pile of it in a big flat open area in my yard behind the garage.  The three girls oiled each other one evening, and we set the lantana pile on fire and they danced around it.

It made a great shoot. The sinuous oiled bodies, the flames in the darkness, the smoke twirling upwards. I did a lot of shots across the fire so the girls were lighted full frontal, sexy and hot.

It was hard to keep my camera away from Mona, because she was the most sexy of the three, and the best dancer as well. But Henriette and Rose also vied in showing themselves off. This shoot is in Free & Wild 4: Girl Touch.

Mona loved almost any kind of activity, as long as she could be naked. She and Rose did some naked running in the great outdoors. I did a lot of shots of them from the back of my van, as Henriette drove slowly and the girls kept up behind.

At about the same time Les Rootsey, editor of Australian Sun & Health magazine, sponsored some naked fun runs at a resort near Brisbane called Sunshine Families. I did videos of the fun runs on two separate occasions, and between times I visited the resort to video kids running on slippery slides and playing in the pool, adults competing at pool, outdoor checkers, and archery, kids riding in the stage coach, and many other activities.

I put it all together, including Mona and Rose running along public roads, in a video called Running Out Of Clothes. It has always been one of my most popular titles.

I wondered what William Yeats would have thought of Mona. He certainly had the low-down on Henriette.

Henriette wanted to see some more of Australia, so I arranged for her to go on a tour up north, with visits to national parks and outback stations and diving at the Barrier Reef. The tour included diving lessons in a pool, and since it was off season, there were only four in the class. Then they went diving at the Reef, to a depth of ten metres at most. She was really happy there.

She got the bends.

They had to take her to Townsville, where there was a decompression chamber. She had to spend four hours a day in the chamber for a week. Well, at least it cured her.

I began to think Henriette had a problem. I had a theory. Watch out, here comes Doctor Freud!

Henriette had a domineering mother who was a very devout Christian in a narrow moralizing sect. Perhaps that was the trouble.

Henriette rebelled against her mother. That was why she became a nude model. She loved showing off her beautiful body for everyone to enjoy. But she also loved her mother. Going to the Christian group every Sunday was a way of expressing that.

The Church in Holland was the sort that was very suspicious of enjoying yourself. If you were enjoying yourself, it was almost certainly some form of sin.

So when Henriette was happy, when she was enjoying herself, she began to feel sinful and guilty. Modeling naked, of course, was the most sinful of all, but even a happy trip of sightseeing and diving brought out the fears and guilt.

So she got sick. That would make her miserable again, and hence not guilty. Being miserable helped make her happy.

That was my theory anyway. Or maybe it was just that, as Yeats said, being beautiful makes girls crazy. You figure it out.

I was really happy with Henriette. We had lots of great times, until she had to go back to Holland, back to Ab. I even went and visited them the next year, and we saw the wonderful DeltaWorks conservation project at the mouth of the Rhine.

She edited about three more videos for me, but gradually it took longer and longer for her to get anything done. She couldn't let Ab's wife know she was working on naked videos, lest the wife use that as an excuse for denying Ab's access to the children.

It was a painful situation.   After a year or two Henriette ran away from Ab.   She ran off with a woman this time. The woman was 42 and had 3 kids from a marriage which had gone sour.

I felt I was the lucky one.



CHAPTER 20 - 21


Chapter 20.

Lethal Injection.

Since we have finished with Henriette, perhaps this is a good time to relate what happened to the other models.

The usual end for a model is that she finds a boy friend. There's something about boy friends that terminates the freedom of nakedness.

Either the boy friend objects, or she thinks he does, or she thinks he ought to, if he really cares about her. Or maybe she doesn't need the money, or no longer has the time.

Boyfriends cause a lot of trouble for women. Women don't understand permanent friendships. They don't understand commitment. As soon as they meet a new boyfriend, they're gone.

Roshelle found herself a boy friend who was very handsome and ten years younger. He loved marijuana. He got her a child and then sort of disappeared in a cloud of smoke. He was gone before the child was even born.

Kai found her tall and very handsome boyfriend in Holland when we were traveling together. Unfortunately he was very jealous, even of Stella, even of me. It was true love all right, but he turned out to be too expensive for her.

She paid for his ticket to come out to Byron Bay, and paid their expenses to live together. Eventually she had to pay his ticket back.

Uti was sensible, but she too kept questing for boy friends, and somehow we never traveled together again.

But like gold, models are where you find them. A new crop of girls turns 18 every year.

I found a huge vein of models in the Czech Republic. After the fall of communism, the average wage in the Czech Republic was very low, but the Czechs are industrious people.

A friend in the U. S. introduced me to Danny in the Czech Republic, and I went to visit him in 2000. Danny ran ads for models and helped by translating for me. Suddenly I had huge numbers of models. It gave me the chance to have some real naked parties.

We put on one party by renting a night club called the Bystrichka Club on its off night. We got 15 people together and they did naked games and had a meal in the nude. They did follow the leader dancing and partying all evening. They even made a huge pile of people at the end, all singing and shouting.

It was great fun for the Czechs and great fun for me too, and it made wonderful video. The whole evening, with a meal and all the drinks they wanted for everyone, came to a total cost of $200, plus model fees of another $500.

You can see the whole party in Czech Naturist Paradise 1, along with a horse riding session through the woods with Petra, the most beautiful girl, and her handsome friend Roger.

We hired an exercise gym and six people worked the machines in Czech Naturist Paradise 2, plus a swimming pool party and a visit to some castles in the nude.

Ten people played in a bowling alley and did aerobics in a gym in Czech Naturist Paradise 3, which also showed two lovely girls, Monica and Katka, doing some nude exploits in Prague.

The Czech Republic is a great country for going naked in public. The people are sophisticated and polite. They sometimes take an enthusiastic interest in the naked girls, but more often just glance and pass by.

We went to Prague again in 2001. Prague is a beautiful city with castles and buildings full of spires and decorations like a fairy tale city. When Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain sold out the Czechs at Munich, he at least did them the favour of preserving Prague from being attacked by the Germans, and as it happened it was never attacked by the Allies either. Then forty years of communist rule preserved the city from progress, so it survived the twentieth century largely intact.

We went there with Petra and another beautiful girl named Jana. They were very brave and willing. We took them to a lookout, where as it happened there was a new tower being constructed by lots of workmen.

The girls took off their clothes and strolled over and admired the view. The workmen soon osmosed over in our direction to admire the view too. It made great video. One of the workmen even had a camera with which he took shots of the girls, who were happy to pose for him. He took one of me, while I did video of him. It was like a camera shootout, and great fun.

The girls loved it too. The workmen were very polite, and didn't laugh or jeer or anything like that, so the girls weren't nervous. They stayed naked a long time. With cars going by and tourists admiring the view, it was really quite public, and the girls got seen by lots of people. They basked in admiration.

We went down to an esplanade by the Vlitava River, and the girls walked naked a long way. A tourist bus came down and got a little something extra for its tour. Boats went by and tooted, and people on the decks of moored boats waved and chatted to the girls, and generally there was a party feel to it all.

The girls got more and more bold. They were happy to walk naked and exposed a long way from their clothes. They started exposing themselves freely, walking proud and not trying to conceal themselves at all. Occasionally they would pause and look at the people around, putting their hands behind their heads and stretching freely, standing with their legs planted firmly apart. They loved the freedom of their bodies.

You can see these naked exploits in Inoffensive Behaviour, which also features Willow going for a naked stroll to Protestors' Falls near Byron Bay, and a naked horse ride by Petra and Jana in a public park.

Naked in public made me a bit nervous when I videoed the girls going up Mt. Warning in 1996. Now it was turning out to be lots of fun.


Chapter 21.


What's the best way to have a party? Some people just lay out a few refreshments and some music, and leave people to talk or dance all evening.

My own feeling is that a party is better if you have something going on. Some games, some entertainment, some wild lights and fantastic stimulants -- that's how to have a party. That's how we did it with Uti, Kai, and Lance in Free & Wild 1.

The same is true of naked video. The girls should have something to do.

Sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion have lots of video of naked girls, but mostly the girls don't have much to do. They pose or writhe sexily on a bed, but they don't really do anything. This isn't really video; it's just photography with a video camera.

It's degrading. It makes it seem as if girls don't do anything in life. It's as if their purpose in life were just to stand around and look pretty. I should think the models would find it boring as well as demeaning. I do.

One of my Czech models was named Jana. She came out to Australia, and I wanted to have her do something, not just stand around and pose. Jana came with her mother, and they were both keen nudists, so we went to Australia's leading naturist resort, River Island Nature Retreat.

River Island is located in a deep valley of the beautiful Wanganui River, home to platypuses and many kinds of birds. There are hundreds of caravans on site, some for rental and some owned by members. There's a pool and several hot tubs and a large shed for festivities.

Jana and her mother did massage, played in the pool, admired the kangaroos and parrots which are common in the resort, and enjoyed the fine accomodation. Later that same year I videoed some more naked running races at River Island which were put on by TAN, The Australian Naturist magazine (like the ones I had videoed at Sunshine Families), and also four-wheel-drive exercises sponsored by Colin Sell, the owner.

The whole can be seen in the Synetech video River Island Nature Retreat.

River Island is in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, so we toured other spots in the mountains. Then we spent a few days at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach. Then Jana's mother had to return to the Czech Republic, but Jana journeyed with me to Byron Bay.

Once again I wanted Jana to have something fun to do. We went to a wilderness beach with Willow, the girl who walked to Protestors' Falls in Inoffensive Behaviour, and the girls did exercises together and played in the surf.

The best and most funnest way to give a girl something to do in videos is to have a party. In Byron Bay we found a party and then made one specially for Jana.

The party we found was the opening of a chocolate shop in Byron Bay. Jana got body painted with chocolate in front of the new shop along with another girl and guy, all three wearing just g strings.

The three of them slurped each other with chocolate and stroked each other and rubbed against each other. It was quite sexy. There was a good crowd and everyone enjoyed it. There were lots of kids around, and they had a great time stroking off bits of chocolate for themselves.

I think Jana got a bit turned on, for she danced quite sexily to music crooning from the shop. She loved the attention of the crowd and the fingers stroking the chocolate from her body.

The second party got started when I met a girl selling hula hoops at the Byron market. Lucy was slender and pretty, so I asked her if she could do hula hoops naked for video. She thought it was a great idea. Byron Bay is like that.

Lucy had a girl friend named Pablo who did acrobalance, and Uti was available, so we were able to plan a good naked party. I invited Willow, of course, and a guy named Tom, and the chocolate shop people were able to come along. The piece de resistance, naturally, was more chocolate.

You can see both parties, as well as the beach trip, in Jana In Australia. The second party began with a hula hoop demonstration by Lucy, and then Pablo showed several people how to do acrobalance poses together.

Jana made a grand entrance in high heels and a cowboy hat and nothing else. Then she went to the fridge and brought out loads of foods she had made all day.

Lana and Dean, the chocolate shop people, painted Jana brown with black trimmings. Everyone came in close for a taste of Jana. Dean painted Willow while Lana smeared white chocolate on Tom. Willow did a sexy sinuous chocolate dance for all of us. It was a great evening.

I was surprised and pleased about how outgoing and sexy Jana was at the parties, for she tended to be somewhat withdrawn in general. But I was learning the truth about girls and parties. Many men see women as being reluctant and hesitant about sexiness, but I think the truth is far different.

Girls love to show off and be the centre of attention, as long as they are encouraged and not criticized as if they were doing something wrong. Girls are shy and subtle, terribly sensitive to harsh remarks. But they love being sexy with a crowd.

Some people would perhaps criticize girls like Jana and Willow for dancing and performing sexily in the nude. I now think, however, that this is natural behaviour. It evolved during the thousands of years that humans lived as hunter/gatherers, in the ancient tribal environment

In tribal days, when a girl reached a certain age, her business in life was to get pregnant. The tribe depended on it. So she would be sexy and perform. She would attract all the guys.

In our society that stage of a girl's life is dedicated to finding a husband or permanent boyfriend. Girls say they want a permanent relationship. But in tribal days that wasn't a worry. If the girl got pregnant, the tribe would take care of her. When she had the baby, the tribe would take care of both of them.

The girl was free to perform for all the guys. In a tribe, the most important thing was sharing. Sharing led to tribal harmony. In a tribe, the most important thing was to avoid friction that might disrupt the tribe. They all needed each other to survive.

Choosing a single exclusive husband might lead to resentment and strife, especially among the hot-tempered young men. So it was best that she share herself among everyone.

No need to worry about who got her pregnant. Whoever he was, he would always be a member of the tribe. The tribe would take care of her and her baby.

In our present society, we can see many echos of those far-off, halcyon days. For example, why are girls so much more keen on acting than guys? Why are girls so much better at dancing? Why are girls willing to pose naked for magazines, and videos?

All of these are performances, and girls love to perform. It goes even further. A strip show, for example.   A girl performs for a whole group of men, her tribe for the evening.

Why are so many girls willing to do this? Feminists call it exploitation, but that doesn't explain why so many girls are willing. A girl's urge to dance for the men is natural. She is performing in answer to the powerful voices of our primeval past.

It explains some things about sex. A man's sexual need is strong but finite, whereas women want to make love all night. In the tribe, this was the best way for the woman to get pregnant. The guys would have her, one after another, and then turn away and return to their duties like being on guard.

It's natural for a man to want to get up and turn to other things as soon as he has done his sexual thing. Women often want to keep on, which causes problems sometimes in modern couples.

Modern society demands sexual exclusiveness, but when modern strictures break down, girls are willing to have multiple sexual partners.

Prostitution, which is one woman having sex with many men, is the world's oldest profession because it is the world's most natural one.

Girls may be slow to get started on sex, but once started, they are eager to go on all evening. Girls are naturally the life of naked parties. Jana certainly was in Jana In Australia.


CHAPTER 22 - 23


Chapter 22.

The economy of the Czech Republic gradually grew stronger, as the communist era receded into the past. I didn't go to Czech in 2002, and when I returned in 2003, our ad for models hardly produced anyone.

But at the last moment we got a phone call from a girl named Katrina. She had been carrying the garbage out, wrapped in last week's newspaper, and just happened to see our ad.

She saved me from a bad moment. I had been planning to shoot with Jana in a place called On The Hill, a nightclub. When we got there it wasn't even Over The Hill, it was The Pits. The owner had not cleaned it from Saturday night, and there were cigarette butts and empty bottles everywhere.

But when I looked out the window and saw Katrina arrive, I felt like in those old movies when the cavalry arrives to save the day. She was just 18, and she was beautiful.

On The Hill had a corner where the walls were mirrors, with a platform about six feet by eight. I got a broom and swept it free of broken glass, and then wiped it clean with a damp cloth.

Jana and Katrina climbed up on the platform in the midst of the mirrors and did what I call mirroring, which is when one girl leads and the other girl does exactly the same thing, following her, facing each other.

Jana moved her arms and stretched and spun slowly around, and Katrina followed her like a dream. I could see this girl was going to be good. She was open and free in her nakedness, and liked being watched by the camera.

Later she danced, and I could move closely across her body, tracing her every curve, and she would weave and writhe sexily in front of the lens. She loved being appreciated, and I did.

Soon we found two other girls, Sarah and Denisa, who had nothing to do now that school was out and they were unemployed.  They were a bit shy, but we took them out in the woods and had them run around and chase each other, and soon they were as natural naked as clothed. 

Katrina, Sarah, and Denisa were happy to go to Prague on a naked excursion with us. We had lots of fun on that trip.  On the way we got Denisa to pump petrol naked at a service station, while naked Sarah cleaned the windscreen.  Denisa even went naked into the building and paid. 

We stopped at a small shop and the three girls happily went in naked and bought drinks and ice creams, and then chatted naked for some time to a group of men outside.

In Prague, the three girls went naked briefly in the centre of the city, but Prague is getting to be quite a tourist centre, and there are security police everywhere.  We did a naked walk in a park, and then we went for a boat ride on the river under the Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge is the original Medieval bridge over the Vlitava River, and is a pedestrian bridge now. It's full of tourists, who waved and took photos and did videos as our three girls stood up and waved to them.  The girls loved it, especially when other tourist boats went past and tooted their horns.  They couldn’t show off enough.

But our best naked escapade occurred at a Medieval castle.

The castle is called Karlstein, and it’s well worth a visit.  It’s on the top of a hill, and it must have been a hell of a job getting all those building stones up there, but anyway, it looks great.  There’s a road up the hill, but they
discourage cars from driving it because it's narrow.

There’s lots of postcard and gimcrack shops lined along the road up the hill.  You can take a horse-drawn cart if you like.  We decided a cart would make great video.

We cleared it with the driver, of course, and as soon as we set off the three girls took off their clothes.  We went along, with people waving and smiling, up the hill to the shops area.  Here we suggested to the driver that we stop so the girls could get out and be admired.

Everyone thought it was a great idea.  The shopkeepers smiled and offered the girls special prices.  The tourists looked startled and then gratified.  Nobody complained, as far as we could see.  We were as surprised as anyone
when the Police arrived.

The Police asked us to come back to the station, which was only twenty yards up the road. The driver had stopped almost right in front of the Police Station, and
hadn’t told us.

Actually the Police were quite nice about it.   Of course they had to do something.  They couldn’t let three beautiful girls frolic naked in front of their station without coming out and talking to them. 

They gave Danny a  bit of a lecture, and fined each of the girls 500 korunas -- about US$17 at that time.  Then they told us to go and enjoy the castle, but please keep your clothes on.

They also said, next time you go naked in public, try not to do it in front of the Police Station.

I admire the Police in the Czech Republic.  They seem to
handle things pretty well.  Another time, we got the same three girls to go naked in a medium-sized town called Litovice.  They undressed right in the square, with dozens of people around, who all loved it.  The girls got bolder and bolder, and walked along the square toward the arcade of shops, and walked right into a policewoman.

Danny went and talked to her, and soon everything was relaxed again.  She let us go with a warning.  The
interesting thing for me about this encounter is that she didn’t make the girls get dressed, as the Karlstein Police did.  The girls stood there naked the whole time she was talking with Danny, til the five were all chatting and laughing together.

Then the girls walked naked back to me -- I was standing there getting the whole thing on video -- and I interviewed them while they got dressed.  They were annoyed at having to put their clothes back on.  But they agreed the
policewoman had to do something.

Our most daring naked escapade this year was when two other models named Eva and Zanetka were in Vysoke Mito, another medium-sized town.  Zanetka got the urge for some ice cream, so the girls undressed in the town square, with lots of people around, and walked about 100 yards across the square to an ice-cream shop filled with people.

What made this shoot interesting is that there was a line of kids waiting for ice cream.   Eva and Zanetka stood in line waiting for several minutes, completely naked, but nobody seemed to pay them much heed. 

There was a boy of about ten outside too, who couldn't stop looking. If seeing naked people is bad for kids, somebody forgot to tell him.

Everybody was amazingly cool, as a matter of fact.  Of  course I was standing there with my video camera, so they could see it was some kind of escapade.

When the girls finally got served, they took their time over choosing.  Zanetka wanted a cone and also a sundae, and she chatted with the serving-girl about her selection for some time.  Finally the two walked out of the shop, eating their ice creams and strolling casually around the
square.  It was wonderful.

It was wonderful too when Katrina and her best friend Petra walked naked up Mt Snezka, the Czech Republic’s highest mountain.  There is a walking trail which zigzags up the slopes, never very difficult to climb. It reminded me of Mt. Warning.

The only difference was that there were lots of people on the trail, hundreds in fact, including groups of school kids. Katrina and Petra walked naked for several hours. At first Petra was a bit shy, but she got used to it. Katrina loved it from the start.

The girls got more and more happy in their nakeness, sometimes walking ahead completely out of sight of the video camera.  People smiled and laughed to see them, and sometimes asked them to pose for photos.

Everybody loved it.  Especially the girls. They were proud of themselves, and I was proud of them too, enjoying their naked freedom.

You can see these episodes and more in Naked In Public 1, 2, and 3.   I really enjoyed these shoots, and they’re among my favourites of all my videos.  I loved watching girls go naked in public, and decided to explore it more completely in my next travels with naked girls.


Chapter 23.


On 31 October 2003 Uti and I went to a Lascivious Ball at a warehouse in Byron Bay. Halloweeen, of course. It was a huge costume party, with performers such as a guy who would massage you with sparklers and a girl who would tie you up and tickle you with ice.

There was a high platform with a girl dancing in minimal leather gear. She was a wonderful dancer.

It was embarrassing. I was supposed to be with Uti, but I could hardly keep my eyes off her.

When she came down, I approached her and asked her if she would perform at a party at my house. She said her name was Foxy. She was a natural redhead, with pure white skin, so the name suited her.

This was the beginning of one of the best of my travels with girls.

She did dance at my party, with a transparent skirt that left her beautiful bum bare, as she danced on the balcony of my house for everyone to see. I soon found she was happy to model naked. Eventually she asked me to call her Shannon in the videos, so that's what I'll call her. To protect the innocent.

Halloween was her birthday, so the first time I saw Shannon was the day she turned 19.

Shannon modeled naked for me several times in late 2003 and early 2004. We went to Cascade Falls, the place Roshelle had shown me 11 years before. We also did a shoot on the bed at my house with her best friend Bella, as they got sexy together. I merged the two shoots and put the result in Free & Wild 5: Girls Together.

Bella wanted to earn enough money to go traveling in Europe, and Shannon naturally wanted to help her. That made both girls eager to do video, and happy to keep thinking of new things to do on video.

We went off to Tambourine Mountain, a resort area in the hills behind the Gold Coast just north of Byron Bay. I knew of a fine old hotel with elegant rooms there, and I did lovely video of Shannon stretching and flexing on the woodwork frame in our room.

There were also lots of mirrors in the room, and Shannon danced in front of one so you could see her reflection in each of two others. It was great to watch Shannon's beautiful naked body from three sides at once, moving and twisting in the dance.

One the same trip we went to Lamington National Park, a huge area of rainforest which has never been logged. We hiked down to a rainforest stream with a pool. On the way Shannon did belly rolls while standing on a fallen tree, and at the pool Bella caressed her.

Both these shoots are in Free & Wild 8: Sexy Fun.

We even did a shoot in which Bella chained Shannon up to a rafter in my home, and then teased her body with foods like chocolate and fruit which she would rub on her skin and then lick off. She tickled her with ice, and they enjoyed kissing each other too. It got quite sexy, especially when they went in the hot tub together. That shoot is in Free & Wild 6: Sensations.

Bella earned enough money to head off on her European trip. I suggested that Shannon and I should meet her in Ibiza. Shannon could travel to Ibiza with me. Seldom have I receive a more enthusiastic response to one of my trip suggestions.

We set off for Madrid one early morning in Sydney in June 2004. We had a great time in the Prado, where Shannon surprised me with a thorough knowledge of mythology. She had studied it in her Steiner Schoo in Byron Bay. One up for Rudolph! She explained what was going on in many of the paintings, like Europa being carried off to Europe by Zeus in the guise of a bull.

Shannon modeled for me in the shower. With a bit of exploring we found a salsa nightclub where she could dance in her sexy clothes til late. Both made great video. Then we headed for our real goal, Ibiza.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain, companion island to Majorca and Menorca. It has become a party island for English and German youth who go there to enjoy the huge nightclubs with techno music, soap spray, and lots of alcohol and drugs. Yes!

I arranged for Katrina to come down from the Czech Republic, and she arrived the day after we did. The day after that, Bella arrived from her travels in England. My friend Patrick, who marketed the videos for me in America, arrived the same day. We had three 19 year old girls who were happy to perform naked.

Bella in fact got naked in the city. We went to buy a portable CD player, which the shop guy demonstrated for us in his shop. I asked if the girls could strip down to their bathers and dance in the shop, which the bemused owner agreed to. Bella's swimmers had no bum cover. She walked around town with her bum exposed for some time.

It was a wild two weeks.

We had a country villa with a swimming pool, and the girls danced naked the first night under a full moon. Shannon and Bella gave a salsa lesson to Katrina. Then Katrina danced to techno music, and Shannon too. It wasn't really her style, but she made it sexy. She made everything sexy.

The nearest town was Santa Eulalia, and it had a nice promenade along the water. The girls went naked on the promenade for about 200 yards and then came back. They met two retired English couples, and when we asked them how they felt to see the naked girls, one of the men said, "If I were younger, I'd join them."

We went to a beach where the girls swam naked and sunbaked on the rocks along one side of the bay. Ibiza had a lot of lovely small bays, though most of them featured tourist hotels or apartment complexes.

One unspoiled beach is the nude beach, Aguas Blancas. This time the girls left our apartment naked and rode in the car naked, leaving their clothes far behind. They walked down the road to the beach naked too.

Like all girls, these three were a bit crazy. If I let them go shopping by themselves, they invariably got lost. If we went to a restaurant, they would get excited and order far more food than they would eat. Like many girls, they would start to feel guilty if they got too full.

Evenings we would head into Ibiza town, where we found a bar that had a happy hour at 10 pm full of colourful fizzy drinks with sparklers and paper umbrellas. The happy hour was two drinks for the price of one, so it made for a buzz of conversation.

The attendant of the bar was named Constantine, from Romania. He said he was saving up his salary to buy a bar of his own. His job was to stand out in front and attract customers, and his bar was always full, even when the rest of the street was empty. He remembered our names every night, and everything we said. He even remembered us when we returned to Ibiza two years later.

I was very impressed. I thought, he'd be a good man to invest in, if he needed capital to get his own bar.

After the happy drinks we headed toward Club 21, which specialized in latin dances. I remember spinning Katrina around in a dizzy whirl while Shannon and Bella got chatted up by two brothers. Then I would leave the girls to their fate and drive back to the villa and happy sleep.

The girls stayed out all night. At first light I would wake up and drive into town in the cool calm of morning and pick the girls up. They would sleep til noon while I explored new places to shoot.

In the afternoon the girls would get up groggy and swim in the pool or do yoga exercises for my camera. Then we would go off and do a shoot somewhere til the evening, at which the whole happy cycle would begin again.

It was wonderful.


CHAPTER 24 - 25


Chapter 24.

New Heights.

We discovered an amusement park near Club 21. It seemed a good place for another naked adventure.

It featured the Bungee Space Ball, which was an open-sided steel ball with two seats inside, connected by two springy cables which ran to the tops of telephone poles on either side. When released, the Ball would catapault upwards at an acceleration of 3g til the cables stopped it high overhead and it free fell downwards again.

"Could the girls could ride in it naked?" we asked the attendant.

"Yes!" he said.

So Shannon and Bella undressed in front of the whole amusement park crowd and he belted them inside the steel ball. When he released the cables, it hurtled upward to Bella's screams and Shannon's cheers.

A video camera was attached to the front of the steel ball, so we could see a close-up of the girls accelerating and then spinning, for the Ball was free to spin on its horizontal axis.

Shannon looked thrilled for the whole ride, but Bella was evidently in some stress, as she confirmed after the ride.

"I came this close to losing my dinner," said Bella, holding thumb and forefinger a smidgen apart. "Never again!"

But Shannon wanted to go again, so we asked Katrina. With a shy smile she agreed. They stripped naked, to cheers from the crowd this time, and up they went, spinning and hurtling. There were more cheers from the crowd after they came down. By now there were 50 or 60 people, and more coming quickly. The girls took a bow.

Finding naked adventures wasn't always so easy. We went to the Lotus Club, which historically was the first of the all-night techno dance clubs on Ibiza. We asked if the girls could dance naked. They said it was too busy that night, but come next night when there was a charity function on.

So we came, with Shannon dressed fetchingly in thin veils wrapped around, ready to unwind into nakedness.   Unfortunately the charity function was a bust, only 12 people showed up. We gave up after waiting an hour for crowds to develop. The dance floor was too empty for effective display.

Katrina was always ready to go naked. While Shannon and Bella were shopping one day, I took her to the esplanade at Santa Eulalia again. I asked her to take off her clothes and walk as far as she could. She nearly went out of sight.

When she finally returned, I asked her how people had reacted, and what they said.

"They say, 'O baby, baby!' I think they like," she answered.

Katrina and Patrick and I went to a reserve on the other side of the island, where you can see an offshore island called Es Vedra. Es Vedra is a dramatic rock jutting vertically out of the sea.

Katrina walked naked all around, and sunbaked on the edge of the cliffs. We were hundreds of feet above the ocean, and we could watch sea birds soaring far below us. It made great video.

We went to the hippie market too, which was too crowded for the girls to go naked. I guess i didn't have enough nerve. I was familiar with the wonderful website


which has shoots in markets and even more crowded places like parades. But we weren't quite ready for that.

Katrina went naked on the beach near the market however. She ran across the wide sands naked and spent a long time in the water near some guys. I think it was "Oh, baby!" again.

One bright sunny day we went to Benirras Beach, which was often called the hippy beach because drum sessions occurred there on weekends. The girls went topless, and then Bella stripped off. I got some great shots of her swimming in the clear water, shooting from high above on a rock. But when Bella came out on the beach, a female lifeguard asked her to put on her bikini bottom. Jealous maybe.

At the villa, I did footage of the girls in the pool. Also of Shannon doing yoga exercises, and then Katrina too. These were part of a new project called Naked Yoga.

The three girls also went naked at Cap Martinet, a rocky peninsula with views across the bay of Ibiza town. Three young Spanish men came along and were happy to pose with the girls. They had never seen anything like it, they said.

It was one of the best times of my life. Every day brought a new achievement, a new adventure. Well, most days anyway. That's why I called the videos Adventures In Freedom.

The last day I made an adventure of my own. We had a bottle of Tia Maria coffee liqueur. The girls bought it the day after we arrived in Ibiza, which I said was OK, but they had to finish it before we left. I hate wasting things.

Well, they only drank about two-thirds of the bottle, so I decided to take things into my own hands, and drank it myself. I think they noticed something was different, as we all had lunch together. Patrick asked me to pass the bread.

I took a bun and lobbed it to him. Well, actually, it went about three feet over his head.

"Go deep, Patrick!" I said.

Times always pass, as they say, but memories never end. Our time in Ibiza came to an end.


Chapter 25.

But Bella and Shannon went on with me to Prague.

We explored the beautiful old city.  We walked across the historic Charles Bridge, which is now a pedestrian walkway lined on both sides with sellers and performers of all kinds.  The best group, in my opinion, was a Dixieland jazz band playing "When the Saints Go Marching In."

When she heard the music, Shannon started to dance. She was wearing an orange paisley blouse and brown flared trousers, and with her red hair she looked wonderful.  It was a gray day, cloudy and occasionally windy on the exposed bridge.  She made the world seem more exciting, with the rhythmic music and the weaving of her dance. 

Shannon has a gift for dance. Her flowing movements seemed lyrical and pretty and sexy all at the same time. It was a magic moment.  Suddenly life seemed to mean so much more than a moment before.  Some of the other
travellers felt it, and many stopped to watch Shannon’s dance.

We noticed many naked statues around Prague.  The human form could be shown there with a freedom which would have astonished America, the so-called Land of the Free. 

In a shopping centre we saw a portly naked man
lying on his side, and also a naked women giving the world the finger.  These were both life-size, as was a girl of about fourteen who stood naked in a square in front of a McDonald’s.  There was even a very graphic nude woman who stood holding a gas station hose (for some reason) on a platform high above Prague’s busiest main street.

With all these nudes, it seemed like a great place for Shannon and Bella to do something dramatic.  We went to the same esplanade where Petra and Jana had walked naked in 2001, three years before, only this time I asked the girls to walk naked the whole length of the esplanade and into a drinks shop at the end, completely out of sight of the camera.  They thought it was a great idea.

I was above them, on the street level above the esplanade, looking down. No one could see that I was shooting video. The girls took off their clothes on my level and descended the stairs to the esplanade.

Some of the reactions were quite surprising.  As Shannon and Bella started along, they passed people carrying trays of bread from a delivery truck into a boat, and these people just walked past, scarcely paying any attention to the naked girls.  Other people were more enthusiastic. Some workmen on a boat spotted the girls and began to cheer and wave.

Finally the two went out of sight into the shop.  I was nervous about what was happening, and was alarmed when a girl ran out of the shop and headed around the corner to a restaurant.  I thought, are we in trouble now?  But no, a few seconds later the same girl came back leading two friends.  She just wanted her friends to see!

At almost the same moment Shannon and Bella reappeared holding bottles of mineral water.  The spectators had a camera, and the naked girls posed for them.  Then they strolled casually back.  A school group went by above, the little kids staring and pointing and giggling. Everyone had fun.  The naked walk was a great success.

Shannon and Bella also went naked for a long time in a park across the river. They walked up a long stone staircase to a huge sculpture with a pointer thirty feet long that went back and forth like a metronome. They walked past a skate board park full of boys and down the long paths of the park gardens.

Prague was fun.

We had other models that wonderful summer. The owner of the On The Hill club, feeling a bit sheepish perhaps, had introduced us in 2003 to Veronika the Agent. She supplied us with Yva and Janetka, the girls in the ice cream shop that I've already described in the Naked In Public videos. This year she introduced us to Roni and Jindra.

Roni was a blond with a great all-over tan and a perfect figure, good breasts and hips and a trim waist.  Jindra was more cuddly, with dark short hair, lovely white skin like Shannon’s, and a rounded figure.  Roni was naive and
cheerful, Jindra sophisticated and sensual.  They made a great pair.

We did a lot of naked in public with these two, but the best was our evening in the Bird Cage.

I also met Jan Vels this year. Jan Vels is the creator of www.nude-in-public.com which I mentioned above. His website is full of remarkably pretty girls doing remarkably daring exposures. They go naked in restaurants, night clubs, parades, and all sorts of public places. It's a website well worth exposing yourself to.

The Bird Cage is the name of a movie about gay guys, and the Klec (which means Bird Cage in Czech) Club caters to gays and lesbians, but has plenty of straight clientele too. It is a large room with a bar along one side and a podium at the end. The DJ was playing Hair when we arrived, which seemed like a good omen.

Jan Vels brought along a beautiful girl named Andy, so we had five girls in all: Shannon, Bella, Roni, Jindra, and Andy.   Andy and Shannon started things off by undressing by our car outside and walking across a plaza and up the stairs into the club. The other three were already inside, and Shannon and Andy helped them undress as soon as they arrvied.

This was the beginning of a great evening.  The girls were perfectly confident, and the crowd, after a short interval of surprise, accepted them serenely, and accepted my video shooting too.  The five girls had drinks and chatted awhile at the bar. Then a favourite song of Shannon’s began, and she started out onto the dance floor with Bella.

The other girls danced too.  I videoed Andy first.  She danced confidently and happily, moving with a sinuous grace and putting her arms up to hold her hair back and reveal her lovely body.  Then I moved on to Shannon and Bella for awhile, as they danced their  brilliant salsa together.

Roni was a great dancer too, in the techno style, with lots of deep bends and leg kicks and undulations of her body.  She loved being naked in front of the crowd, and did special dances in front of attentive guys whenever she
could.  Before long Roni collected Jindra and Andy and shepherded them to the podium next to the DJ’s booth.  On the podium they were very visible and could perform openly for everyone.

The girls discovered how much fun it is to expose yourself completely to an admiring crowd.

Like Shannon and Bella, Jindra was a great dancer.  She had very fluid hips and used them well in dancing. She was rhythmic and very sexy.  Jindra liked being sexy, and was the most provocative of the girls.  Roni was sexy too, but in an open innocent way.  She just liked moving her body and showing off to all the boys (and girls), and had a fresh innocent Marilyn Monroe kind of sexiness.

Andy was knowing and svelte and very sexy too, rather like Lauren Bacall might have been if she’d lived in a time when girls went naked in nightclubs.

I was dizzy with the magic of it all.  Five naked girls, all enjoying their nakedness in different ways, showing off to the crowd and loving it.  After the podium Roni came down and danced at one side of the room. I lit her brightly with the video light.  It was great.  She loved dancing in the clear light, wide open and exposed to everyone.

I caught a great video segment when Shannon was dancing and she saw that Jan was videoing her.  She danced and performed warmly for his camera, and I got
the beautiful enthusiasm she felt at performing naked and being appreciated.

The magic went on and on.  Roni got right in the centre of the floor, and danced with some of the gay girls, and then with some of the straight guys too.  They loved it, and were very sensible.  They didn’t try to hassle her sexually or give her a bad time.  As a result she was free in her nakedness.

For example a dance fashion this year was for girls to wrap their legs around a guy’s upper thigh and rub themselves against him sexily.   Roni did this happily because the guys weren’t taking advantage of her.  Being discreet, they got more sex action than they would if they had tried to pressure her.

A crowd went up on the podium, and Andy went up there again and danced with them, and I got some great shots of her naked with lots of people around.  Shannon danced on the floor in the midst of the club lights; she was good at
finding where the lights were shining so the video camera could clearly see her. 

After one or two o’clock, the party tapered down.  Jan had a long drive, so around one o’clock I did a video shot of Andy and Shannon walking out of the club toward the car, and Jan and Andy took their leave.  Bella tired out
soon after, and Shannon went off somewhere with her.

The last shots I did were of Roni dancing with the crowd, performing to the finish, still loving it after hours of fun.  I did some shots of the lights, the bar, the DJ, etc., to use as cutaways in the video.  Slowly, gradually, our evening came to an end.

But in a sense it will always go on.  The magic of video is that I can see the evening again and again. So can lots of other people who were not there to see it originally.  The Ibiza trip is in Adventures In Freedom 1 and you can see the Bird Cage in Adventures In Freedom 2.

We live in a magic world, with modern miracles and wonderful girls all around us, and as we drove home, I was very grateful to be part of this magical world



CHAPTER 26 - 27


Chapter 26.

Sex Happens.

The issue of sex always comes up with naked videos. In the early days, when I was shooting mostly at nudist resorts and beaches, the videos were not really sexy, unless you consider nakedness itself to be sexy.

In fact all my videos got PG from the Australian Federal Government ratings board. Here's an explanation of the ratings:

G = for general audiences

PG = parental guidance recommended

M = for mature audiences.

Videos with all three of these ratings are freely available to anyone of any age. A child of 5 was welcome to buy Roshelle In France.

Then comes MA = for mature adults, which is available only to people 15 and over, and R = restricted, which is available only to people 18 and over.

Until 2005, the only one of my videos to get MA was Body Love Mud Art, about body painting. None of my videos got R, except the Free & Wild series, which were intended to be sexy.

But girls love to be sexy, as I've said, as long as you encourage them and don't call them bad names.

Veronika the Agent introduced me to yet another Veronika, a sexy blond with large and shapely breasts, whom we called Verka to avoid confusion, and her best friend Zusa, also very sexy. Verka and Zusa loved getting sexy with each other.

Veronika the Agent arranged for Verka, Zusa, and Jindra to visit a big nightclub called the Quick Club naked. It was a wonderful evening.

To start, the girls disrobed in the kitchen, and the nightclub attendants gave them platters of apples and slivovitza to hand out to the guests. Naked girls with apples! Everybody loved the symbolism, as well as the apples and booze.

Inspired perhaps by the slivovitza, the young men of the club soon worked out that Verka and Zusa didn't mind random hands exploring their bodies. If no one was caressing them, they would start to caress each other.

At one point, I remember, they were both sitting on the floor with their legs spread wide. Jindra was more abstemious, but Verka especially had someone's hands on her lovely breasts as often as not.

The girls played table soccer with several guys. They did pole dancing on the podium. Verka even helped a couple of guys get undressed. And every time the pace slowed a bit, Verka and Zusa would start kissing and fondling each other.

You can see this wild party in Adventures In Freedom 3.

This DVD got me into trouble, by the way. Rather foolishly I ran an ad for all three Adventures In Freedom DVDs in Nude & Natural magazine. This magazine is obsessed with what they call "genuine nudism," which basically means no sex.

Historically nudists had a long uphill fight to get permission to go naked even in private and isolated clubs. Going naked in groups was once illegal, no matter where. They gradually won the battle by convincing the courts that nudism is not sexy and that the clubs were not orgiastic or even mildly given to sharing.

So it is understandable that a nudist magazine should be still nervous about sexiness, even though times have changed. In fact they got only one complaint from a subscriber, but I got thrown off and told I couldn't advertise there any more.

Pity. They sent back the cheque I had just posted to them for a year's ads -- four quarterly issues, $4000 paid in advance. I saved $4000, and I could still advertise in the other USA nudist magazine, Naturally. My grief was not excessive.

We had another great session in the Quick Club, during the day when the club was not open. We had no fewer than eight girls: Shannon, Bella, Roni, Jindra, Yva from last year, and three others. The girls ran relay races, danced in a conga line, followed Shannon as she led them in dance movements, and just danced freely to techno music. Roni pole danced for a full seven minutes.

The shoot is definitely a favourite of mine, and you can see the whole of the raw footage, unedited, in Free Parties.

Verka and Zusa did another sexy shoot in an apartment, hugging and dancing together. They went in the shower together and caressed each other with soap. They massaged each other and kissed. This shoot is in Free & Wild 6: Sensations, along with the shoot of Shannon chained up and teased by Bella.

We did another shoot in the apartment with Verka, Zusa, Jindra, and a fourth girl named Lenka. They did sexy yoga poses with their legs wide open, and did massage and body rubs on the bed. Verka caressed herself on the bed while Zusa watched, and then vice versa. The four girls did rolling massage and ended up tickling Verka.

This footage was so sexy that I decided to start a new series called Revelations for videos that were more sexy than the Free & Wild series. This was in honour of the ecstatic Revelations of John of Patmos.

Revelations 1 contained this four girl shoot along with several lovely shoots of girls caressing their breasts with oil.

Some yoga poses are very revealing, as Shannon and Katrina both demonstrated when they did exercises in Ibiza for Naked Yoga. Another girl named Dominique back in Bryon Bay had already shown this fully, so her footage is in Revelations 1 as well.

I suppose something of this sort was inevitable, as I morphed from doing travelogues about nudist resorts to travels with girls.

The nudist resorts were great, but there were lots of problems. They were hard to get to, meaning I had to rent a car and drive to them and find them. Once there, you had to find people willing to be in the videos. If the weather was bad, your time might be wasted. It was all a lot of trouble.

I guess it was natural that travels with girls would take over. It's what they call "a win-win solution."

In 2005 Veronika the Agent introduced me to Klara. I knew immediately she was going to be something special. Klara was tall and had a wonderful voluptuous figure. Her face showed determination and strength unusual in a girl of her age, which was 21.

Klara's best friend was Barbora, another model. They were happy to go naked wherever I chose. One afternoon we went to the Donkey Pub (nobody knows why it's called that). The two girls served the customers naked and danced naked in front of them and ran around in the streets in front of the building.

We went to the Dobruska Club in the evening with a third girl named Katka. I asked Barbora to take off her clothes outside and walk naked into the club. Once Barbora was on the dance floor, the other two girls took off their clothes one after the other and danced along with her.

They served drinks to the guests, and got glasses of ice from the bar and rubbed it on their bodies.

I asked Klara to rub oil on her body from a bowl. To my surprised, she asked a young man to rub it on for her. Sadly for him, his girl friend was there, and she only let him rub oil on Klara's back. Girl friends are not always such a great idea.

Klara had to rub the oil on the front of her body for herself, but she did it with enthusiasm. Then she danced right there in the bar area with clothed people all around, stroking her body as she did so.

I wondered how sexy Klara was willing to be. We went to the Bird Cage with Klara and Barbora and a new girl named Lenka.

We tried a new experiment at the Bird Cage. I often wondered if the presence of a camera was having an effect on how people reacted to the naked girls.

The Bird Cage had its own video camera, operated by the DJ, with three screens around the dance floor and another in the next room. I asked Lenka to walk out naked and sit at the bar and have a drink, and videoed the results secretly by videoing the screen in the next room.

Naturally the DJ focussed on Lenka, so I could secretly record any reactions. But their weren't any! Everyone behaved just as they would if she weren't naked. Which went to support my own belief that nobody gets upset about nakedness any more, so the laws against it are obsolete.

To make it more interesting, I asked Lenka to get some ice at the bar and caress her breasts with it. I videoed that directly. Lenka enjoyed it. Later, when she was dancing on the podium, she came right over in front of my camera and danced with her legs wide apart. Her clitoral ring bounced and flashed in the club lighting.

Then I asked Klara to caress herself with the ice. She gave the ice to a handsome young man who stroked it all over her breasts. I gave her some massage oil and she poured it into a bowl and handed that to him too. He carressed her whole body and gradually worked toward her breasts.

He caressed her breasts with both hands, and then ran his hands down her stomach and between her legs. He played with her clitoris, and caressed her for several minutes.

A woman at the bar looked over a couple of times and smiled. The club was crowded with people around, and Klara was getting a really sexy massage. She seemed delighted and just a bit nervous.

I wondered if we were going to get into trouble. But these days, it seems anything goes.

The footage of Klara and the others at the Dobruska Club and the Bird Cage Club is in Free & Wild 8: Sexy Fun.

Maria was even wilder. Veronika the Agent introduced us to her in 2006. She was beautiful, but even more, she was sensual, with a heavy voluptous body.

We went to the Chernikovice Club with Maria and Katka. Maria went wild. She got a group of three guys together and pulled Katka in too, until they were all holding each other in a tight cluster and dancing.

She found another guy and put his legs between her thighs and started to rub up against him. She undressed him and they danced naked together for about five minutes. It was a huge club with hundreds of young people watching.

She tried the same with another guy but he got shy after she took his shirt off. She found a couple of young guys who took off their shirts, and she rubbed her breasts against them and put their hands on her breasts too. One of them embraced her and grabbed her bum and rubbed her body against his.

Down a short flight of stairs there was a bar, and Maria went down there with a bottle of massage oil and a small bowl. She poured the oil into the bowl and started dipping it out and caressing herself, making it as sexy as she could.

She turned her back to the camera and bent over and massaged her bum with oil. She faced the camera and massaged her whole body sexily. Her face was dark with passion.

She came up the stairs onto the dance floor covered with oil and did the sexiest dance I've ever seen. She lay on the floor and arched her back and spread her legs wide. A handsome guy came close and she spread her legs for him and stroked herself between them. She exposed herself as much as she could for more than ten minutes.

This wild dance is in Revelations 2. It also contains footage of Aphrodite, a girl who loved to walk naked in public and expose herself openly for the camera. She was also happy to lie with her legs wide open and expose herself that way.

I was beginning to feel like I had lost control of my models. I liked it.


Chapter 27.


Shannon was a sex blossom sometimes.

She had the most charm of anyone in all my travels with girls. But she was also constantly cruising for lovers. It got to be a bit scary at times.

The biological heritage for girls is to be promiscuous, as I said before. Their business in life is to get pregnant, to keep the tribe going. To achieve that, they show off. They look and act sexy.

You can see signs of that kind of behaviour all around us today.   Girls perform in wet t-shirt contests and strip shows. Girls want to be actors, much more so than guys. Girls like dance much more than guys. Girls love fashion and clothes.

This is why girls are the centre of attention of many men at parties. This is why some become groupies. This is why some have sex with the whole football team.

Of course, some girls resist this tendency. Biological urges are not irresistible. We tend to think in our society that behaviours which are cultural are easily changed, whereas behaviours which are biological are inevitable.

This isn't true. Human beings are universally adaptable. We can resist biological tendencies as well as cultural. It may be a struggle, but we can do it.

In the case of girls, the biological urges are directly contrary to modern cultural rules. Our culture tells girls to be chaste. Our culture tells girls to dress moderately and be careful whom they have sex with. At least, that was true til recently.

My philosophy is, why fight all the urges? Let them come in surges. Let girls be sexy and show off their sexiness. Let them perform naked for a video camera. Let them have the many lovers their biology desires.

Shannon's philosophy was, if she met a guy she liked, to go to bed with him the first night. That way, if he was just out for a conquest, she would find out right away and not waste time. If he was sincere about her, they would not waste time.

Simple and sensible, I thought.

Shannon's way of showing off was dance. She had a natural talent for dancing, and from a very early age, her whole life was devoted to dance.

At that time, in 2005, her favourite dance was salsa. When I was in the U. S. at my cottage that summer, I noticed there was a World Salsa Congress in September in New York. If you went to the Congress, you could get a double room in the Sheraton for only $180 a night. That was a deal! I thought.

Shannon thought so too. And to make things even better, United Airlines went bankrupt. I had a whole slew of frequent flyer miles in my account, dating back to the days I flew Sydney - Hartford - Paris every year to do the French videos. I realized I'd better use the miles before the bankruptcy invalidated them, so I got a ticket for Shannon.

We had a ball at the Congress. I loved watching the salsa exhibitions. To my surprise, it wasn't just Latin Americans. There were Chinese dancers, and Germans, and just about everybody. They were very good too.

Shannon fell in love with a guy named Sabane from Montreal. I met him and liked him. I was a little worried Shannon might start spending time with him so I would lose her, but she didn't sleep with him. I suppose it would have been awkward, since he was sharing his room with his girl friend.

Shannon did take the train up to Montreal for a visit, but she came back down in time for us to go to Mexico. Bella came over on another frequent flyer ticket and went with us. It was a marvellous trip.

We landed in Cancun, and stayed in another Sheraton there. Bella seemed quite fascinated with the hotel. I understood why later, when Shannon explained that Bella had hippie parents and had never stayed in a hotel.

We enjoyed the beach that day, but it was the only day. Next day we had a hurricane. Well, maybe not quite a hurricane, but there was certainly a lot of rain. Days of it.

We had a great time though. We went to a market and Shannon bought a green sarong for US$6.00. She carried that green sarong with us everywhere for years of travels to come.

We went to a shopping centre under a roof. There was a huge naked statue in a fountain. The nude was suspended overhead as if leaping upwards in flight. The girls posed with their arms aloft like the nude, but we were still in Mexico, and they kept their clothes on.

We attended an acrobatic show and dinner for $18.00 apiece, which seemed great value to me. The dinner was good, and the acrobats performed hanging from elastic wires attached to the ceiling high above. They looped and soared and did tricks and stunts together, with lasers and light effects in the darkened auditorium.

The third day we rented a car and headed out, but we didn't get very far. The rain got heavier and the streets flooded. A foot deep at first, and then two.

The Mexicans didn't let it slow down their driving, however. At one intersection a four-wheel drive jeep went by us, and his wake surged right over the hood of our car. I thought that would be the end of our engine, but it somehow kept going. Then a bus surged down a street and all the parked cars it passed went bobbing up and down in the wave it caused. They bumped up against each other too.

I was nervous, so we scrabbled through the Lonely Planet Guide I'd brought and came up with an eco-hotel. Shannon managed to find it for us. She has an unerring sense of direction that amazes me. I can get lost in a revolving door.

The eco-hotel was beautiful, like living in a jungle. We took refuge there. We found a nice restaurant right across the street, which we were able to reach by taking off our shoes.

Bella's room was up a flight of stairs, and she managed to slip at the top and fall all the way down. The hotel management was very nice and took her to the emergency room of a hospital not far away. Luckily she had only bruises, but what bruises!

She didn't let it stop her having a good time. Bella was like that. It didn't matter to my video making either, because I wasn't doing any. I left the video camera at home. It was a real vacation.

After a couple of days the streets cleared, and we went to our first cenote. The large meteor that killed all the dinosaurs hit this area 65 million years ago, and it shattered the limestone of the region, leaving cracks. Over the eons water seeped through these cracks and formed underground caves, sometimes with an opening at the top.

These are called cenotes, pronounced say-NOH-tays. Usually there is a pool of water at the bottom big enough for swimming. If the roof collapses, they become the strange steep-sided round pools the Mayas used to throw sacrifices in. We used them for swimming.

Shannon loves drawing, and she took a sketchbook down into the first cenote we visited, and sketched the Mexican kids crowding around. They loved it. Shannon looked very fetching in her black bikini too, and I did lots of photos. I didn't bring the video camera, but I did have my photo camera. Old habits die hard.

We drove across the Yucutan Peninsula to Merida on a new modern super highway. The toll was $12, a fortune for Mexicans, so the highway was deserted. We only saw one guy, trudging along the road, pulling a small cart. No cars at all except ours. When the girls needed to take a leak, they just crouched down beside the road. I looked the other way, and no one else was around to see them.

Halfway we stopped at a Mayan temple complex called Chichen Itza. It had a pyramid building which Shannon and I climbed -- Bella's leg was too sore. Shannon had a huge sombrero which we bought her because she is a redhead and needs to be very careful of the sun, and I took photos from above in which all you could see of her was her feet and the sombrero. There was a cenote too, of the kind the Mayans threw sacrifices in. No swimming.

Merida was rather run down, and really crowded. Everyone looked poor. Every third person you saw was a teenage girl with a baby, or so it seemed. How did the people in this country ever expect to get anywhere? It was a bit scary.

We headed back the next day, on the free road, which was the worst highway I ever saw. There were potholes big as basketballs everywhere. Some of them looked like they might be causing cenotes, as time went by.

It was a hundred miles from Merida back to the coast, but after four hours we were only half way, and it was getting dark. Luckily we saw a sign for another cenote with a hotel. I headed for it. I wasn't game to be out in this country in the dark with two beautiful girls.

The hotel was great. Actually it was a series of individual resort buildings, each large enough for a couple of beds, with a porch and a kitchen. We reveled in luxury.

The cenote at this hotel was even better. It was huge, as big as a football dome underground, with a pool a hundred feet across and very deep. Overhead the roots of trees hung down for a hundred feet or more to reach the water, and there was a skylit opening in the centre above, perhaps ten feet across. It was marvellous.

This cenote had no natural opening, except the hole at the top, so we descended in a drilled tunnel with stairs down to the waterside. We all went swimming, and then I did photos of the dome and of the girls floating next to the stream of water falling from the hole high above.

We enjoyed the cenote for a long time, then headed to the coast to Tulum, the only Mayan temple which is next to the Caribbean Sea. There was a fig tree with huge roots sprawling across the rocks, and I did photos of each of the girls posing. There were lots of huge lizards who seemed to enjoy posing too.

We stayed at another eco hotel in Tulum. Once again bungalows with double beds, but this time no electricity, and vast mosquito nets for the coastal bugs. Candles made the whole place romantic.

That evening Shannon and I went to the hotel bar hovering over the sea, and I introduced her to piña colladas. She had four, and after the fourth started posing on the railing for photos. If she had had a fifth I think I could have had nude poses.

I only found out much later that Shannon and Bella made love together that night, while I slept under my mosquito net in bibulous oblivion. The piña colladas worked their magic. The whole place was magic in my opinion.

When we got back from Mexico, Shannon headed for Montreal. She moved in with her Sabane and found a job teaching in a dance studio. She never did use the return half of her ticket from Australia.


CHAPTER 28 - 29


Chapter 28.

Naked Parties.

Abby was the first model whom I videoed before I met her.

There was a big peace demonstration and party in Byron Bay in 2003. We all gathered in the park next to the beach and had a party and sang songs and danced like crazy all afternoon. I videoed the festivities, which included some topless girls.

In front of the main stage there was a crowd of people dancing. I videoed one lovely girl who was dancing in the front of the crowd. I could hardly take my lenses off her.

As it happened, I had run an ad for models that week in the Echo, the local newspaper. I got a call from a girl, and there was something about the way she spoke, I don't know what, but I arranged to meet with her in town that very afternoon.

It was the girl in the front line. Her name was Abby.

Abby was from England, and was running short of money, as backpackers do. I gave her a job.

I had just published Indecent Exposure, the DVD with Willow going naked at Protestors' Falls, and Jana and Petra going naked all over Prague. Abby and I started another project.

For a start, she went naked in the hills behind Byron Bay, running along the roads, pumping gas at a small country store, having tea at another. When she was pumping gas, a woman went by and said, "Go, girl!" Most of our responses were enthusiastic like that.

We got really bold and decided to have her walk naked around the Lighthouse Track, one of the big tourist attractions of Byron. It is about two miles long. It starts in the coastal rainforest climbing up to the lighthouse, then goes along the top of the cliffs for awhile, and loops around back.

Abby started by taking off her clothes in the beach parking lot, then crossing the main road and heading up to the track through the rainforest. We did shots all along the track as far as the hang gliding take-off ramp.

"Hey, you want to go hang gliding?"

"What's it cost?"

"Come back this afternoon and go naked, and it's free."

"OK! See you then!"

(Ten years later, I met a hang-glider guy at the same point, and got to talking. He remembered the naked girl.)

Abby went naked at the lighthouse, and along the trail to the lookout point, which is the easternmost point of the continent of Australia. She paused and talked with a couple of guys, and a family came up and asked if they could do a photo with her. She found that very flattering. Before long she had posed for a dozen photos.

The trail winds down to the beach, and there we met a guy just sitting.

"How's it going?" she asked.

"Much better now!"

Further along the beach, I let her go way ahead of me, so people wouldn't notice she was being videoed. In the distance she sat on the beach, and some guys came up and talked with her. All of a sudden, she jumped up and hugged one of them. Later on, when I caught up, I asked her why.

"He's from Devon. Just like me!"

Later, we went back to the hang-gliding ramp, and Abby got her free tandem flight. When you make a tandem flight, you get into a bag which hangs below the pilot. It looks rather like a sleeping bag, so she wasn't really all that naked during the flight.

But she loved it. I could see her waving in the sky. And I had another one of those magic moments of happiness that come to us once in awhile. I felt like I was flying too.

You can see all this footage in Decent Exposure.

That wasn't my only magic moment with Abby. We had an ecstacy party too.

Abby was quite familiar with ecstasy. I told you she was a special kind of girl. We chose a Sunday afternoon. Patrick was there too.

We started with a kids' toy pistol that shot bubbles. She climbed up on the loft and aimed it down at the camera. She took her clothes off and ran around shooting it.

She had a mock bamboo battle with Patrick. She walked out a long ways into the field next to my house. She lay and writhed sexily on the carpet. She climbed a tree. There was a storm, and she ran and played in the rain. She did hand games with her hands close to the camera. She rubbed oil all over herself. She was a Blond Party.

The shoot is in Free Parties, along with the eight girls at the Quick Club and the six girls at the Teen-Age Dance Party, and several other shoots.

I was getting really fond of girls going naked at parties. I had the Blond Party, and next year the party with the five girls at Klec. In 2005 I had the three girls at Dobruska, with Klara getting really sexy there and at Klec.

In 2006 I found a huge source of parties. It all start with my photo book.

I did photos in every Synetech shoot as well as video. These were intended for use in ads and in articles about my videos.

In 2005 a German publisher named Mattias found out about me through Jan Vels. Mattias proposed doing an artistic book of my nude photos. He came out to Australia and picked out the best photos for a book Natural In Paradise.

That was a treat for me, of course, and it was also a treat that Mattias and I became good friends.

In 2006, he arranged for me to meet a friend of his, Jose Baca in Barcelona. Jose had a sculptor friend named Xigu (pronounced CHEE gu) who had a park full of his own sculptures on 150 acres of land he owned near Barcelona.

Many of the sculptures were nudes. Some were abstracts, but some were quite sexy. We thought it would be a great place to take a model and do video as well as some classic photos for another book. Shannon was the natural choice.

I was very lucky. Sabane didn't object to her going off and touring Europe with me. It was one of the best of my travels with naked girls.


Chapter 29.

We met Jose in Barcelona, and immediately we hit it off. He is a cultured intelligent man, and as a bonus he was able to understand my limited Spanish, and knew how to speak in a careful way so that I could understand him.

We went out to Xigu's sculpture park, about 90 km north of the city, by train and taxi. Xigu was a delight too. A rollicking jovial man, he greeted us with an authentic Catalan meal. A favourite Catalan dish is simply to rub toast with tomato, oil, and salt, and he showed us how to make it, vigorously rubbing in the toppings. The toast complemented a meal of some sort of meat stew with lots of vegetables.

Then Xigu and Jose turned us loose on the forest of sculptures, while they stayed behind to catch up on old times. Shannon is the sort of model who only needs a few words of suggestions, and then turns the video into magic. It was an easy and pleasant afternoon for me.

The park was fascinating. There were many large penises, and a whole wall of naked torsos of different models done in concrete casts. There was a huge bed with a column in each corner of women in the four stages of life: girl, pregnant, mother, crone. But you can see them all in Living Sculpture.

Shannon was great. She gave life to the video by dancing around the statues, choosing a dance that was suited to each statue. She imitated the columns on the bed, and swayed her hips seductively as she leaned against the torso wall.

Xigu was a true artist. After we came back from all the video shooting, he got an idea and tied Shannon up like a package with string. Then he scattered powder over her and finally washed her down with a hose. This had to be great art, since I didn't understand it at all. It certainly made great video.

Shannon and I liked Barcelona so much that we stayed there an extra week. When we arrived, she saw a group of four tango dancers in a city square, busking by putting on a tango performance. She had me ask them where tango could be found, and so wound up dancing many nights.

Tango was displacing salsa as her passion. Indeed tango is a much more complex and (if you're good) fulfilling dance.

She loved it. The last night in Barcelona she stayed out tangoing til morning, and we only just made it to the airport. She slept on the plane. We didn't make it to our apartment in Prague until late afternoon, but she went out anyway. She managed to find out about a milonga (tango dance session) that evening somewhere in the city, and set off alone, speaking nothing of the language and knowing nothing of what train to take or even how the trains worked.

Next morning about seven she returned happy, looking lovely.

I was pleased that she was so keen about dancing, because I loved the idea of girls dancing naked in a nightclub.

This was becoming my favourite sort of shoot, in fact. I loved the music in the clubs (usually), and the girls had plenty to do in a nightclub. They could chat with people, play games such as table soccer, get a drink at the bar, serve free drinks to people, and of course dance.

If they were feeling sexy, they could get ice at the bar to rub all over their bodies, or they could massage themselves with oil. If there was a podium to dance on, they could display themselves, and they could pour water down over their bodies.

It's natural for girls to want to display themselves, as I've said before. Performance in a night club seemed fitting and proper to me.

Danny and I found a really good nightclub called the Domino Club, with a pizza restaurant adjoining. We asked the owner if he would like to have a lovely 21-year-old redhead dance naked in his club. He said yes. He thought the other guests might like it.

Indeed they did. Shannon undressed in the hallway, and walked down the stairs naked to the club. Somebody cheered. There were only a few people on the dance floor when she walked out onto it, but the crowd watched her dance and applauded. Soon a guy did a performance to complement hers.

A young couple started chatting with Shannon as she watched the guy's performance. After awhile another guy did a sort of a strip, aided by two girls. It was rather comical, because he tried to take his trousers off over his shoes, and got stuck. So he tried to dance with his trousers tying his feet together.

Shannon did a lot of dancing that night, and it was great. At first she danced in the party lights of the night club, which was OK because they were fairly bright and my camera could see her clearly.

I was a little dubious at first that my on-camera light might put people off and make them run away, but after awhile I put it on and it didn't seem to bother anybody. That was good, because with the light on, the camera and everybody could see Shannon clearly.

After awhile she walked to the toilet, which meant going out of the dance floor and across a lobby. She got some puzzled looks there. She also walked outside for awhile to cool off. Later she walked around the dance floor and over to the bar, where she sat for fifteen minutes happily chatting naked to a guy.

Several girls enjoyed dancing with Shannon, and later she got into a conversation with four tall guys who stood around her. She looked really happy.

Indeed she looked happy all night, and this is one of my favourite shoots even today. You can see the shoot at the end of Living Sculpture.

It was not as radical as the next shoot, however. We went to the Domino Club again.

This time we took Eddie and Richard, two Czech guys who were twins and who had modeled for us many times before. Eddie and Richard were the guys who started the big pile-up of happy people at the end of Czech Naturist Paradise 1.

Our idea was to see if people would react the same to naked guys as to a naked girl. The scheme flopped, however, when the owner saw Eddie and Richard on the night and said they were too old.

That left Shannon on her own, and she gamely soldiered on. I really admired her.

It was difficult for her because it happened to be the night that schools and universities let out for summer holidays, and the club was packed. A lot of the young ones were drunk, too, and a couple of boys made a nuisance of themselves.

The two boys made rude gestures, such as forming an O with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and wiggling their fingers. I'm not sure what it meant, but it looked crude. The two also tried to hug her from opposite sides like a sandwich.

Another time one of them pulled up his shirt and wiggled his pot belly at her. Gross.

It was a mystery to me why they did it. Here was a beautiful naked girl dancing in front of them, a young man's dream fantasy you might say, and they were doing everything they could to discourage her. It seemed crazy.

I think maybe their ego was involved. They had no chance with a girl that pretty, so they tried to run her down by suggesting she was immoral. Some guys do that a lot to women, I believe.

I used the video light all evening this time. Nobody seemed to mind. In fact some couples seem to like it. They seemed to be attracted by the light, because they would come and dance right in front of it.   This has happened several times in nightclub shoots since. Maybe they wanted me to ask them to get naked too.

One boy I noticed in the distance behind Shannon was trying to persuade his girl friend to take off her t-shirt. He would take the bottom of the shirt in his hands and pull it up. After awhile she gave him a slap on the face. I didn't know women did that anymore.

There was also a burnt-out older guy. He was small and wiry and had the sort of sunken look around his jaw that suggested he had few if any teeth. He had dark glasses made of plastic with white plastic frames. He wore baggy red trousers and a white sleeveless t-shirt, and he had a scarf wrapped around his head with the ends hanging down behind like a pony tail.

He was quite keen about dancing with Shannon. That was good for the video anyway. I wondered what he thought he was doing among such a cluster of young people.

He wasn't very shrewd about how to handle women. Once he offered a corner of his sweaty t-shirt to Shannon to wipe off her brow. Ugh. Eventually he took it off and revealed his creased and sweaty torso. Double Ugh.

I admired Shannon for her courage. She didn't let it faze her. She was amazingly confident in her nakedness. Maybe it was because she was the best dancer in the room. Maybe it was because she was the prettiest girl in the room.

She danced with Patrick and Eddie, and I did a shot of their two hands flashing in front of her as they danced, and had another one of my moments of epiphany. Everything was beautiful.

She visited the pizza restaurant on the other side of the lobby, full of people eating at tables. Shannon walked naked across the lobby and into the restaurant, where she stood calmly for several minutes waiting for a drink. She looked great standing naked against the bar in a whole roomful of people at tables.

Later she came out into the lobby and danced naked there. It was all very sexy and revealing.

Shannon showed off her nakedness freely, and the whole time, she was obviously enjoying it. She certainly made herself the centre of attention. It was a warm affirmation of my ideas about girls loving to display themselves.

Then she went back to Montreal, and it would be two long years before I traveled with Shannon again. Worth the wait.




CHAPTER 30 - 31


Chapter 30.


Like gold, pretty girls are where you find them.

I met Lily at the World Naked Bike Ride in Brisbane in March of 2007. The World Naked Bike Ride is a kind of a crazy festival in which a bunch of bike riders go naked as a way of protesting how vulnerable they feel riding bikes in cities.

In Europe there are many special trails and lanes for bike riders, but in America, Australia, and elsewhere, bike riders are often at the mercy of cars. Cars make pollution and give off a lot of greenhouse gases too. Time to make a stand.

The Brisbane ride was organized by Dario Western, a nudist activist, and was a big success. More than 30 riders got naked and body painted and then rode along a riverside park. Hundreds of people showed up to cheer us on and to watch and take photos.

Well, actually we weren't very naked. Queensland is the most conservative state in Australia, so there were also more than 30 police. They allowed very little nudity, because the human body is so offensive no one could possibly want to look at it.

If there's a seeming inconsistancy there with the fact that hundreds of people showed up to watch, the Queensland police carefully kept themselves blithly oblivious of it.

After all, it's much more pleasant to spend an afternoon in the park harassing naturists, than to go out and have to deal with criminals, or to try to solve a bunch of boring old crimes.

Lily and Laura were two of the bicycle riders. They both started off topless, but the police soon made them cover up even that token nudity.

The police seemed to be determined to be stupid and get things wrong. The obvious was all around them: nobody is bothered by people going naked nowadays. But as Mark Twain said, "It's hard to convince a man of something if his salary depends on his not being convinced."

I asked the two girls if they would like to model naked for me, and they thought it was a great idea.

Lily was quite striking to look at in those days. She had long blond hair which she had back-combed into hippie dredlocks, with about a dozen small braids which she had covered with bits of brightly-coloured cloth. There were bells on the braids too, and on her ankles, which made a pleasant music as she walked.

She also liked to dress in bright colours with flamboyant patterns and designs, which I loved, though of course she was mostly naked when I first saw her.

Lily and Laura came down to my house in Byron Bay, the big house with the big living room which I had purchased when Henriette came to live with me. They ran around and played in the living room, and ended by dancing on the dining room table. They both agreed that dancing naked was much pleasanter than clothed. Clothes hinder your freedom of movement, and get sweaty too. Nakedness was unrestrained and breezy.

I asked the girls if they could go naked at a party if everyone else was dressed, and they said they could. After the good times of Shannon and the other girls going naked at nightclubs amidst clothed people, I thought it would be fun to try the same thing at my house.

We decided to have a party. Lily would arrive naked and spend the evening naked amidst my clothed friends. She thought it was a great idea.

(Laura got left out somehow. I don't remember what happened, but she never modeled for me again. I feel kind of bad about that.)

The party was a big success. Everyone chatted and danced and had a great time. Nobody minded Lily being naked; nobody even reacted much, including a few friends who were not informed before arriving.   Lily was a smash with everyone.

You can see the Brisbane World Naked Bike Ride, the shoot with Laura and Lily, and the party, in Lily's Fantastic Summer 1.

We did another shoot a few days later at the beach. It was chilly, but the waves were lovely in the setting sun, and I asked Lily to go in and splash around despite the cold. She dived and played, and rolled around in the shallows, tossed by the waves. The light was great, and Lily was great.

After that shoot, I thought of Lily as someone rather special, and suggested we might go traveling together. It fitted in perfectly with her plans.

Lily was 19. She was looking forward to a long trip to Europe when she turned 21, which would be in July of the next year, 2008. She had an inheritance which was being held in trust for her til then. Not a lot, but enough for a trip.

She also was studying photojournalism, and needed to find somewhere to do an internship during July and August. This usually meant working for some small-town newspaper in country Queensland.

With her bells and bright colours, it seemed unlikely that she would fit in.

I suggested she work for Synetech. She could do photos which could be inserted into videos about her naked travels. We would travel together in the U. S., and we could visit nudist places like The Grand Barn and other Canada resorts.

We could also go to Starwood in July. I think that was the clincher. Lily and Starwood were made for each other.

So Lily was definitely in. She asked her university advisors, and they were equally keen. I think they were a little bit worried about sending Lily out into the Queensland wilderness too.

Lily even qualified for her Ausstudy allowance while she was traveling. It seemed like all our Christmases were coming at once.

I flew on ahead to Connecticut to chase out all the spiders and mice from my cottage and my cousin's cottage down the road, which was where Lily would be staying. We got her a really good deal on a ticket to the U. S., which she said turned out to be not such a great deal when the bargain airline kept her waiting in Sydney Airport for 12 hours for the plane to get ready.

"Any dramas on the trip?" I asked innocently.

"I didn't like the 7-hour diversion to Shanghai when the engine caught fire," she said, "but otherwise it was OK."

Back at my cousin's cottage, she settled in. She loved the cottage, and the Connecticut woods suited her to a T, as I knew they would. I did a shot of her as she dragged her backpack out of my car and entered the cottage.

Next day she made a lasagna lunch for me. I did a shot of her entering the kitchen naked, and in the video I edited these together as if her clothes suddenly disappeared as she walked. That was pretty good, I thought. So was the lasagna.

We did a shoot of her walking through the woods naked, and exploring the stone walls and cellarholes of bygone farmers. It's an interesting area. The land was thickly settled in the 1700's and up to about 1870, but then the Great Plains began to open up. The land out west was much better, more fertile and not so rocky. Trains could bring the food back to the East, so Connecticut farms could not compete.

Farmers from Union sold up and went west, or often just abandoned their land as useless. As a result Union had 700 residents in 1776 but only about 200 by 1900. Gradually the population has worked its way back up, but it's one of the rare areas in the U. S. that has not seen population explosion.

As a result it's very beautiful, with plenty of forest and wildlife like deer and turkeys. There are two completely natural lakes within walking distance of my cottage, and lots of trails through the forest. We had a couple of very pleasant weeks there.

Lily and I headed off on our first trip to explore the nation. We were very lucky. We went north only about 50 miles and discovered a butterfly zoo, where we happily videoed and photographed the beautiful creatures.

We also discovered a hippie farm where the residents had put a series of statues and mazes of thoughtfulness, with many signs discussing life and how to live it. Lily loved it. She spent the whole afternoon meditating on one display after the next.

I found a hammock in a shady grove, and lay there enjoying the refuge from the heat, for it was a hot sunny day in July. I had another of my epiphanies, as I call them. It was a wonderful happy moment, thinking how great it was to lie here with a beautiful girl sharing my travels.

We made out way gradually to Montreal, where Shannon was still living. We met her and I spent a day with her. She was delighted to see me, which was gratifying. Lilly was delighted to find there was a music festival on, and her favourite band Manischevitz was playing. I may have the name wrong.

Shannon had just left Sabane, sad to say. She found her own apartment and was busily trying to furnish it, on a low budget. We were able to help her. As we were driving along, we spotted a mattress in good condition which someone had left on the curb with a FREE sign on it. It was just starting to rain, but we managed to get it into the boot of my Lexus before it got ruined.

The rain came pelting down, but Lily and Shannon and I sheltered in the atrium of a lunchtime restaurant. I got to tell them my favourite story, because Shannon was talking about how she was learning French. Lily knows French very well because she was raised in Vanuatu.

Snail comes into a deluxe auto dealer, points at the snazziest sports car, and says he wants to buy it.

"Don't be silly," says the dealer. "You're just a snail."

"No, it's OK, I got lots of money," and the snail fans out a whole wad of hundreds.

"Well, in that case . . . "

"Just one thing. I want that black one there, and I want you to paint the letter S in red all over it. Can you do that?"

"Well, OK," said the dealer, wondering.

Snail comes back two days later and there's the car, painted all over just like he said.

"Well, we did it," says the dealer. "But we've been wondering . . . we thought the car looked pretty good before. Why all the S's?"

"Hey," says the snail. "I'm gonna drive this baby right through town, and I wanna hear those people say, 'Look at that S car go!'"

Anyway, the girls loved it, as we sat there happily in that rainy afternoon.


Chapter 31.


In 2002 I made a DVD called The Grand Barn about a resort in Ontario. It's always been one of my most popular titles. Lily and I headed there on our journey, and did lots of footage of Lily wandering the huge grounds.

We took in New York City too. We didn't find anyplace for Lily to go naked Are you surprised? but we toured art museums and Central Park and so on. We were lucky enough to see the huge fireworks display over the harbour, since it was the 4th of July.

In our second trip we drove out to Niagara Falls, which Lily said was Awesome and Huge. From there it was only a short hop to our real goal, Starwood.

As I expected, Lily loved Starwood. She found lots of friends her own age, and lots of subjects to photograph. Bella was there too, and the two of froliked for the video all over the gathering.

You can see the visits to Connecticut, the butterflies, Montreal, New York, the Grand Barn, Niagara, and Starwood in Lily's Fantastic Summer 2.

The final bonfire was even more huge than in the years Kai and Henriette went to Starwood with me. One thing was different however. There was no more nudity at the bonfire. Before, about half the celebrants would get nude, but no more.

The explanation was the ubiquity of phone cameras. In past years, cameras were banned from the bonfire, a regulation that was easy to enforce. I warned Lily not to take her camera to the bonfire, but I soon realized that warning was obsolete.

I would have loved to video the nudes in past years, but now that cameras were so easy and plentiful, there were no more nudes to photograph. Inventions change reality.

It's similar to travel today. Travel is so easy that hoards of people agglutinize all the main travel destinations. I remember when I visited Stonehenge in 1966, it was just sitting in a field next to the road, with a small sign to point it out. Now you have to pay a fee to enter the grounds, and you can't go near the monument.

The value of going to a place varies inversely with how easy it is to get there.

All too soon it was time for Lily and I to go our separate ways. Her good luck continued however. A friend invited her to tour the West Coast for a few weeks. They went to Burning Man, a huge gathering somewhat like Starwood in Nevada. They explored the parks and towns of the coast all the way to Seattle.

Lily even got her student stipend while she was traveling. Truly it was Lily's Fantastic Summer.

The next year Lily turned 21 and got her inheritance. She set off in August for her world travel trip. She came to stay with me first. I was in Barcelona, making video with some Spanish models and Jose Baca.

Jose had a friend who owned the marina at Sitges, a deluxe beach resort town about 30 km south of Barcelona. At the marina there was a boat display one evening. A company which made deluxe 10 and 15 metre cabin cruisers was introducing their new creation of 20 metres.

It was a super deluxe boat, with six bedrooms and the most luxurious of fittings. I suppose it must have cost around a million euros. The party was for people who could afford it.

I showed up with three girls. Lily brought along a friend, also named Lily, and the third was Morthen, a friend of mine and former model whom you can see in Free & Wild 2: Spirit In Motion. Morthen was traveling in Europe and had dropped in to stay with me, just as Lily had.

I came to the marina party to shoot video, at the request of Jose's friend. He was making a promotional video about his marina. Everyone else was there because they were millionaires.

As you can imagine, it was a fantastic spread. There was a table of wonderful sushi and even better wines. There was a professional singer who was young and beautiful, just like the half dozen servers. The company was doing everything to make the party go.

But it didn't. The singer went from table to table, trying to get a response from the suavely dressed banqueters with their posh jewelry and tans. I never saw a party so slow to get going. Finally it did around midnight, as the perfect wines clicked in.

Meanwhile Lily, Lily, and Morthern got right into it. They feasted on the sushi and wines, and danced to the singer's tunes in a corner of the pier. They were having a great time, and I was too, videoing the beautiful servers.

I reveled in the irony too, that I was the only one here not rich enough to buy the boat, but I arrived with three beautiful girls. To be sure, I wasn't having sex, but to judge by the wives there, neither were any of the millionaires.

Jose knew many of the people there. I asked him, as far as he knew, were they really happy?

"Well, half of them are worried to death about money, whether they have enough, and whether they are going to lose what they have. The other half have found a younger woman and are getting heaps from their wives."

Some people spend their lives making it easy for people to go places, and the result is, it's no longer worthwhile to go. Others spend their lives chasing money, and find out they aren't really rich at all.

Others travel with naked girls. I suppose there must be a downside somewhere, but I haven't ever found it.


CHAPTER 32 - 33


Chapter 32.


Shannon was the champion of all my travels with girls. We had more and longer travels than with anyone else. She appears in nearly all my videos for nine years.

In 2008 Shannon and I met in Athens and flew to the Greek Islands. I'd been longing to return since my trip with Uti in 1999.

We went to Naxos and stayed in a deluxe hotel about half a mile along the beach from Naxos town. There was a taverna right on the beach with a happy hour from 5 to 7. It was fun to get tipsy as the waves plashed a few yards away.

We rented a quadricycle and rode to Alyko Beach, where Shannon stripped naked and rode the quadricycle around on the dunes. Then we sunbaked on the beach and she walked a long naked ways along the shore for my camera.

She went into the water and splashed and floated while I did shots of her from the shore.   The camera was looking toward the setting sun, so the waves crested with brilliant flashes of light.   Shannon was a supple silhouette, and the effect was dazzling.

In Naxos town we strolled around the shops. One specialized in a unique kind of stained glass pendant with flecks of gold. It was great to buy something really unusual and not just typical tourist stuff.

We bought a pair of shoes too, and back in the hotel she did a modeling session for video wearing the pendent and the shoes and nothing else.

Each day Shannon sat naked on the bed and gave a short talk about what we did that day. She has a wonderful narrative style, a real talent for acting. None of my other models have been able to do this so well.

We took a ferry to Ios and stayed at an even more deluxe hotel on the cliffs looking straight down the length of Milopotas Beach.

Ios is supposed to be a party island, with lots of young people from Britain and other countries. Shannon went out dancing to the party clubs, but was disappointed. She said they were the sort of people who could only dance freely when they were drunk.

That was OK with me, because it meant we spent more time together. We enjoyed the whole of one afternoon chatting and playing ball in the hotel pool. Another afternoon we walked the length of Milopotas Beach to a restaurant where they had lobster. It was 70 euros, but Shannon had never eaten a lobster.

Naturally I videoed her virgin experience. Shannon was always a hearty eater, and to my surprise she took a slab of lobster in one bite. That was my 35 euro shot.

We found a pizza restaurant on a hill above the centre of Ios town too, and I recorded Shannon's spiel of the day. She had a gift for performing on camera.

"We had a great day today, we did NOTHING! Pretty much, we lay on the beach and we read, and we listened to the waves and we slept and . . . and read some more. Then we came into town and walked up and down the hillside and the little streets. And now we're in a fantastic restaurant that's been absolutely lovely with wonderful pizza and lots of really nice strawberry daiquiries. I'm just about to have my fourth, so it should be an exciting evening. You never know! "

"Do you feel that daiquiries get more beautiful, each one you drink?"

"I think so. I'd like to think so."

The interior of Ios is quite mountainous. We did a quadricycle trip to Aghia Theodoti beach, weaving our way across the interior on switchroads up the mountains. At one point we stopped and looked down, and there were hundreds of goats moving down the hillsides below, a cascade of goats sounding like a melliflous waterfall with the throaty bells they wore.

We made a nude beach of Aghia Theodoti, as Shannon walked the length of the beach toward a cave at the end. Then we ate in the beach restaurant, and had fresh fish and the piquant Greek salad.

Finally we went to Santorini, which had become an even richer tourist island since Uti and I were there. With its huge natural harbour it attracted the cruise ships like rodents. The beautiful views from the rim attracted the package tourists, who spoiled with their numbers the beauty they had come to enjoy.

We did have a charming experience in one of the restaurants with a rim view. The sun was setting, and I did shots of Shannon holding up a wine glass in the reddish light, which made magic of her red hair. Then I zoomed in to get the upside-down view of the caldera in the glass.

Shannon was not happy with her meal, I forget why, and the waiter was so concerned that he brought her an entirely different meal. I thought that was very kind, considering the kind of service you often get in touristy places.

That's one reason why I love the Greek Islands. The Greeks are always kind.

We shot video at Vlichada Beach and Red Beach, and from the quadricycle, and all too soon it was time for Shannon to go. She only had two weeks holiday from her dance classes, but I had two videos called Wandering Free 1 and 2.

In 2009 we had a wonderful year. Freezing Montreal lost its charm, and Shannon came back to Australia. She came to stay with me at my huge house in Byron Bay. It was like a return to the happy days with Henriette, except without the church sessions and the sickness.

Shannon found work easily as a dance teacher at the local Steiner school where she had once been a student. She was very popular with the kids. She gave dance lessons in our house too. With its huge central living room, the house is perfect for dance.

In May 2009 we went to the Greek Islands again, to Mykonos first. I have such a swirl of memories from these days.

Shannon bought a magenta skirt and showed it off for video in the hotel, wearing it alone. She modeled a low-cut white dress too. She demonstrated the techniques of showing off to a man, by bending forward and letting the neckline fall open to his glad gaze.

We went to Paradise Beach, which was once a popular nude beach, in the naked days of yore. I hiked up to a taverna on a bluff overlooking the beach, and Shannon walked along the beach and swam naked while I videoed her from high above.

Then she walked casually naked up to the taverna, and sat in a chair at a table for a long time. It was great to see her naked with people at other tables taking her in with casual aplomb.

Back in the hotel she gave a naked show of how to attract attention on the dance floor, and of sexy hip-hop dancing too.

At dinner we discussed how to handle the results of too much attention. What if she didn't fancy the fellow?

"Well, you have to move fast. You have to kind of stub it in the toe."

Which I thought was putting it admirably.

From Mykonos we moved on to Paros, which I had visited with Uti long ago. We went to Monasteri Beach, where Uti had walked around naked for a long time. Shannon did the same. Who says you can't recapture the past?

We found some boulders next to the trail to Monasteri Beach, and she did graceful modern dancing high up on top of them. It was a chance to get some dramatic low angle shots with her figure outlined against the deep blue sky. The sun was setting behind me, so she was refulgent in the amber light.

We made it back to where we'd parked the quadricycle, and she rode it naked in the lovely light, her hair flashing in brilliance.

Another day we quadricycled out to Naousa, a fishing village on the other side of the island. We had a meal at a harbourside restaurant looking out at the fishing boats.

Then we walked through town and found a man selling cotton candy, which Australians call "fairy floss," a charming name. I bought a serving on a stick, and ate it sitting with Shannon in the midst of the square, with happy people strolling around, and Shannon sitting by my side.

I think that was one of the happiest moments of my life. If ever I feel mournful or discouraged, I remember that afternoon in Naousa.

In Naxos we had the only disaster of the trip. Shannon went out dancing at night as always, and someone put a drug in her drink. She remembered wandering around town in a daze, and being rescued by two Canadian girls, who let her sleep it off at their hotel.

Shannon was out all night, and I was part worried and part angry, thinking she had run off with another lover. I came back in the afternoon and found her half-somnolent and half-sick. Then I was really worried.

But she gradually recovered. We were pretty careful about nightclubs after that.

We went on to Barcelona. There she went naked in a night club, as she had done in the Czech Republic three times before. She posed naked at an art market in a main plaza of the city, and walked around naked looking at the paintings too. She walked naked all around the city, and we made a video called Walking Proud. The whole trip can be enjoyed in a video called Travels With Girls. It was an exciting time.

It was exciting for her too. She found another lover, and this time it was serious. Well, what can you do? Pretty girls will have them, and vice versa.


Chapter 33.

An Awkward Adaptation.

I've spoken before about the reasons why pretty girls are so willing to show themselves off and even be videoed naked. It's worth considering the whole theory again, because it is the basis of this book.

Shannon's dancing and showing off are natural, according to the theory, to young women. Our society has many rules condemning promiscuity, but such rules are an adaptation, not natural. It is an adaptation to agricultural society.

The natural condition for humanity is tribal. People lived in tribes for hundreds of thousands of years. Though few of us live in tribes now, our biological heritage is firmly rooted in those times. We were tribal for tens of thousands of years, perhaps hundreds of thousands, and have been civilized only six thousand or so. Our genes are tribal.

In tribal days, the business of young women was to get pregnant. The tribe needed babies. Girls of a certain age would show off their sexuality and attract men of the tribe. The important thing was for the girl to get pregnant, and it didn't matter much to whom.

It wasn't like now, when a woman needs a man to support her and the child. The tribe would care for the girl when she was pregnant. When she had her baby, the tribe would care for both of them.

The members of the tribe shared everything. It had to be that way. It would be impossible for a tribe to survive if some members had much more than the others. Social friction would tear the tribe apart.

The sharing was true of sex as well as of food and other goods. Examples have been studied in tribes all over the world. Being stingy with your food and your favours were frowned upon in tribes everywhere.

Many tribes studied by anthropologists have sexual rituals of girls who reach child-bearing age. The girls show off, or are paraded around the grounds, and they get a lot of attention and sharing.

Sharing changed, however, when humanity adopted agriculture.

Agriculture brought many advantages. The food supply was greater and more reliable, at least at first. People no longer had to move around so much, foraging for food. People could build permanent houses, and cities, and monuments and temples. Writing and numbers were invented, to keep track of possessions, and geometry, to keep track of fields.

But private property replaced sharing. When a man ploughs and plants and cares for a field, he wants to own the crops that he harvests. Wealth was created, and poverty too. A man was valued by his possessions.

Women were the big losers. Women became possessions. Farming was largely a job for men, with their superior size and strength.

So was war. Tribes had wars, of course, but war was expanded by agriculture. Land was the source of most wealth, so a nation became greater by attacking other nations and stealing their land.

All the great empires, from Assyria and Babylon and Rome right down to the British, were based on attacking other peoples and taking their land. It was progress, of a sort.

Agriculture also created inheritance. Men wanted their possessions to go to their children, so it became vital to know whose children were whose. Political power was also inherited. The king's son became the next king. Monogamy became the rule, especially for women.

It was still natural for men and women to be promiscuous, but nobody was supposed to be, especially women. Monogamy was soon enshrined in a hash of rules about adultery, promiscuity, virginity, and sex. That gave us the mishmash of romance, marriage, serial monogamy, and "cheating" by nearly everyone, which we know so well today.

We still have those rules, because even today a woman with children and no husband is in a difficult situation. This is not natural. What's natural is for a woman and her babies to be surrounded and protected by a tribe. But the tribes are gone.

What's natural is for girls to perform. Getting pregnant is a goal, not a problem. But the tribes are gone.

Wet t-shirt contests, string bikinis, beauty contests, groupies, strip clubs -- these are all healthy echos of the tribal days. A beautiful girl performs for many men, and it brings a lot of joy to the men and to the girl too.

Fashion shows, photos, sexy photos in magazines, internet photos, videos -- a whole vast industry comes from the natural love of girls to perform.

Girls love being actors much more than men. Movies are mostly about girls being attractive, and attracting men. Unfortunately girls in movies can only have one man, which almost invariably provides the conflict. Movies need conflict, but in real life it is a pain.

Girls are hemmed in by modern rules. Girls want to perform and enjoy, as they always have. They know they have to be really careful about getting pregnant, in our modern world, but they still just wanna have fun. "Lock up your daughters" is the cry, not because errant men will get in, but because the daughters will run out to them.   The daughters don't want to listen.

Girls want to see the world, and to show the world how beautiful and sexy they are. They want to fulfill their nature, not stifle it with monogamy, which is an awkward adaptation to an agricultural age. They feel promiscuous deep inside, even though they are constantly taught about sexual perils.

Girls love dancing, as Shannon does. Girls love to perform for men. Girls love to be the centre of attention, and have men spend money and give them favors and do things for them. That's how things were decided in tribal days.

This is the foundation on which Travels With Naked Girls is created.


CHAPTER 34 - 35


Chapter 34.

Naked In Public.

Shannon went naked in public all over Barcelona in 2009, as I said. She toured the Dali Museum, posing with the statues there. She took off her clothes in a delicatessen called La Piñeda, chatted with two men there, posed for photos, and then walked out into the crowds in the street. She walked all around the streets of Barcelona.

We wondered what effect the camera might be having on people's reactions, so she suggested walking a long way in one of the narrow streets of the old city, with lots of people all around.   People would see only her and not be aware of the camera. It was a bold and happy experiment which caused some very surprised looks.

Twice as she was walking along naked in the city streets, a tour group went past, with lots more people. People loved taking photos of her. Once there were so many people lined up to take photos that she was posing for five minutes.

She even posed for an artist in a weekend art market, standing naked and proud for ten minutes in the open city square where everyone could see her.

You can see all these shoots in Walking Proud.

You can tell when you watch this footage that Shannon really enjoyed herself. You can see her smiling, and she looks really happy. She loves having people look at her and take photos while she talks to them, or poses for them.

It confirmed my theory that girls love to be the centre of attention and perform for people all around. It's the biological remnant of the times when the business of girls in life was to get pregnant and provide babies for the tribe.

She even visited a crowded nightclub, all naked and beautiful. Shannon is a wonderful dancer. People chatted with her and danced with her. She even got up on a metal box so that everyone could see her dancing above them.

Shannon had a new lover named Boris. Boris, I'm happy to say, really loved it. He came along for the shoot and danced with her, and had a drink at the bar with her. Shannon even sat in his lap and they kissed. It made lovely footage for the camera. It was an exciting and perfect night.

We had another exciting night too, St. Joan, which is the Catalan spelling of St. John. The festival of St John is on June 23, and there is always a city-wide party on the night before. It's a Christian version of a much older festival, Midsummer Night's Eve.

Shannon had a friend named Sarita staying with us in our apartment. Well, actually it was only Sarita that was there. Shannon had her new lover Boris, so she never used the apartment for sleeping. Boris was from Argentina, and was an expert on tango, so Shannon was swept away like a Fukishima Japanese.

We all went out on the town around midnight, along with the nude-in-public guy Jan Vels and his girl friend Sarka, pronounced Sharka. It was a wild night.

First we bought a bottle of gin and two bottles of orange drink. We poured out half the orange and refilled the missing drink with gin. Then Boris scored some puffing Jane.

I'm not sure who drank all the gin, but I'm pretty sure Sarita got her share. Then we were down by the beach, where there was a platform with a rock group going like brothel time.

People were all around us, mostly guys, dancing and pushing and mingling wildly. St. Joan is fireworks night in Barcelona. Bombs were going off all around, and no one was slowing down to write the Star Spangled Banner. Some guys loved shooting roman candle fire into the crowd.

A tall Barcelonan guy found Sarita, and they were soon communicating, though neither could speak the other's language. Boris got so high he couldn't stand up straight, so Shannon had to carry him off home to look after him. That left me behind to look after her friend Sarita.

Sarita definitely wanted to go off and spend time with her Barcelonan, but I, square that I am, wondered if this was a good idea. I tried to encourage her to go with me, but she resisted. So there was I, in a howling crowd, dragging a pretty girl along by the hand, crying "I want to go back!" and pointing herself back to her guy like a demented compass in a storm.

I don't know how we got out of it. Taxis there were none. Jan Vels took the guy aside and beguiled him with some kind of conversation, while Sarka, thank goodness, took over the task of dragging Sarita. Finally we got away.

Sarita thanked me when we finally got back to the apartment. It was around 5 a. m., and St. Joan's night was over. I didn't see Shannon for days.

At that time Barcelona had no law against going naked in public. It was a curious oversight in their legal code. I suppose they thought no one would ever want to do such a thing.

In 2010 I decided to take advantage of this. I had a feeling it was too good thing to last. Indeed it didn't, for they changed the law in 2011.

I rented an apartment in Barcelona for the whole month of June 2010 and again for the whole month of September. Many beautiful girls went naked in public for my lens.

It's very appealing to watch a pretty girl going naked in public. It's a fantasy, a beautiful world where life is charming and easy, and so are the girls.

In reality, pretty girls never go naked in public. They wear sexy clothes, which tantalize and tease and frustrate. Men well imagine what they look like, but they never see. It's part of the ongoing frustration of men.

Women arouse desire and frustrate it. Of course the desire originates in the men, but women build it up and increase it, often deliberately. Yet when the men make advances, the answer is often no.

We live in a society where sex is not easy. We no longer live in the tribal days, when the tribe would look after pregnant girls and their babies. Girls now are convinced they need a permanent man to be a husband (husband = "house bound," that is, bound to provide a house) and a father to the children. They are fussy and demanding.

That's why I called these videos Barcelona Magic. It's a magical world, where things for once go as we men would like them. Pretty girls follow their nature, and show off to everyone, for once without the obligations and oppressions of our civilized world.

I met Gwen, the most beautiful of all the Synetech models, except perhaps for Shannon. Jan Vels brought her down to Barcelona. Video with her was an amazing experience. She went naked for me in a nightclub called Club Otto Zutz, dancing and talking with people and posing on the bar.

She went naked in crowded city steets and squares, and walked for ten minutes or more, stopping to admire the merchandise of street sellars and to pose for the photos of bemused passers by.

Gwen went to a rental bike shop, and left all her clothes as security for the bike, and rode out around the city streets and along the seaside esplanade. She locked the bike and went naked into the Mediterranean, and afterwards washed off in the outdoor shower behind the beach.

In 2009 Shannon had posed for one artist in the weekly art market, which took place every Saturday and Sunday in a central square called the Plaza Pi. Since there were dozens of artists there, I got the idea of asking Gwen to pose for them all.

She was happy to do so, and did one-minute poses for about twenty minutes. At first we had three artists sketching her, but by the end there were over a dozen. Then Gwen walked around the market casually naked, looking at the works of art.

She even walked along the street away from the market. She stopped in a shop and looked at the clothes for ten minutes, finally choosing a t-shirt. It was very easy to try things on without having to worry about a change room.

She carried the t-shirt in a bag and walked naked a long ways further to the big square in front of the cathedral. There she walked so far from the camera that she disappeared in the crowd for some time. Finally she returned and I interviewed her briefly. She thought the whole experience was great fun.

Gwen was just one of many girls who had fun showing off naked in Barcelona that year. Marketa was even more proud of showing off her body.

Marketa was quite good at roller blading, so we rented her a set of skates and followed her in one of the trishaws that tourists love to rent in Barcelona. She wheeled down the long boulevard from the Triumphal Arch toward the coast, and raced along a city walkway scattering pedestrians.

When we reached the seaside, she rolled a long ways along the esplinade until finally reaching a ramp down to the beach. At the end of the ramp was an exercise area for muscle guys, who must have wondered about the sudden appearance of a naked girl on skates.

The World Cup was on that year, so we painted a Spain soccer uniform on Marketa's naked body. A match was on, so we went all around the town, visiting bars where people were watching the game, and cheering with fans as we passed.

I'm happy to say that Spain won the World Cup that year. I like to think Marketa's naked frolic gave them luck.

All these shoots are in Barcelona Magic 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Marketa liked being sexy too, and she went out naked and visited another bar where she danced erotically and massaged her body and generally was as sexy as she could be. You can see this shoot in Free & Wild 11: Naked Freedom. It was another example of how girls liked to perform to show off their sexiness in tribal days.

Judit was even more sexy. She handed out free coupons in front of one bar, and then walked from the bar to a crowded street. She did sexy poses for several photographers in a professional photographic shop, and then walked outside and posed some more in a public park with traffic all around.

We went to a crowded square, Plaza George Orwell, and she took off her clothes and posed naked in front of the monument to him. There must have been 50 people there who had cameras and started taking photos of her, and Judit posed for them all. You can see this shoot in Naked & Proud 1.

When we gave her some oil, back in the apartment, Judit oiled and caressed herself even more sexily.

Judit even walked naked in La Rambla, the most crowded boulevarde and most popular tourist spot in Barcelona. She caused something of a sensation there, with dozens of people taking photos and asking what was going on. This shoot is in Barcelona Magic 2.

Two beautiful girls named Andrea and Agi came down from the Czech Republic with Jan Vels. They went naked at the Australian Bar, which is one of a whole line of clubs next to the Porto Olimpico, the aquatic site of the Olympic Games which Barcelona hosted in 1992. The girls even went naked out in front of the bar among the crowds of people strolling along. Andrea got quite wild and did a whole series of dances in front of the men who were soon lined up inside the bar.

Andrea and Agi also went naked in La Terrrazza, a fascinating nightclub open to the sky in the centre. They roamed around among the guests, and climbed upstairs to pose in front of a large painting of a naked girl. They danced on a podium in the centre of the crowd, and on the platform where they DJ was working his magic. It was a wonderful evening, and it went on til dawn.

These two shoots are in Barcelona Magic 3 and 4.

Altogether ten girls showed themselves off to Barcelona that year. We did lots of shoots in restaurants, bars, and crowded nightclubs as well. No one ever minded or objected at all, showing that the laws against public nakedness are obsolete -- at least as far as girls are concerned.

I think we even did something for the tourist appeal of Barcelona. If we could have kept it up, we probably could have given Barcelona an international reputation.

But the church and the government were too strong. In 2011 the church persuaded the government to pass a new law which made public nakedness in Barcelona a crime. So now we know who our enemies are.


Chapter 35.

Good Health.

As I approached the age of 70, my health continued excellent. I was not taking any pills on a regular basis. I had no chronic conditions, like back pains, dizziness, or forgetfulness, which trouble many people of my age.

Was this due to my travels with girls? I think in part it was. We humans are biologically suited to living in groups, or tribes. That means having young people around on a regular basis.

I think it is good for old men to have young women around. Whether it's because of pheronomes, beauty, or pleasing company, I think girls do men good. I think that's why men focus on girls. Just watch what happens at any party where men are free to move around.

Yeats's "crazy salad" means that travels with girls can be hectic, but it is the right kind of stress. Video making itself can be stressful, but it is stress that is quickly resolved. Videoing Shannon walking naked down Barcelona streets was exciting, and any stress generally resoved itself into feelings of triumph.

We humans are designed for stress. In tribal days people were often in exciting situations, like hunting and killing an animal in a hunt, or running away from an animal that could kill you.

Stress produces four important reactions:

1. Your system is flooded with the energy burst of adreniline, for fighting or fleeing.

2. Your blood clotting factor increases, so that if you are injured you won't bleed too much.

3. Your immune system shuts down. If you are being chased by an angry wooly rhinocerous across the snows of the ice age, it doesn't matter if you catch a cold. You need all your energy for running.

4. Your digestion shuts down too.

For tribal people, the stresses were quickly over.   The distortion of bodily functions didn't matter. Soon they were safe and back to normal, or dead.

Much of modern stress is not so quickly resolved. Maybe you don't like your job, or don't get along with your spouse, or you have teen-age kids that don't understand you, or you are just stuck in traffic, or life. These are stresses that go on and on.

We get sick with stress. The excess adreniline gradually wears us out. The impaired digestion gives us stomach trouble. The hindered immune system means we get colds. Worst of all, the blood clotting factor may produce a clot in our bloodstream that gives us a heart attack.

What we need, what we are designed for, is stress that is quickly over.

People go to football games to feel the kind of stress they need, or go jogging, or go to the movies. These are good for you, because when the game or movie or jogging is over, the stress is done and you feel relief. Aristotle spoke of a feeling of catharsis when the play at the theatre is over.

With pretty girls around, you feel the right kind of stress.

In travels with girls, and in video shooting, you have the kind of stress humans were designed for. Stress that resolves itself, and is quickly over.

It may sound ironic, but one of the charms of pretty girls is that they cause all kinds of minor chaos. The same is one of the charms of video making. It's an exciting and topsy-turvy and altogether agreeable kind of life.

Starting in 2010, my video making settled into an agreeable pattern. I had lots of models, including some Australians but mostly girls from the Czech Republic, where Danny lives. I made video with at least six girls every year. We shot in locations Danny found, or in Barcelona, with the help of Jose Baca.

Gwen continued to be my most beautiful and dedicated model. In 2011 she did lots of shoots in Czech. She went naked in the Bird Cage Club, where Shannon and four other girls had enjoyed a naked evening seven years before. We painted her like a tiger and she roamed around the yard.   We painted a bicycle costume on her and she rode a bicycle down country roads. The tiger shoot is in Holidays With Girls 2 and the bicycle shoot is in Exercise Girls.

Agi came to Barcelona again with a lovely blond model named Aneta, and they went to La Terrrazza. At first Aneta was shy and nervous, but she soon opened up. She danced and posed on the central podium, and even lay down and crawled on her knees to attract attention. She went up on the high stage and stood with her legs apart and her hands raised high to show off her lovely body in all its naked splendour.

It was a great example of how girls love to be sexy and show off their bodies, as long as they are sure the crowd is sympathetic and is not going to criticize them or make fun of them. This shoot is in Holidays With Girls 1.

Andrea came down to Barcelona again, this time with Danny. We body painted her like Superwoman for Holidays With Girls 1. She went naked at a fetish club called the Be Good Club, where she was very good in front of everyone and with a fetish lady for Revelations 4.

She went naked with a very sexy lady called Sister Dee at the Loft-13 Club for Exercise Girls. Sister Dee can also be enjoyed in Party Girls 2 and Free & Wild 17: Rolling & Rocking.

These were just a few of the many shoots we did in Barcelona with many happy naked girls.

We continued to have parties and frolics in Byron Bay, during the summer months in Australia, which are of course the winter months in Europe.

Rob was still very good at finding models. In January 2009 he met Elizabeth from Germany at ConFest, and invited her to stay with him when she came to Byron Bay. She came for the Byron Bay World Naked Bike Ride, which Rob organized.

So the first time I met Elizabeth, she was naked. She was waiting to be body painted at the World Naked Bike Ride, which I went to and videoed, of course. You can see the ride in Naked & Proud 1.

I've dealt with many naked girls, but Elizabeth was the first one who was naked when I met her. Great!

Thanks to Rob's wife, Elizabeth was able to stay at his house exactly one day, and so she came to stay with me. She was happy to model for me, and we went on lots of trips in the area.

"Would you like to do the hike up Mt. Warning? There's lots of huge trees, and it's never been logged."

"Sounds great!"

"Would you like to do the hike in the nude?"


So we did, and we got some great video footage for awhile. Then we had to stop, because some aborigines who were working on the path complained. Which seemed odd, really.

Rob found four English backpackers, two couples, a few weeks later. We decided to have a naked party, along with Shannon and Boris, who were staying with me, and some other friends. We played ConFest games such as helicopter, which is to see who can make the best circles with his or her dangly bits. We did rolling massage, a human pyramid, and conga lines. There was body painting, bubbles and balloons, and lots of dancing.

Shannon fell in love with Elizabeth and spent the night with her. She wasn't getting along too well with Boris. But she went back to him after a few days. After all, he was handsome and very good at tango.

The party is in Naked & Proud 2.

Yasmine was another exciting model about this time. She got really turned on in one shoot. I asked her to caress her breasts for the camera and talk about how it feels. She said it felt "really tingly."

She crawled around the room too, and rubbed herself sexily on the sofa. She danced on my table with her legs firmly apart. It made a really sexy shoot for Free & Wild 12: Pleasures.

We had a party like the one with Lily. Yasmine showed up naked, walking up the driveway to my porch, as Lily had, four years before. When she got to the front door, she asked (as people in Byron Bay often do) "Shall I take my shoes off?" I thought that was good, because shoes were all she had on.

There was lots of dancing at our party, and Yasmine got turned on again. She showed off her body enthusiastically in her dancing. We had a water slide in the back yard, and she went down it several times.

"What a buzz! It leaves you feeling all tingly!"

I think it was the best of our parties, and you can see it in Naked & Proud 3.

Toward the end of the year I ran into Kimberley again. She was one of the four English backpackers. We had a three-person party with Patrick. We all got naked.

Kimberley was amazing. She was a crazy dancer, and she kept coming up with great ideas of ways of showing off. We had a plastic tube of lights, and she used it to jump rope. She painted her face like a cat. She talked about her first mushroom trip, on the night she entered the wet t-shirt contest at the local nightclub.

"The first time I ever had mushrooms was in Byron Bay. I was with my friend Lindsay and she says, "Kim, you need to have some mushrooms tonight' and I was like 'Well, I don't know if I really like it.' 'Oh, they're so much fun, just do it!' so we were putting them in our food, we were eating them like normal, and I was like 'Whoo-oo-oo!'

"Then I got up in the wet t, and I didn't win just because I was too busy laughing my head off, I was going 'Ha-ah-ah!' This girl next to me, she was sexy dancing, and I was like, I was just pointing and laughing, I couldn't . . so it was one of the best nights of my life, but I didn't win the wet t."

She got a hula hoop. There's something very sexy about a naked girl hula hooping. She lighted sparklers and stroked them across her body. She rubbed herself all over with oil. She asked us to rub her all over with oil. She lay on a mattress and rubbed herself sexily against it. She perched on the railing of the upstairs balcony and danced with her legs wide apart high overhead.

That was our three-person party, but we also had two-person parties, just Kimberley and me. In one of our two-person parties, she paid me a wonderful compliment:

"Hi, my name is Kimberley, and I have more fun with Charles (66 years old) than I would with a 22 year old. So therefore, I want to be as fun as Charles when I'm 66. But it ain't gonna happen! I'm going to be much funner!"

I had three of these two-person parties with Kimberley, just by ourselves. You can see the three-party in Holidays With Girls 1, and a two-party in Party Girls 1.

Every time we had a party like these, I felt my health getting better and better.

CHAPTER 36 - 37


Chapter 36.

After the party with the four English people including Kimberley, Elizabeth went back to study in England, and during the summer she came to Barcelona and modeled for me with Gwen. They walked a long way along the promenade at the Puerto Olimpico, and danced in a couple of the clubs. It was a dramatic shoot that you can see at the end of Naked & Proud 1.

Many years ago, long before my travels with girls, I visited Venice alone and was enchanted by the city. I had the dream then of visiting Venice again and bringing a beautiful girl to share it with me.

That dream finally came true with Elizabeth in 2011. We roamed around the city and visited its great restaurants, and relaxed at cafes in the great central square as bands played the evenings away.

Rob was there with us, and he found a couple of interesting art exhibits as he roamed around the city. One of these was videos, very static shots such as an owl and a snowbound cityscape. Suddenly a puff of orange smoke would drift across the static shot. That was all that happened. I thought it was very artistic.

I invited Elizabeth over to the U. S. for a visit in 2012. This was another of my travels with girls that did not involve modeling. I did this once before, with Shannon and Bella in Mexico in 2005.

We visited Starwood together, just as I had done five years earlier with Lily. The gathering had split into two, unfortunately, and we were at the half with no place to swim. There was almost no nakedness, except for Elizabeth, who never wears clothes if she can help it. Rob came along too, but he left the next day. That was a big disappointment.

The problem was Rob's wife. Somehow wives never seem to get along with beautiful girls like Elizabeth. Rob visited me on his own in Byron Bay the next year, and once again his wife intervened. She called him on the phone. The visit only lasted one day.

It made me realize that if you are going to take advantage of the wonderful possibilities of travels with girls, you are going to have to ditch any wives you have first. Wives just don't seem to fit into the picture.

Here's something I read in a book once:

"His wife was watching the sight that upsets a wife more than anything else: she was watching her husband having fun."

I never forgot it. In fact I never saw Rob again.

Elizabeth loved back roads, so we drove leisurely from Starwood to Connecticut, winding through the back country. We stopped at Fallingwater (pretentious) and Bushkill Falls (wonderful). We hiked all around the trails near my cottage.

It was relaxing not to have to worry about making video. I realized that travels with girls does not have to have a pretext or a financial motive. All you have to do is be really fond of each other, and enjoy each other's company. Just be friends. With nearly fifty years between our ages, the whirlwind of romance was kept safely out at sea.

Elizabeth came out to Australia in early 2013 and visited me for a couple of weeks. We went on bike rides, enjoyed meals in town, and walked and swam at the beach a lot. Elizabeth is a dedicated naked swimmer.

We took a lot of photos, and Elizabeth made me a calendar at the end of the year with one of our photos for each month, and an assignment for the month. Just something fun to do, like "Do something you've never done before, and write a report about it." The assignment for October 2014 read

Write a short autobiograpy. What were the high and low points, what made you who you are today?

That was the origen of this book.

I also got acquainted with couchsurfing.com about this time. Couchsurfing is a website for meeting travelers who might like to stay at your home. It works very well. Since Byron Bay is a popular spot for young travelers, I soon had lots of people writing to be my guests.

Most of them were young women, for some reason. You will understand that this was fine with me, unless I've been writing this book totally in vain. But why were all my applicants young women? Was it some sort of karma?

I didn't worry. This is how I met Vicki from Germany in 2013. We got along really well, and spent a week together in Byron Bay, visiting the beach, rainforest, lighthouse track, and restaurants. Vicki was 21 and beautiful.

It was with Vicki that we met some guys hang-gliding from their launch platform on the lighthouse track. I mentioned that I was the guy who brought Abby in 2003 to do naked hang-gliding for Decent Exposure. They remembered the event. They said they still talk about it sometimes. They asked when could I bring another flyer.

I visited Vicki in Bonn after I did a Rhine River cruise later in the year. That cruise was a significant experience for me. It brought home what a great deal it was to travel with naked girls.

The cruise cost nearly $4000. A friend of mine named Sandy and I sailed from Basel to Amsterdam in a long flat boat carrying 180 passengers. We had conducted tours each day to the Black Forest, Strassbourg, Cologne, a Medival castle, etc. We all sat down to great meals each evening.   The boat usually traveled at night, but we could watch the shore go by on some occasions.

We got introduced to all the boat's workers on one occasion, and there were more than 60 of them. That was because we all sat down to meals at once, so a lot of service and cooks were needed. They cleaned the rooms and remade all the beds each day too. That helped to explain why the 7 days of the trip cost around $4000.

During the 10 days previous to the cruise, I stayed in Barcelona with two models (Gwen and Dominika) in a two-bedroom apartment (with two bathrooms, a necessity when models are around) which I rented from a short-term rental agency.

The apartment had a kitchen, where the girls made meals for us all. We ate out sometimes too. The girls modeled in nightclubs, parks, and the streets. Dominika modeled in a series of cupitos bars, where the drinks were made with fire displays, great for video! It was a wonderful time.

The whole thing, including apartment rental, model fees, airplane tickets for the girls to come from the Czech Republic, and the services of my guide and good friend Jose Baca, cost around $3500. And that was for 10 days, not just 7.

Travels with girls are not just for the wealthy. They may even be cheaper than the kind of travels that travel agencies try to lure you into.

After the cruise, as I said, I visited Vicki in Bonn. She showed me around the city, home to Beethoven and one of Germany's premier universities. We had dinner on a floating Chinese restaurant on the Rhine, a magical experience as the sun set over the city on the other side of the river.

It was a great two days, and we both loved it. The cruise had been OK, but this was wonderful.

Vicki came to visit me in the U. S. the next year, 2014. It was even more magical.

She flew into New York, where I had found a room at a very reasonable price in the Row Hotel, right near Times Square, with two beds and a good view of Eighth Avenue.

We walked around New York that evening, up Eighth Avenue to Central Park, where we wandered around for an hour among the roller bladers and the squirrels. I showed her the statue of Audrey Munson in front of the Plaza Hotel.

Audrey made herself immortal by posing nude for many sculptors in the early 1900's when monumental statues were the vogue. She was only 15 when she started modeling nude, so she must have been very brave and very unconventional. There are statues of her nude all over New York and other cities.

She is also the first woman ever to appear naked on film, so naturally she is something of an icon to me.

There's a strange story about Audrey. A woman decided to write a book about her in 1990.   She interviewed her family, and felt they were reticent about something. Finally they admitted that Audrey was still alive. She had lived in a mental home since she was 40, but she lived to be 104.

Vicki and I set off to explore New York early the next morning. It was her first trip to the city, and she had dreamed of coming there for much of her young life. She was thrilled by everything.

We went up in the Rockefeller Tower and enjoyed the views for an hour or more, and then visited the Museum of Modern Art, which was started by Mrs. R. We walked down Fifth Avenue looking at the shops, and had lunch in a charming little cafe over in Ninth Avenue.

We rode tourist buses, and went to see a Broadway play, and found lots of good restaurants, and looked at the Statue of Liberty from the Battery, and toured Wall Street and the charming old buildings nearby.

Vicki came with me to my cottage, and we spent two happy weeks traveling around the area, going to places like Boston and the huge casino at Ledyard.   We visited the shops in the charming nearby town of Putnam, and did exercises in a gym there too. We walked the trails in the woods. Vicki loved everything. It was a magical time.

I spent time in Barcelona in 2014 too. Gwen walked naked around the Plaza Espana during a gay street festival, entertaining huge crowds and bemusing many crowd control officials in yellow shirts who did not trouble about her at all. We went to three nightclubs, and she walked around the beachfront celebrators on St John's Eve, which is the midsummer night's festival, and she even walked into the refrigerated section of Ice Bar Celona, naked and barefoot, three times!

You can see all these shoots in a set of two DVDs all about Gwen (with a few other models) called Gwen Forever 1 & 2.

I went to Mallorca, to visit a couchsurfing.com friend named Pedro. Pedro is doing a new website for Synetech, so people can download the videos instead of having to buy them through the mail on DVD.

Gwen and Dominika came to Pedro's place, and he found a sailboat to rent at a very reasonable price, and we went out for a naked day excursion to several beaches, which made a wonderful opening segment for Free & Wild 15: Sailing Free.

We shot at Can Galliana, a magnificent house Pedro's family owns, for Free & Wild 16: Running and Shining.

Elizabeth came to Mallorca. She and I rented a car and we drove to the northeast tip of the island, which is mountainous and scenic and rather scary to drive in a rented car. Another day we went to a different part of the mountains and walked for an hour on a ancient trail next to tiny rock-walled terraces that looked as if they might have been made in the time of the Romans.

We found a beautiful monastery. We ate ice cream and coffee at a outdoor cafe in the largest square of the monastery grounds. It was very peaceful and rather magical.

We went to a beach on our last day where Elizabeth indulged her passion for swimming and sunbaking, while I sat at a hillside cafe with another ice cream and another coffee, thinking how great it all was, how lucky we are.

We went to eat in great seaside restaurants, and made meals with Pedro, and walked all around Porto Cristo, Pedro's home town, and Elizabeth swam in the day and the night, and altogether it was magical, magical.


Chapter 37.

Travels with girls has given me a treasure trove of memories.

Roshelle shows up at the airport, and we go together to France, and have a wonderful evening in Chartes. I watch her as she sleeps in our big bed in the inn, while the great cathedral stands lighted on its hill outside our window.

We stop that morning and have a leisurely cup of coffee in a street cafe, and in a very real sense I am still there, for once you have a memory it is with you forever.

We go on to La Sabliere, and then I am with Uti in Greece, watching her beautiful dance on Red Beach with a blue scarf she brought just for the video.

All the days with Henriette, and Shannon, and Lily, and many others. They were magic.

Magic comes in many forms.  When you hear a certain piece of music and feel a burst of exaltation, as if everything were possible -- that’s magic.  When you lie gazing at a cloudy sky, and suddenly a bird races across your field of view -- that’s magic.

Love is magic, for a little while anyway.  You see a glint of her hair, or feel a pang of his affection for you, and suddenly all life seems full of purpose.  Sex can be magic too, though it isn’t always.

Every person has his or her own magic.  You can tell what kind of person you are by what things are magic for you.  It’s worthwhile asking yourself, right now, what is magic for you.

Sometimes magic is something you earn.  If you work hard, and save money, til finally you can buy your own home, the first afternoon you spend in it is magic.  This kind of magic comes to people who win a great sporting event, or finish a degree at university, or just manage to climb out of debt.

Other times, magic is a gift.   If you’re trying to do something new on your computer, and suddenly it works properly and simply, that’s magic.  If you win a prize in a lottery, or chance to meet a friend you haven’t seen for a
long time, or find a wilderness unspoiled by humans, that’s magic.

Pretty girls can bring this kind of magic.  They come into the room and light up the world for everyone.  They enjoy everything, and are thrilled by the pageant of the world going by, a pageant which is put on, it seems, largely for them.  If they choose you, and want to be with you, magic is all around.

Pretty girls can be both kinds of magic.  They will constantly surprise you with new twists and turns of their being.  When Shannon took off her coat and danced to the Dixieland jazz band on the Charles Bridge, that was
magic.   When Uti danced naked with the white cloth on the balcony of our Paros hotel, showing herself to the surprised strollers below -- that was magic.

The long years of video making, the doubts, the decisions, the missteps and blunders, the hard work, that all led to the first moment when Roshelle stepped off the plane and appeared before me -- that was magic too.

Magic has its own laws. You cannot force magic. Magic can be dangerous if you try.

Magic can come from stimulants. You can go for a ride on a hang-glider, or sky dive, or simply roll down a hill, as children do. Movies can be magic too. Some kinds of religion are magic, or used to be -- nowadays the only magic of most religious services is when it's finally over and you get to leave.

Humanity is lucky to have so many forms of stimulants. You can drink alcohol in its many tasty forms. You can take drugs. You can enjoy sex, or other forms of gambling. Or music. There's music for everybody that can take them right over the clouds.

Above all, magic has an element of mystery.  Things happen, and you can’t explain them.  The magician throws a handful of confetti in the air, and it comes down as flowers.  He puts a playing card in the ashtray, burns it, then finds it again in your inner vest pocket, where you haven’t looked for years.

Pretty girls can be this kind of magic too.  You never know what they’re going to say.  People have been saying for years that women are a mystery, and it’s true -- even to themselves.

Einstein said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true science." 

I think it’s more than that.  The mysterious is just one source of the magic and meaning in life.

People are party animals. We constantly want magic. The common sense approach is to live your life placidly, and rejoice in magic when it comes. But common sense is very uncommon.

If you pursue magic too hard, you get addiction.  You keep going back to the same drug, the same person, the same place, again and again for the magic it first gave you, and the magic ebbs away. You are addicted and unhappy.

People try to defy this law, and defy themselves instead.  It seems depressing. 

Yet magic is eternally recurring.  Robert Frost lived in the bleak winter of life and wrote "Nature’s first green is gold / Her hardest hue to hold . . . Nothing gold can stay."  The magic of the first green-gold leaves of spring cannot last very long.  But Wallace Stevens answered "There is no green endures / As April’s green endures."  The green-gold of spring disappears, but it comes again and again.

There is nothing you can rely on so completely as magic.  Magic recurs again and again in our lives, as long as we don’t force it, as long as we wait for it and accept it.

I decided long ago that my magic was in travelling and in naked girls.  I think most people feel the lure of far countries.  Travel can be scary, and despite that, or perhaps because of that, travel gives us magic.

I remember my first visit to Paris, in 1966, long ago.  It was before most Americans had the chance to visit Europe, and I didn’t know anyone who’d ever been there.  It was August, and Paris was a kind of a ghost town in August in those days, because most Parisians went on their summer holidays.  I remember all the dull and desolate shops with "Fermeture Annuelle" in their
empty windows.

But when I walked down the empty streets, and turned a corner, there was Notre Dame, or the Place de la Concorde, or some other monument that I had seen in books, and there it was, real and right before me.  Flashes of magic all around.

I remember my travels in England long ago, bicycling along tiny empty country roads, for there wasn’t much traffic in England in those days.  I laboured up a long hill to a castle one afternoon, and the castle was shut, and then it began to rain.  And I headed down, down along a long road slanting down the hill, and I let the bicycle have its head, and we sizzled along on the wet road, me yellow in a portable mac, flashing along in a sudden burst of excitement and speed, all the long way down that long road to the valley.  That was magic too.

Magic is fleeting, but in a wonderful way it lasts forever.  It comes again and again, and lingers in the memory.  In a sense it never goes away.  It’s still there, hidden in our minds, a part of us forever.

There is a part of me that still feels the magic of the days Roshelle and I shared in France. I feel the pleasure of videoing Roshelle, and having meals with her, and telling jokes together, even though those days are long gone.

Part of me walks across the hills of Santorini with Uti to Oia, the artist community where we had lunch at a taverna perched high over the enormous bay.  We go to the Red Rocks Beach again, and Uti models with the blue cloth, and I do a pratfall on the sloping shingle at the water’s edge.  We have drinks together at the small bar in Paros, and she buys a tablecloth for her sister and is given the white cloth, and she allures me again with her wonderful body in the hotel.

I drive across the great American West with Henriette, and we climb the red rocks of the Valley of Fire, and see the small pool where Mouse the "renegade" Indian lived and defied the whites, only a long lifetime ago.  Jet and I sneak into the motel spa and slip in naked, wondering if we’ll be sprung, and escaping together.  She comes with me all the way to Australia, and for awhile graces my new home.

I remember Shannon, Bella, and Katrina, and our evenings at the happy hour of the bar in Ibiza, and our visits to the beaches and the clubs, and the slingshot frenzy of their ride in the Bungee Space Ball.  Shannon goes for a long walk with me in the rain at the Czech valley near our cottage, and we don’t get lost, but find our way across the vivid green countryside.   She dances forever in my memory in the exhilaration of the Bird Cage Club.

I go to Starwood with Lily, and she dances happily in the light of a huge bonfire. Shannon poses for an artist in the Plaza Pi, and dances naked all night in the Club Otto Zutz. Gwen poses in the same artists' market for dozens of artists. We make Barcelona tremble with the exuberence of naked girls.

Elizabeth smiles in the glow of a dozen places and memories. Vicki smiles to me, and we head off down the happy streets of New York.

These memories, and the magic of them, fill me with anticipation and delight.    They make all the struggle and frustration of video-making worthwhile.  They live in my memory and in the videos, my shining treasury of travels with naked girls.


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